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Dmytro Lisitsyn

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Kiev, Ukraine
Toptal Member Since
September 26, 2017

Dmytro is a software developer for Apple platforms and beyond. He is passionate about providing stable, production-ready solutions for customers and ensuring the best possible experience for the end user. Responsible and well-organized, Dmytro constantly seeks ways to increase productivity and enjoys working with collaborative teams.


Freelance Clients
iOS, Swift, WatchOS, Firebase, Google Maps SDK, SwiftUI, StoreKit, Objective-C...
Bash, Kotlin, C, Go, Objective-C, Swift




Preferred Environment

Git, Vim Text Editor, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Postman

The most amazing...

...thing I’ve done is a charts component with infinite scrolling, scaling, and customizable appearance of data ranges.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

2019 - PRESENT
Freelance Clients
  • Developed numerous projects for Apple platform customers.
  • Contributed to UI/UX, architectural, and back-end API designs.
  • Conducted technical interviews for an online freelance agency applicants.
Technologies: iOS, Swift, WatchOS, Firebase, Google Maps SDK, SwiftUI, StoreKit, Objective-C, Go, Python

Software Engineer

2014 - 2023
  • Led the development of the SmartRun fitness-tracking app. Built the UI for the first iteration of the project.
  • Served as the product owner and lead developer for Strongbox, a secure chat platform.
  • Designed the UI/UX for Strongbox, Matcher, and SmartRun.
  • Built a movie maker network app for the I AM FILM network.
  • Developed an interior designer network app for Kabuni Technologies, Inc.
  • Enhanced existing Tayble app and created payments back end for it.
  • Refactored the user interface for the Empower online banking app.
  • Developed a power management system app for Evergen.
  • Conducted research in swimming, jogging tracking, and nudity detection.
Technologies: Bash, Kotlin, C, Go, Objective-C, Swift


Kabuni is a platform for interior designers to find and connect with inspiration-starved homes across the globe, instantly. The service provides designers with all of the tools they need to help clients find the perfect pieces.
Collaborating with other developers, I built an app from the ground up, taking it through development to its release, and providing ongoing support. The app featured a feed similar to Pinterest, showcasing various interior design choices for users to explore.

Red Robinson

The Red Robinson app guides you through 50 years of rock 'n' roll history uncovered by Red himself. It complements the website and provides the easiest way to navigate Red's catalog in search of hidden gems and then watch or listen to them on the go.
I joined the team to enhance the app by adding new features and improving its performance.

I created a suite of applications focused on collecting, presenting, and sharing activity data sourced from Pebble or Apple Watch. I developed an iOS app and corresponding counterparts as part of fitness tracking research.


I AM FILM is the premier global professional network showcasing the best-curated independent and established talent, executives, and masters in the film and television industry.
Along with another developer, I created an app from scratch and published it to the App Store.

SmartRun is an app for heart training based on running activity with common features of run-tracking apps like pace, duration, or burned calories counting, it combines advanced heart rate analysis and offer personalized advice and training plans based on it.
Besides actual iOS development, I designed UI/UX for the alpha version of the app.

The Project Under NDA

"The Project Under NDA" is a corporate management system.
I was hired to rewrite the existing iOS app to simplify the further development of new features. The most memorable thing about this project is its complicated and diverse REST API. The only source of documentation for this API was the old iOS app.

Procore is a cloud-based construction project management software. I joined the team during the application's developmental phase, where I took part in implementing new features and addressing various issues.


Tayble is a service for discovering restaurants and bars, placing orders, and making payments.
I contributed by adding new features to an existing app. Further, I rewrote the entire app from scratch, implementing a fully redesigned experience. Additionally, I created a payments back-end service from the ground up.


Strongbox is a privacy-focused chat platform for teams.
I managed the developer team, designed UI/UX, and developed the iOS app.
The project faced a temporary halt as a result of a shift in the company's priorities.

Mystro is a travel and accommodation planning service.
I joined a team to address technical debt and develop complex UI/UX features, including scrollable maps overlay displaying points of interest and their connections, an always-on-screen interactive map, popups, and controls.

Empower is a cash advance, credit monitoring, and spending tracker service.
I was invited to join the existing team to contribute to the development and support of custom UI components and screens.

Inwords is a talk therapy and journaling app.
I rebuilt a significant portion of the user interface and modified existing business logic to accommodate changes in the interface. Also, I integrated soundscapes, utilizing AI-driven background sound generation.

Evergen designs and installs renewable energy systems comprising of solar power, batteries, and intelligent energy management software developed in partnership with the CSIRO.
I was responsible for iOS application development. Collaborating with designers, I contributed to the UI/UX of the app. Additionally, I developed the back-end service for sharing telemetry as part of an energy source decentralization project.

An activity tracker and workout planner that focuses on cardio zone training.
I created new iOS and watchOS apps from scratch using the existing codebase. I revamped the activity tracking algorithm and fine-tuned the legacy UI/UX design to align with updated requirements.

YAP Rewards
Cashback and rewards were added to the YAP banking app.
I led a small development team in designing a library with UI and business logic components for integration into the main app. Additionally, I contributed to UI/UX design.

A set of productivity apps was developed by Jesse Boley, a senior software engineer at Instagram. I added new features to existing apps and incorporated a self-made storage library. To enhance Xcode/Buck interoperability, I also redesigned the code packaging mechanism.

Chubby Dog Nation
I developed, published, and supported the iOS app focused on canine diet, weight tracking, and reporting. I added support for in-app subscriptions and contributed to the back-end API development. Also, I updated the UI/UX design with missing icons, components, and screens.

Homebody offers a range of products designed to enhance renting, insurance, and credit score-building experiences.
I made an extensive review of the existing codebase, developed UI components and screens, and initiated and managed the architecture transition for the project.


Swift, Go, Objective-C, Bash, C, Kotlin, C++, Python


Viper, SwiftUI, StoreKit, Core Bluetooth, Core Location, MapKit


Xcode, Git, Vim Text Editor, Google Analytics, Postman


Stripe, Google Maps SDK, Facebook SDK, HealthKit, CocoaPods


Unit Testing, Mobile UI Design, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Mobile UX Design


iOS, Firebase, WatchOS, MacOS, tvOS, Mixpanel, Docker, Android


Realm, SQLite


Team Leadership, AVFoundation, Bluetooth, Signal Protocols, WebSockets, Combine, Audio Processing, Buck