Denys Maruda, Software Developer in Budva, Budva Municipality, Montenegro
Denys Maruda

Software Developer in Budva, Budva Municipality, Montenegro

Member since March 19, 2014
Denys is an entrepreneur at heart with extensive experience in different areas of software engineering. He easily connects end user expectations with business requirements. He is highly motivated, proactive, and self-organized, and excels at developing mobile applications, specifically for iOS.
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Budva, Budva Municipality, Montenegro



Preferred Environment

Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a high speed route finding algorithm designed specifically for mobile platforms such as iOS.


  • CEO, Developer

    2013 - PRESENT
    Wayper Inc
    • Created an app, starting at the idea to and finishing at the AppStore.
    • Authored innovative UI/UX for displaying information about found routes.
    • Designed a custom binary protocol for efficient storage of route data.
    • Planned the project and managed releases.
    • Created an efficient route finding algorithm designed specifically for mobile devices.
    Technologies: C++11, Objective-C, CoreGraphics, Core Location
  • Senior iOS Developer, Team Lead

    2012 - 2014
    Lohika Systems - Kontagent Mobile Analytics SDK
    • Led a distributed team of 2 mobile developers (Toronto, CA and Odessa, UA).
    • Designed and implemented SDK architecture.
    • Mentored and developed engineers.
    Technologies: Run Loops (multithreading), Core Data, networking, Unity 3D (plugin)
  • Owner, Developer

    2013 - 2013
    Freelance - Annotate Videos iOS app
    • Created a feature to generate thumbnails from user videos.
    • Implemented a feature to convert user notes to PDF and image.
    • Implemented a feature to share via Email/Facebook/Twitter or save to camera roll.
    Technologies: AVFoundation, AssetsLibrary, StoreKit
  • CEO, Developer

    2013 - 2013
    Freelance - UA Transport iOS app
    • Created a RESTful back-end using NodeJS and MongoDB.
    • Authored an algorithm to suggest transport going in the same direction as the user (while on the go).
    • Authored an exit stop notification system alerting the user when to leave the transport (sound and vibration notifications).
    • Deployed the app to an Amazon EC2 instance.
    • Managed the project and release.
    Technologies: Core Location, REST, MapKit
  • Owner, Developer

    2012 - 2012
    Freelance - Anti-hijack GPS Tracking system for bicycles
    • Implemented a Java server using plain sockets to allow efficient communication with battery powered GPS trackers with only 16 KB of RAM.
    • Implemented a cross-platform mobile web app to watch trackers on a map.
    Technologies: Java, Jetty, MongoDB, Jongo, JSON, REST, jQuery Mobile, Google Maps
  • Owner, Developer

    2012 - 2012
    Freelance - AudioSpy iOS app
    • Allowed the app to listen to a Mac's built-in microphone live on an iPhone, connected via an ad hoc Wifi network.
    Technologies: Core Audio, BSD sockets
  • Owner/Developer

    2012 - 2012
    Freelance - usbKeyboard iOS app
    • Created an app allowing users to execute shell (BASH) commands on Linux PC using an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad as a physical keyboard connected via a USB cable.
    Technologies: GCD, GCDAsyncSocket, BSD sockets, Linux user input event injection
  • Senior iOS Developer, Team Lead

    2011 - 2012
    Lohika Systems - Meta Application iOS app
    • Led a team of 5 engineers.
    • Developed a back-end using Java Hibernate and Spring Roo.
    • Designed the app architecture.
    Technologies: JSON, Core Data, RestKit, UIKit, GCD
  • Senior Java Developer

    2011 - 2011
    Lohika Systems - PhotoEveryDay Android app
    • Created an app to turn a series of photos into MPEG-4 video. Added sound track capabilities into the same container.
    • Won 9th place out of 60 apps in the Ukrainian HTC Android Contest.
    Technologies: ffMPEG, NDK
  • Senior Java Developer

