Dmitry Shirokov, Single-page Applications (SPA) Developer in Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine
Dmitry Shirokov

Single-page Applications (SPA) Developer in Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

Member since October 29, 2014
Dmitry is a talented full-stack engineer who has transitioned to front-end applications after four years of work with back-end technologies. He currently enjoys working with JavaScript apps, Node.js server-side systems, HTML, and CSS (Less, SCSS). He is an efficient developer and is comfortable both in a team capacity and in a solo setting.
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Odessa, Odessa Oblast, Ukraine



Preferred Environment

Jira, Atlassian, Git, PhpStorm, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've made is a Node.js, Socket.IO, and Backbone.js front-end app for an online betting system designed to be operational 24/7.


  • Front-end Developer

    2020 - 2020 (via Toptal)
    • Created a complex multi-step form wizard as a single-page application which allows building an ads campaign.
    • Integrated the form wizard with IndexedDB to store uploaded audio tracks.
    • Integrated the form with Google Places API to give the capacity to select custom locations where the campaign should take place.
    • Improved and maintained a test API on the Node.js level.
    • Prepared detailed configurations with descriptions for every component in the system.
    Technologies: IndexedDB, Sass, Cypress, ESLint, Webpack, Bulma, Vue, Node.js
  • Full-stack Engineer

    2019 - 2019
    Sapient Industries (via Toptal)
    • Created, maintained, and improved an existing dashboard that allows customers to manage their smart power plugs usage.
    • Created a visual dashboard for power consumption with different types of charts using D3.js.
    • Integrated with AWS Lambda service and implemented a power consumption predictions service.
    • Performed database refactoring for data consistency and high-speed user experience.
    • Performed code refactoring in order to clear up the current code base, remove redundant parts, and use best practices instead of legacy stuff.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), NGINX, D3.js, Sass, Vue, PHP, Laravel
  • Full-stack Developer

    2018 - 2019 (via Toptal)
    • Created a loan management system that allows the user to create new loans as well as view and manipulate existing records.
    • Integrated a bank API in order to build a credit estimation calculator.
    • Implemented a credit history module (integrated with the national registry) to check what happened in the past with each customer.
    • Created an online contract signing module. Integrated it with a mobile certificate system (, which allows users to sign a contract using their mobile phone and mobile certificate.
    • Created a private RESTful API for viewing and operating all customer records.
    Technologies: Sass, HTML, Node.js, MySQL, PHP, Laravel
  • Full-stack Developer

    2017 - 2018
    Express Homebuyers (via Toptal)
    • Created a single-page website based on Vue.js and Webpack for real estate deals.
    • Integrated an embedded contract signing process into Vue.js application using Docusign.
    • Integrated different third-party notification services like Twilio, Sendgrid, and Pusher, which allow website users to be notified via different channels.
    • Implemented a back-end system for the real-estate deals site and integrated it with the existing back-end system on the API level.
    • Analyzed and optimized data structures within the existing database in order to make it more consistent, clear, and maintainable.
    Technologies: Webpack, Node.js, MySQL, PHP, NGINX, Laravel, Vue
  • Full-stack Developer

    2015 - 2016
    Rockhem, LLC (via Toptal)
    • Built a unique system for accelerating actions on any website from scratch.
    • Created and supported scalable architecture using Azure Cloud.
    • Created a single-page application for the end-user dashboard using Vue.js with automated build and minify process based on Webpack.
    • Created a high-load Node.js application to collect end-user statistics which was able to handle and save more than a billion events per month.
    • Tied up all application parts into a solid and steady infrastructure with health and stability monitoring.
    Technologies: JavaScript, SCSS, Less, Node.js, Azure Cloud Services, NGINX, Laravel, Vue
  • Full-stack JavaScript Engineer

    2015 - 2015
    NewAppetite (via Toptal)
    • Removed lots of bugs and issues from the code.
    • Refactored data structures and the front-end application structure.
    • Added social networking (Facebook and SoundCloud).
    • Wrapped up the Node.js application with a supervisor.
    • Added new features and fixed many existing ones.
    • Supported the client with the project migration.
    Technologies: Facebook API, SoundCloud API, YouTube API, Amazon EC2, MySQL, Socket.IO, Express.js, Node.js
  • JavaScript Engineer

    2014 - 2015
    LivePress (via Toptal)
    • Created a front-end application for a newspaper publishing system from scratch.
    • Provided responsive layouts for tablets, smartphones, and desktops.
    • Provided the possibility to work with web applications in offline mode.
    • Added build scripts for JavaScripts and CSS files.
    • Implemented a REST API within the application.
    • Supported the system until launch.
    Technologies: Mobile UI, RequireJS, AMD, Laravel, Backbone.js
  • Lead Front-end Developer

    2011 - 2014
    • Created cross-platform front-end and back-end systems for online betting based on Node.js, Backbone.js, and Socket.IO.
    • Supported more than 1000+ online users in a single-page app using Node.js.
    • Created MongoDB storage for global events (about 200-300 events per sec).
    • Developed a front-end deployment system.
    Technologies: RequireJS, Less, HTML, Lua, NGINX, Redis, RabbitMQ, Socket.IO, MongoDB, Node.js, Backbone.js
  • Development Team Lead

    2005 - 2011
    Mediacraft, Ltd.
    • Built a team of web developers.
    • Created a convenient workflow for the whole team.
    • Solved numerous high-load website issues.
    Technologies: LAMP
  • Web Developer

    2003 - 2005
    Mediacraft, Ltd.
    • Created a large number of websites for company clients.
    Technologies: Apache, CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP


  • Online betting system

    This system can be used over the Internet and in gambling clubs on touch terminals. All user interfaces are on a single page app including a variety of services, user profiles, and billing. All events come from RabbitMQ channels through Node.js and then to the user. All temporary data is stored in MongoDB by Node.js. All user actions are served by REST back-end services.

  • Avia tickets & hotels booking service

    A single-page app on Backbone.js that works with a back-end REST service. Users can authorize their accounts, search for offers with a variety of filter options, fill personal data, and perform bookings. User can leave and return to any step. Statistics can be viewed, including the orders list, invoices list, uploaded documents, and so on. Technologies used: Backbone.js, Require.js, Ant, LESS.


  • Languages

    PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Less, Sass, SQL, TypeScript, SCSS, Bash, Lua
  • Frameworks

    Laravel 5, Express.js, Laravel, Bootstrap, Bulma, AngularJS, Cypress, ZURB Foundation, Redux
  • Libraries/APIs

    Vue 2, Vuex, Socket.IO, Backbone.Marionette, jQuery UI, Node.js, RequireJS, Backbone.js, jQuery, Vue, Google API, Facebook API, React, D3.js, YouTube API, SoundCloud API
  • Tools

    Subversion (SVN), Git, Jira, Webpack, JSX, Adobe Photoshop, Redmine, NGINX, Apache, PhpStorm, Atlassian, RabbitMQ, Zend Studio, Trello, Podio
  • Storage

    Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, Azure Cloud Services, IndexedDB
  • Other

    Single-page Applications (SPA), Full-stack, Mobile UI, ESLint, ActiveCampaign
  • Paradigms

    Kanban, Agile Software Development, REST, Scrum, Waterfall Development
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, LAMP, AMD, Amazon EC2, Windows, Salesforce


  • Specialist Degree in Mathematics, Computer Engineering, and Cybernetics
    1998 - 2004
    Petrozavodsk State University - Petrozavodsk, Russia

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