Denis Dorozhkin, Back-end Developer in Moscow, Russia
Denis Dorozhkin

Back-end Developer in Moscow, Russia

Member since May 4, 2021
Denis is a back-end developer with experience leading teams of up to six and working for enterprises (like Group)—specializing in high-load web development using Go and Python. Denis also excels at working with multiple systems for the management, consumption, and processing of big pipelines or data or handling a high number of requests. Thanks to a passion for performance optimization, Denis also knows quite a few algorithms. He's also comfortable with all modern web development tools.
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  • TrafficStars
    Go, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Apache Kafka
  • Mail.Ru Group
    Go, Python, MySQL, ClickHouse, Tarantool
  • Proil
    Django, PostgreSQL, Go, Redis, Celery, Python



Moscow, Russia



Preferred Environment

Go, SQL, Python, Docker, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Apache Kafka, Algorithms, Linux

The most amazing...

...experience was leading a team in the build of a system consuming 500,000 RPS while also decreasing the system's memory consumption by more than 1TB.


  • High-load Team Lead

    2020 - 2021
    • Led a team in the development of the international AD platform for
    • Accepted and processed over 500,000 AD RPS which reduced the necessary system memory (by 1TB) and the CPU usage.
    • Implemented real-time user data changes using Kafka Streams which decreased overspending by 80%.
    • Developed complex money bidding auction algorithms which helped with effective cost prediction.
    • Worked on advanced microservice and database architecture planning.
    • Implemented a raw SQL financial data analysis using ClickHouse and PostgreSQL.
    Technologies: Go, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Apache Kafka
  • MyTarget Team Lead

    2018 - 2020
    Mail.Ru Group
    • Led a team in the development of an advertisement network platform for
    • Worked on statistics aggregation and fault tolerance which sped up the statistics retrieval by 30%.
    • Developed a high-load zero-latency profile retriever daemon in Kubernetes.
    • Optimized the database architecture using ClickHouse.
    • Built data-driven binlog parsers and uploaders with data processing pipelines.
    • Implemented Hadoop MapReduce jobs for data aggregation and comparison.
    Technologies: Go, Python, MySQL, ClickHouse, Tarantool
  • Senior Back-end Software Engineer

    2018 - 2018
    • Contributed to the development of a mobile oil delivery service for (B2B and B2C).
    • Implemented an asynchronous driver status microservice with the Google Maps API.
    • Developed multiple DRF-style APIs for the operator, promo codes, orders, and others.
    • Sped up the service by queueing hard requests using Celery with Redis.
    Technologies: Django, PostgreSQL, Go, Redis, Celery, Python
  • Social Network Software Engineer

    2015 - 2018 Group
    • Contributed to the development of a major Russian social network,
    • Developed a feature to import music from other networks along with storage and deduplication.
    • Implemented news updates, profile settings, and photo storage upgrades.
    • Contributed to the development of various features like mailers, car fines, money operation microservices, and a multiproxy engine.
    Technologies: Go, Perl, Lua, C++, PostgreSQL, Tarantool, ClickHouse, Python, Microservices


  • Education Project

    I built the web back end and infrastructure of an edtech project analog to Coursera. It started as a small startup in Russia and we aimed to make a platform that will help students prepare for exams. We added multiple different education and content features for online preparation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Open-source Projects

    I like to commit to open-source projects. I also maintain Go libraries.

    • ClickHouse Database Driver Written in Go:
    • Database Query Builder for PostgreSQL, MySQL, ClickHouse, and SQLite:


  • Languages

    Go, SQL, Python, Python 3, Perl, Lua, C++, GraphQL
  • Frameworks

    Django, gRPC
  • Tools

    GitLab CI/CD, GitHub, GitLab, NGINX, Docker Compose, Celery, RabbitMQ, Ansible, Helm
  • Paradigms

    Microservices, Agile, REST, Concurrent Programming, Microservices Architecture
  • Platforms

    Apache Kafka, Linux, Web, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, AWS S3, ClickHouse, Redis, MySQL, Aerospike, Couchbase, Minio, Tarantool, Memcached
  • Other

    High-load, Data Structures, OOP Designs, Patterns, System Design, CI/CD Pipelines, Advertising, Adtech, Algorithms, NATS, Team Management, Team Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Apache Cassandra, Education Technology (Edtech), Fintech, Consul
  • Industry Expertise

    Trading Systems


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2014 - 2018
    Moscow State University - Moscow, Russia


  • Problem Solving (Basic) Certificate
  • Golang Web Service Development Part 2 (Credential ID PYLHRCQ8PNYM)
    APRIL 2019 - PRESENT
  • Writing Web Services in Python (Credential ID 6HJJ42EVMXP2)
  • Go Web Service Development (Credential ID DDCKYN3P65ZG)
  • OOP and Programming Patterns in Python (Credential ID 4AP47R6ZNJ5J)
  • Python Programming (Credential ID FQ2GQA2G84JU)

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