Derek Wu, Full-stack Developer in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Derek Wu

Full-stack Developer in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Member since November 19, 2021
Derek is a well-versed developer with over five years of extensive developing experience around the front end, back end, and databases. He's a team player keen to focus on communications and always tries to convey thoughts and ideas concisely and accurately while getting feedback from others to make the work better as a whole.
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Vancouver, BC, Canada



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ

The most amazing...

...thing I've designed and developed is a storage-based UX deployment method that reduced the duration of UX deployment from a couple of hours to minutes.


  • Software Development Engineer 2

    2021 - 2022
    • Worked on a diagnostic service built on AWS CloudFormation custom resource, S3, and DynamoDB to monitor the health of AWS Lambda based on approaches of applying a rule-based engine and ML algorithms.
    • Contributed to the full-stack development of a website that supports Amazon sellers' business and manages goods import/export.
    • Served as a full-stack developer and built a website that supports podcasters in uploading podcasts and episodes for end users to consume.
    Technologies: Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon SQS, AWS Step Functions, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Webpack, React, Redux, TypeScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Amazon ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service), Google Guice, Java, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Push Notification Service (AWS SNS), AWS Cloud Development, AWS CodeDeploy, CSS, HTML
  • Integration Developer

    2021 - 2022
    ContractPod Technologies Limited (via Toptal)
    • Worked on the front and back end for a SaaS product company using Vue.js and .NET to implement a popup page for displaying items in different web drives, such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.
    • Prototyped a service that synchronizes data between an SQL database and third-party service using Azure Functions and Azure Service Bus.
    • Tracked and fixed bugs by using Jira and other tools.
    Technologies: .NET, C#, Azure, OpenID, OAuth, Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, .NET Core
  • Software Engineer II

    2016 - 2021
    • Performed full-stack development, including front end, back end, and data pipeline) for the Microsoft 365 apps admin center at Office Experience Group (OXO).
    • Developed various pages and common components, including home page, multi-level navigation bar, and breadcrumb navigation based on designs presented in from UX designers by using React, Redux, and open-source frameworks and packages.
    • Designed and implemented various services and public RESTful APIs by applying the microservices paradigm and utilizing Service Fabric, similar to one of the container technologies, to help services hosted on Azure.
    • Designed and implemented the tenant association key, which powers millions of devices, managed by admins from Fortune 500 companies, onboarding to the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center.
    • Set up data pipelines to ingest office release data daily using Cosmos, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Data Lake, which provides downstream services with the up-to-date aggerated data. It is consumed via other services and UX through UX RESTful APIs.
    • Conducted platform development, including back end, database, build infrastructure, and compiler for Dynamics 365 Business Central.
    • Implemented the load tests and various E2E tests by utilizing xUnit and Fluent Assertions frameworks to validate the system functionality through Azure.
    • Acted as a key contributor to V2 extension’s database synchronization engine and data upgrade workflow, keeping schema and data consistency between upgrading from different extension versions.
    • Designed and implemented the conversion engine for converting customers’ page customizations of Dynamics 365 Business Central from V1 XML delta to V2 customized syntax by utilizing Roslyn compiler code analysis APIs.
    Technologies: C#, React, Redux, TypeScript, ASP.NET, Microservices, Distributed Systems, Jest, Enzyme, Webpack, Node.js, Autofac, Azure Cosmos DB, Redis Cache, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Service Bus, Storage Queue, Azure Blob Storage API, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Key Vault, Azure SQL,, ADO.NET, RESTful APIs, JavaScript, RESTful Microservices, Software as a Service (SaaS), CSS, HTML5, HTML, Sass, REST APIs, ASP.NET Core, SQL, .NET Core


  • Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center

    I served as a full-stack developer for the front end, back end, and data pipeline. The admin center serves admins from Fortune 500 companies and helps them update, roll back, and pause offices installed on the devices they manage via the web portal.


  • Languages

    C#, TypeScript, Java, CSS, HTML, SQL, HTML5, Sass
  • Frameworks

    Redux, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, Jest, ADO.NET, Google Guice, .NET
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Azure Blob Storage API, Node.js, REST APIs, OpenID
  • Tools

    Visual Studio, Azure Key Vault, AWS CloudFormation, IntelliJ, Webpack, Autofac, Azure Application Gateway,, Amazon SQS, AWS Push Notification Service (AWS SNS), AWS CodeDeploy, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon ECS (Amazon Elastic Container Service), AWS Step Functions
  • Platforms

    Visual Studio Code, Azure Service Fabric, Azure, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Functions, Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud)
  • Other

    Software Deployment, Azure Service Bus, Distributed Systems, Enzyme, AWS Cloud Development, AWS, Machine Learning, Storage Queue, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, RESTful APIs, RESTful Microservices, Software as a Service (SaaS), OAuth
  • Paradigms

  • Storage

    Redis Cache, Azure SQL, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2014 - 2016
    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - Rapid City, SD, USA

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