Dennis Ippel

Dennis Ippel

Bussum, Netherlands
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Dennis Ippel

Dennis Ippel

Bussum, Netherlands
Member since March 14, 2014
Dennis has more than 10 years of experience building rich and interactive web sites, mobile apps, and installations. He has strong knowledge and extensive experience with cross-platform 3D using OpenGL ES, cross-browser JavaScript, WebGL, AngularJS, and virtual and augmented reality.
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  • HTML5, 14 years
  • Java, 8 years
  • ActionScript, 8 years
  • OpenCV, 4 years
  • Android, 4 years
  • OpenGL ES, 4 years
  • Unity, 2 years
  • AngularJS, 1 year
Bussum, Netherlands
Preferred Environment
Windows, Visual Studio, Unity
The most amazing...
...project I've worked on is my open-source 3D framework, which I got to see grow and receive contributions from developers all over the world.
  • Co-founder, Developer, Designer, 3D modeller, Animator
    Dara Technologies
    2015 - 2015
    • Developed an augmented reality children's book concept.
    • Built an interactive AR demo in Unity3D.
    • Created 3D models in Blender.
    • Rigged and animated 3D models.
    • Built and designed the company website and campaign page.
    Technologies: Unity3D, Vuforia, Blender, Mixamo, HTML, CSS JavaScript
  • Senior Android Developer
    2015 - 2015
    • Created a video recording and processing app for the X-Factor TV show.
    Technologies: Android, Java
  • Virtual Reality Developer
    2015 - 2015
    • Built a virtual reality tour through one of the world's most famous music studios.
    • Currently still under NDA.
    Technologies: Rajawali, Google Cardboard, Java, OpenGL ES, GLSL
  • WebGL Developer
    2015 - 2015
    • Built a WebGL prototype for one of the world's biggest tech companies.
    • Currently bound by an NDA.
    Technologies: WebGL, JavaScript
  • Augmented Reality Developer
    2015 - 2015
    • Built an augmented reality app using Vuforia AR SDK, Rajawali 3D Framework and 4D Views animations (real-time generated textured meshes acquired from multi-camera video).
    Technologies: Android, Vuforia, Rajawali, Java, Blender, 4D Views
  • Unity3D Developer
    2014 - 2015
    • Built an animation editor using Unity3D and Mixamo animations.
    Technologies: Unity3D, Blender, Mixamo, C#
  • Senior Android Developer
    2014 - 2014
    • Created a video recording and processing app for the X-Factor TV show.
    Technologies: Android, Java
  • Competency Lead
    2013 - 2014
    • Curated “The Room”, a space that showcases new technologies applied in a meaningful way.
    • Found new ways to help the creative research and development (CR&D) team learn and develop.
    • Helped educate the agency around the things that CR&D do, and kept evolving the craft of creative development within the team and the agency.
    • Developed rich, interactive experiences, mobile applications and interactive installations, for clients including Nike, Vodafone, Nissan and Unilever.
    • Performed rapid prototyping for proof of concepts and pitches.
    Technologies: Unity, WebGL, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js, Java, C#, C++, OpenCV, Kinect SDK, Vuforia
  • Senior Creative Developer
    2009 - 2013
    • Developed rich interactive experiences, mobile applications, games and interactive installations for clients, including Nike, Ferrari, Orange, Heineken and EA.
    • Performed rapid prototyping for proof of concepts and pitches.
    • Configured continuous integration and build tools.
    Technologies: Flash, Flex, WebGL, JavaScript, Java, Unity, C#, C++, OpenCV, Kinect SDK, Vuforia
  • Senior Creative Technologist
    Agency Republic
    2009 - 2009
    • Architected and built rich internet applications using Flex & Flash for clients including O2 and Jose Cuervo.
    • Worked as project lead and mentor.
    Technologies: Flash, Robotlegs
  • Senior Creative Developer
    2007 - 2009
    • Architected and built rich internet applications using Flex & Flash for clients including Nike, Yell, Johnnie Walker, Fiat, and Orange.
    • Worked as project lead and mentor.
    • Built mini games using Papervision3D.
    • Created and optimized 3D assets for games and websites.
    Technologies: Flash, Flex, PureMVC, Remoting
  • Web Developer
    Evident Interactive
    2006 - 2007
    • Developed sites and banners.
    • Architected and built rich internet applications.
    • Built semantic, W3C compliant websites.
    • Worked as mentor and trainer.
    • Advised the management and sales teams about new technologies.
    Technologies: (X)HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Flex, CSS
  • Java Developer
    Atos Origin
    2005 - 2005
    • Developed J2EE business applications for financial companies like Delta Lloyd and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    • Created accessible user interfaces using XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
    Technologies: Java, J2EE, Tiles, Struts, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Web Developer
    Euro RSCG 4D
    2001 - 2005
    • Developed and maintained Intel’s European e-Business sites.
    • Built back-end solutions for web applications.
    • Created web interfaces.
    • Mentored junior developers.
    Technologies: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, XSLT, Classic ASP, Java
  • Nissan IDx Virtual Reality (Development)

