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Dhara Dhaval Shah

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Software Developer

Surat, India
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July 5, 2022

Dhara is an experienced full-stack web developer with 17+ years of industry experience and a bachelor's degree in software engineering. With a proven track record of developing various web applications with PHP and MySQL, she brings knowledge and expertise to every project. She has worked with clients from around the world, delivering high-quality work. With a passion for problem-solving and a love of learning, Dhara always seeks exciting projects that will challenge and inspire her.


Artsoundz International, LLC
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
Dolores Alondra Palomino
PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, CodeIgniter
Super Time International Corporation
PHP, WordPress, Server Migration, Legacy Code, GitHub, Documentation...




Preferred Environment

Windows 10, Apache, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PHP, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), WordPress, CodeIgniter 3, RDBMS, Linux, Laravel

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is Chikitsa, a clinic management system deployed as a robust SaaS solution. I used CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, and MySQL to build the system.

Work Experience

Full-stack Developer

2023 - 2023
Artsoundz International, LLC
  • Created responsive front-end pages using Bootstrap.
  • Added forms and fields as required. Used PHP to perform CRUD operations.
  • Fixed bugs using PHP, CSS, and jQuery. Added jQuery libraries and revised and fixed PHP code.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

PHP Developer

2023 - 2023
Dolores Alondra Palomino
  • Integrated the Foliotek.github.io/Croppie/ library into the application, allowing users to crop images before uploading them.
  • Developed a user-friendly interface for image cropping using the Croppie library, ensuring that the feature is intuitive and easy to use for all users.
  • Conducted thorough testing and debugging to identify and fix any issues or bugs related to the image cropping feature.
Technologies: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, CodeIgniter

Senior PHP Developer

2022 - 2022
Super Time International Corporation
  • Refactored the WordPress theme code to match the updates in WordPress and with PHP 8.
  • Improved the speed and made the site lightweight. I also added caching to improve the page speed.
  • Checked and corrected the website. I worked efficiently to provide all solutions to the problems found on the website.
Technologies: PHP, WordPress, Server Migration, Legacy Code, GitHub, Documentation, Payment APIs, Web Technologies, Excel VBA, Front-end

PHP Developer

2022 - 2022
Aggregation LLC
  • Integrated the API of sportradar.com with WordPress to fetch the data for matches.
  • Created a dynamic flow to configure the page template and system to replace the placeholder with dynamically fetched data from Sportradar.
  • Created a scalable WordPress plugin to easily include more sports as and when required using the templates and field metadata and avoiding excess coding for next time.
Technologies: PHP, XML, WordPress, GitHub, Documentation, Payment APIs, Web Technologies, Front-end

Technical Lead

2010 - 2022
Sanskruti Technologies
  • Built Chikitsa, an HMVC-based clinic management system. It's used worldwide and includes appointment booking, patient history, billing, and payment management and is made using CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, and jQuery.
  • Developed SureStatus, a system used to monitor embroidery machines' production, used Raspberry Pi to capture the production data sent by chips on each machine, and later worked on reports, including creating a dashboard to showcase data.
  • Designed and developed an entire ERP system for a textile manufacturing company in Surat, India. It included modules such as job and work, stock management, purchasing, and sales.
Technologies: Apache, CodeIgniter 3, WordPress, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL, SQL, Laravel, APIs, Relational Databases, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Troubleshooting, Back-end, Amazon Web Services (AWS), REST, REST APIs, Linux, Technical Leadership, Agile Project Management, Vue, DevOps, Technical Hiring, Source Code Review, Code Review, Task Analysis, Interviewing, XML, API Integration, SlimPHP, JSON, HTTP, Scripting, Full-stack, Project Management, IT Projects, Business Requirements, Reservation Flow, Content Management Systems (CMS), eCommerce, Leadership, Software Design, Architecture, Agile, Drupal, CodeIgniter, Design, Stripe, CTO, Product Leadership, SaaS, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Server Migration, Legacy Code, Microservices, LAMP, Front-end Development, cPanel, Node.js, React, PostgreSQL, Laravel 5, Web Applications, GitHub, Roadmaps, TypeScript, Documentation, Payment APIs, Slack, API Development, Web Technologies, Data Analysis, React Native, Sass, Excel VBA, Banking & Finance, Jira, WordPress Plugins, Express.js, Front-end, MongoDB, Finance, Excel 365, GraphQL, Next.js, Databases, Payment Gateways, eCommerce APIs, SDKs, Integration

Senior PHP Developer

2019 - 2019
Freigh Trades Plus
  • Developed the dashboard for the Freight Trades company clients. Clients could schedule the freight pick-up with all the necessary details, including the invoicing and payment segments.
  • Worked on the user role where they were provided access to defined pages.
  • Designed the database and created the pages and the flow.
Technologies: PHP 7, WordPress, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery UI, jQuery, HTML, CSS, LAMP, Front-end Development, cPanel, Payment APIs, Banking & Finance, Front-end


2013 - 2014
  • Designed and developed an entire ERP system for a textile manufacturing company in Surat, India. It included modules such as job and work, stock management, purchasing, and sales.
  • Created an ERP for loan and subsidy consultants, including modules for CRM, sales, file flow templates, project management, and HR.
  • Led a team of eight developers interacting with all stakeholders. Completed requirement gathering, planning, and development and launched the system successfully. Designed business intelligent reports to increase productivity and sales.
Technologies: App Development, Software Architecture, Troubleshooting, Back-end, REST, REST APIs, Technical Leadership, Technical Hiring, Source Code Review, Code Review, Task Analysis, Interviewing, HTTP, Scripting, Project Management, IT Projects, Business Requirements, Content Management Systems (CMS), Leadership, Software Design, Architecture, Design, CTO, Product Leadership, Roadmaps, Documentation, API Development, Excel VBA, Banking & Finance

