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Dmitry Shumski

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Prometheus Developer

Prague, Czech Republic
Toptal Member Since
January 13, 2017

Dmitry is has over a dozen years working as a software engineer developing with Java. He has an excellent mathematical background, and he enjoys creating complex software systems that demands outstanding code quality and improving legacy projects. He has extensive experience with web application development and integration solutions.


mgm technology partners s.r.o.
DBUnit, JBehave, Google Guice, Oracle, Apache Wicket, JavaScript, Java
Pano AI, Inc
Kubernetes, DevOps, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Java, GitHub, CI/CD Pipelines...
Horizont Praha s.r.o.
Spring, JBoss Infinispan, jQuery, MySQL, Hibernate, Java




Preferred Environment

Git, IntelliJ IDEA, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing was the guarantee control module based on linear programming algorithms for the financial auctioning system of the Belarusian currency-stock exchange.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

2016 - PRESENT
mgm technology partners s.r.o.
  • Participated in the development of the food and non-food campaigns (serves to manage and analyze advertising dates in the context of the food campaign business) modules for Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG (a German global discount supermarket chain).
  • Implemented JBehave extensions to increase test coverage in the project.
  • Implemented transnational support for inter-module communication.
  • Implemented a food expiration date functionality with full test coverage.
  • Refactored and did the performance optimization for the main (critical) pages of the campaign modules where users make their business decisions.
Technologies: DBUnit, JBehave, Google Guice, Oracle, Apache Wicket, JavaScript, Java

Kubernetes Engineer for a Startup

2021 - 2022
Pano AI, Inc
  • Helped to set up infrastructure and imported its configuration to Terraform.
  • Created CI/CD pipelines based on GitHub Actions, including integration and E2E tests and deployment to the Kubernetes clusters.
  • Configured Kubernetes nodes and pods autoscaling based on CPU and custom metrics.
  • Configured GCP alerts and PagerDuty notifications.
Technologies: Kubernetes, DevOps, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Java, GitHub, CI/CD Pipelines, Terraform

Technical Leader | Team Leader

2010 - 2016
Horizont Praha s.r.o.
  • Developed a web portal which joins a dozen of local incoming tour operators and more than a thousand outgoing agencies and lets them create, manage, and order any kind of tourism products (hotel, excursions, transfers, and more).
  • Designed the architecture for a system that allows the usage of a distributed cache and computing system to allow many users to search and book travel products quickly.
  • Developed several integrations with other travel service providers (e.g. the TUI Group in Russia) and a Symphony flight-reservation system.
  • Developed a hotel quotes module supporting the following features: different quotes for different price-lists and partners, shared quotes for different rooms, booking/cancellation, and stop sales.
  • Developed a hotel price-list module supporting dozens of features including early-booking, prices for children, season reductions, and different gross prices depending on the agency.
Technologies: Spring, JBoss Infinispan, jQuery, MySQL, Hibernate, Java

Senior Java Developer | Team Leader

2007 - 2010
DTS Medien AG
  • Developed a system for gathering meta information (previews, XMP, and pages) for different files (images, photos, audio, video, and documents), synchronizing it with a database by listening to events from mounted file systems.
  • Implemented web pages for navigating the virtual file system, which supports paging, filters, multi-sorting, and searches and displays various information about files.
  • Developed an archive and retrieve functionality that accesses different types of offline storage (tapes and DVDs). The mechanism can monitor, pause, resume, and cancel long-running processes.
Technologies: Hibernate, PL/SQL, Oracle, Spring, Apache Tomcat, Java

GP Hub for GP Travel Platform
• Participated in development of a core framework for integration with hotel consolidators.

Technologies used include: Java, XML/XSL Libraries, Web Services, REST.

Hotel Price Import Module for Sodis
• Developed a module for importing hotel price-lists provided in XML and PDF formats into the Sodis booking system with a possibility to correct/modify values during import process.

Technologies used include: Java, JSF, jQuery.

Financial Tool Auctioning System for Belarus Currency-Stock Exchange

• Designed and developed subscribe/publish/comet architecture for the project.
• Developed the online auction (price-fixing and continuous double) for trading.
• Implemented a guarantee control system including currency position provision based on the business rules for different financial tools.

Technologies used include: Java, Oracle.

The Automated System of Conducting an Electronic Databank of Primary Registration Forms, Excise Labels, and Import Identification Stamps

• Developed a Windows desktop application which works with large data sets and supports paging, filters, multi-sorting, and a search functionality
• Implemented a framework to synchronize the data (millions of rows) between SQL Server instances using 56 kb/s line.
• Developed a number of sophisticated reports (a few pages size of SQL).
Technologies used include: C#, Microsoft SQL Server.

IMIS Online

IMIS Online is an online service for insolvent companies and insolvency managers.

• Developed the user and product management including importation with images from the zip archive.
• Implemented an e-shop functionality including eBay integration.

Technologies used include: Java, WebSphere Application Server, DB2 Database.

Medical Remote Consulting System for Belarus Medical Center

• Implemented the patient registration service, consulting service, and a number of reports.
• Added multi-language support and localization.

Technologies used include: Oracle DB, BIA WebLogic, Java, JSP, HTML, CSS.

International Mathematical Olympiad

• Won a bronze medal in the IMO,1997 (Argentina).

Oracle to Enterprise DB Migration for O.C. Tanner Co.

• Rewrote the functions, procedures, and materialized views from Oracle PL/SQL to PostgreSQL.
• Analyzed and tuned the performance.


SQL, Java, JavaScript, Bash Script, Python 3


JUnit, Hibernate, Spring, JBehave, Google Guice, TestNG, Mockito, Apache Wicket, Spring 5, Jinja, Angular


Spring REST, DBUnit, React, jQuery, Vue, Jenkins Pipeline, REST APIs


Fastly, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Git, JProfiler, Apache Maven, IntelliJ IDEA, Varnish, Codeship, Jenkins, Grafana, Apache Tomcat, Gradle, GitHub, Terraform


Microservices, Azure DevOps, Concurrent Programming, Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Test-driven Development (TDD), DevOps, Distributed Computing, Functional Programming


Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle Database, Linux, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud, PL/SQL, Hazelcast, JBoss Infinispan, JSON, Redis Cache


Prometheus, HAProxy, CI/CD Pipelines

1997 - 2002

Master's Degree in Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis

Belarusian State University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science - Minsk, Belarus