    Nissan IDx is a Virtual Reality experience that brings the concept of Nissan co-creating cars with a younger audience to life. This is the first 3D experience for a global brand to debut the Oculus Rift HD.

  • Rajawali (Development)

    Rajawali is an open source 3D framework for Android, based on OpenGL ES 2.0. It can be used for normal apps as well as live wallpapers.

  • Nike: British 10K Run (Development)

    25,000 runners make it count in London. Powered by Nike+, runners hit the streets of London for the most interactive British 10K the city has ever seen.

  • EA: FIFA 12 Scarf (Development)

    Users could get their Twitter message on the world’s longest fan scarf. They had the chance to have it knitted for real into a meter of world-record-breaking scarf. I created the 3D version of this using Flash, ActionScript and Pixel Bender. The project was quite challenging because of the limitation of these technologies. I managed to get it highly optimized using a variety of optimization techniques.

  • Speaking at International Conferences & User Groups (Other amazing things)

    Bilkent Mobile Days, Ankara, Turkey, Mobile Augmented Reality, 04/2014
    AnDevCon, San Francisco, USA, Rajawali: Easy 3D for Android, 11/2013
    AnDevCon, San Francisco, USA, Workshop: Augmented Reality + 3D: The Easy Way, 11/2013
    DroidCon, London, United Kingdom, 3D on Android: Open Source Workflow, 10/2013
    Android Developer Days, Ankara, Turkey, Running Amok with Rajawali for Android, 06/2013
    LFPUG, London, United Kingdom, Running Amok with Rajawali for Android, 03/2012
    FITC, Toronto, Canada, Exploring the Kinect, 05/2011
    FFK11, Cologne, Germany, Exploring the Kinect, 04/2011
    LFPUG, London, United Kingdom, Exploring the Kinect, 03/2011
    gotoAndSki(), Stechelberg, Switzerland, Exploring the Kinect, 01/2011
    Siggraph, Los Angeles, USA, WebGL in an Ad Agency, 08/2010
    LFPUG, London, United Kingdom, Flash 3D Workflow, 01/2010
    Fronteers, Utrecht, The Netherlands, The HTML5 <canvas> Element, 10/2007

  • Min3D (Development)

    OpenGL ES 1.1 -based 3D framework for Android. I mainly focused on file importers and animation. Part of a team of two developers.

  • Blender WebGL Exporter (Development)

    Python exporter script. Creates JavaScript files that contain 3D object geometry that can be dynamically loaded using JSON.

  • Blender ActionScript Exporter (Development)

    Python exporter script. Creates ActionScript classes containing 3D object geometry that can be embedded in Flash projects.

  • Sandy (Development)

    3D Engine for Flash using ActionScript 3.0. Developed 3D file importers and created, designed and modelled demos as a part of a team of developers.

  • Languages
    Java, HTML5, ActionScript, XML, XSLT, C#, C++, Python
  • Frameworks
    Min3D, Unity3D, Rajawali, iTween, Unity, Microsoft Kinect, TweenMax, RobotLegs, Express.js, Adobe Flex, StrangeIoC, OGRE, AngularJS, OpenNI, PhysX, Irrlicht
  • Libraries/APIs
    OpenGL ES, WebGL, OpenCV, Intel Perceptual Computing SDK, jQuery, XNA, Node.js
  • Tools
    WebStorm, Flash, Flash Builder, Visual Studio, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator, Sublime Text, Blender, Mocha, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, MeshLab
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Prototype-based OOP, Augmented Reality, Model View Controller (MVC), Agile Software Development, Cross-platform, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Platforms
    Vuforia, Windows, Android, Oculus Rift
  • Misc
    AJAX, Leap Motion, Mesh Optimization, Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Animation, 3D Modeling
  • Storage
    Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL
  • Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering
    Leidse Onderwijs Instellingen - Leiderdop, The Netherlands
    2001 - 2005
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