    2010 - 2010
    Lohika Systems - HP SiteScope Android app
    • Designed and released an Android app for HP SiteScope, an agentless IT-infrastructure monitoring system.
    Technologies: Android SDK, SOAP, RPC
  • Owner, Java Engineer

    2006 - 2010
    IT-Works Private Enterprise
    • Managed 2 locations of 4 teams of 20+ people dedicated for European clients developing Intranet/Extranet web-based solutions.
    • Designed the app architecture. Implemented a money transfer service between mobile client accounts. Integrated service provider platforms for MPPS (mobile payments processing system).
    • Won a tender to develop an Intranet portal for a home credit group (Czech Republic). Created a highly scalable web site for internal company needs. Customized AJAX-driven UI widgets and pluggable module-based architecture. Wrote business logic in PL/SQL to allow high productivity. Developed a sophisticated role-based user management system featuring contests, news, FAQ, documents library, vacancies, notifications system, and a fully customizable CMS with the ability to embed internal modules as widgets on public pages.
    Technologies: Java, Hibernate, Spring, Project Management
  • C++ Developer

    2005 - 2006
    Aquasoft LLC
    • Developed a task scheduling service for «Solidworks», working with CAD/CAM solid 3D modeling software.
    Technologies: C++, CORBA, COM
  • C++ Teacher

    2004 - 2005
    IT-Step Computer Academy
    • Taught students C/C++ language basics.


  • Wayper (Development)

    Wayper is a fast route finding app for public transport commuters. It supports 7 Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lvov, Donetsk, Uzhgorod, and Chernovtsi. More cities are coming soon.
    Wayper Advantages:
    - Fast offline route finding engine (Internet connection is required to display a map).
    - User friendly, requiring just a few seconds to find the optimal route.
    - Support for all means of transport: bus, metro, trolleybus, and tram.
    - Smart address autocomplete search (type just two letters of a street name, then “space" and a house number to find desired address immediately).
    - Detailed navigation between all transfers along the route.
    - Ability to track your GPS location while you’re on the go.
    - Beautiful, responsive, and intuitive UI design.
    - On-the-fly app language switching needing to quit the app.

  • UA Transport (Development)

    With UA Transport users will never miss their exit stop. The app follows a user's route and shows the distance left to the stop, estimating arrival time. Users can easily find nearby stops of various kinds of public transport (bus, tram, trolleybus), get information of available routes, and see a full route traffic scheme (next stops) with handy navigation.
    UA Transport Official Demo Video -
    - route following mode (like GPS navigator for car)
    - find nearby stops
    - scroll list of routes coming out of nearest stops
    - see selected route scheme with handy navigation
    - get notifications (sound and vibration) when app is in background

  • Annotate Videos (Development)

    Annotates videos with text in a simple and efficient way.
    Video Notes will help you:
    - Learn new material
    - Tag special moments from special events
    - Prepare for a presentation
    - Convert all notes to PDF document and much more
    The app is an assistant in learning new material, making brief summaries, and presentations.
    - Pick a video from an internal library
    - Make a text note while watching a video (screenshot will be captured automatically for you)
    - Convenient navigation between notes
    - Export taken notes as PDF or PNG image and share via Email/Facebook/Twitter or save to camera roll.


  • Languages

    C, Java, Objective-C, C++, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    MapKit, Core Location, StoreKit, UIkit, Core Motion, RestKit, QuartzCore, Core Data, AFNetworking, AV Foundation
  • Libraries/APIs

    Google Maps, SVGKit, JSONKit, Flurry, Parse SDK, Core Audio
  • Tools

    Bitbucket, Google Analytics, Xcode, Git, IntelliJ IDEA, Jira, GitHub
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, App Development, Mobile Development
  • Platforms

    iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux
  • Other

    Mobile App Development, Remote Work, Offshore Development, Mobile Apps, Mobile App Developer, Remote Developer
  • Storage

    SQLite, MongoDB


  • Master's degree in Computer Science
    2001 - 2006
    National University of Railway Transport - Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

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