Software Engineer

2006 - 2010
Venus Jewel
  • Developed file access and a version control system, managed access for images and videos of diamonds, and established an automatic file transfer between internal and public servers according to the production stage.
  • Created a color-coded visual representation matrix of real-time diamond valuation based on multiple sets of user-selected parameters. Helped artisans optimize and plan the value of diamonds they were cutting.
  • Devised a complete knowledge base for training and operational guidelines with versioning. It included automated notifications for guideline modifications and access-rights validations.
  • Calculated the load on each circuit node based on provided switches and wires, reducing the chances of short circuits. Integrated the system with tested devices, switches, and wires.
  • Utilized a weighing scale API to weigh diamonds and avoid human error.
  • Introduced UDF and Oracle Database connections in Microsoft Excel, using its features like pivot tables instead of designing reports. This made new business intelligence reports better and faster.
Technologies: Oracle, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), SQL, Relational Databases, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Troubleshooting, Back-end, REST, REST APIs, HTTP, Scripting, IT Projects, Content Management Systems (CMS), Software Design, Architecture, Design, Documentation, Excel VBA, Banking & Finance, Front-end, Automation

Software Developer

2005 - 2006
Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Collaborated on EXCEED, a general insurance legacy software, for PEMCO by working on change requests as a back-end developer in a team of 15 front- and back-end developers.
  • Tracked and completed change requests using the company's internal reporting tool.
  • Completed all tasks with no bugs reported in testing and helped create a standardization document for COBOL and EXCEED.
  • Received the Star Player of the Month merit-based award.
Technologies: IBM Db2, COBOL, Relational Databases, Troubleshooting, Back-end, HTTP, Scripting, IT Projects, Architecture, Front-end

Chikitsa – Clinic Management System

Contributed to the project as a developer and system architect to create an HMVC-based web application using PHP and Codeigniter with a Bootstrap theme. The application has several features, such as appointment scheduling, patient history record-keeping, and billing. In addition, I developed several extensions for the core system.

Sports Website | CCYS

WordPress website for CCYS, USA— a school sports team that played football. I created a custom plugin that allowed players to register for the team. The plugin allowed the admin to view upcoming events and upload and update match scores and donations. It also included payment integration to allow payment for registration or donation.

(Currently, this project is not with me. I created the site in 2011 and maintained it until 2013)


Embroidery machines in Surat have a screen that shows the production of that particular machine. However, it wasn't easy to see the production for a longer period, e.g., a month or a year. And impossible to see the current status and production of all machines at a glance. Sure status was a system created to solve this particular problem.

I handled the coding on Raspberry Pi, including shell scripting and python programming to capture the data sent via Wifi from the circuits. The data was stored in MySQL and then displayed on a Web Application dashboard. The Application also contained various reports for the Embroidery Machine Owner to keep an eye on the production and performance of the machine and the artisan working on the machine.


Project Management System for Construction.

This Software enabled construction companies to plan their building construction with timeline and resource planning like labor, construction material, and construction machinery.

Developed in Visual Basic. The project helped companies to perfectly calculate the budget, the timeline, and the resources required. Along with the planning of the exact time they would be required.

The Software also allowed exporting to Microsoft Project and plotted the Gantt Chart for visual planning of the stages in the construction.

ERP System for the Service Industry

Designed an ERP System for a multidepartment loan and subsidy consultation company to help them in sales. CRM, project management, accounting, HR document management, and file stage system.
Measured and improved KPIs for departments and individuals.


PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Excel VBA, XML, TypeScript, Sass, COBOL, Python, Visual Basic 6 (VB6), HTML5, PHP 7, GraphQL


CodeIgniter 3, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, Laravel 5, React Native, Next.js, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Slim, Jakarta Server Pages (JSP), Bootstrap 3, Express.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR)


REST APIs, jQuery, Stripe, React, API Development, Stripe API, Vue, jQuery UI, Node.js, Google APIs


Apache, GitHub, Slack, Jira, Stripe Checkout


REST, Dynamic Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Responsive Web Design (RWD), Agile Project Management, DevOps, MVC Design, Agile, Microservices, B2B, Automation, App Development, Scrum


WordPress, cPanel, Amazon Web Services (AWS), LAMP, Oracle, Linux, Drupal


RDBMS, MySQL, Relational Databases, MongoDB, Databases, SlimPHP, JSON, IBM Db2, PostgreSQL

Industry Expertise

Project Management, Banking & Finance


APIs, Back-end, Technical Hiring, Source Code Review, Code Review, Task Analysis, HTTP, IT Projects, Business Requirements, Content Management Systems (CMS), eCommerce, Software Design, Architecture, Design, CTO, Server Migration, Front-end Development, Web Applications, Roadmaps, Documentation, Payment APIs, Web Technologies, Data Analysis, Electronic Health Records (EHR), EHR, System Integration, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), App Integration, Front-end, Cloud Platforms, eCommerce APIs, Data Structures, Troubleshooting, Technical Leadership, Scrum Master, Leadership, CI/CD Pipelines, Laravel 8, Interviewing, API Integration, CRM APIs, Scripting, Full-stack, Reservation Flow, Product Leadership, SaaS, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Legacy Code, SMTP, WordPress Plugins, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Software Integration, Payment Gateways, SDKs, Integration, Windows 10, Web Development, Software Architecture, Websites, Ajax, Finance, Excel 365

2001 - 2005

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat - Surat, India


Certified Scrum Master