Domagoj Baronica, Software Developer in Zagreb, Croatia
Domagoj Baronica

Software Developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Member since August 2, 2016
Domagoj is a game developer who has contributed to more than ten games (release to the iOS, Android, Amazon, and Steam app stores). He specializes in using the Unity3D game engine and has experience with a wide range of game development challenges such as the implementation of general gameplay, AI, UI, IAP, multiplayer, and shaders.
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Zagreb, Croatia



Preferred Environment

Git, C#, Visual Studio, Unity3D, OS X, Windows

The most amazing...

...piece of software I've created is an implementation of a morphing algorithm based on variational implicit surfaces, used for smooth morphing of 2D & 3D objects.


  • Lead Programmer

    2017 - PRESENT
    ZEROlife Games Limited
    • Created a custom 2D lighting system for a 2D platformer game.
    • Used Mecanim for animations and a custom FSM system for logic and created a fairly complex, non-human player controller: a crocodile.
    • Implemented a melee combat system.
    • Created various Unity editor extensions to enhance asset production pipeline.
    • Developed custom shaders for special 2D lighting effects.
    Technologies: C#, Unity3D
  • Founder

    2013 - PRESENT
    Morpholine Interactive d.o.o.
    • Created a plugin for Blender used for morphing 2D and 3D objects and utilized the plugin to create assets for a game.
    • Used and enhanced Vectrosity plugin for smooth line drawing.
    • Created custom shaders for special force field effects.
    • Designed and iterated on a gameplay.
    • Created custom particle effects.
    • Implemented sound groups and dynamic sound mixing.
    • Created various Unity editor extensions to enhance asset production pipeline, manipulate 3D assets, automatize prefab creation, and visualize and manipulate spline paths.
    • Implemented cross-platform leaderboards by integrating GameSparks BaaS.
    • Done a complete Match-3 project based on a starter kit with added UI, IAP, and analytics. Prepared a distribution package for the iOS store.
    Technologies: C#, Unity3D
  • Lead Game Developer

    2010 - 2013
    Studio Pepwuper
    • Programmed a cross-platform multiplayer competitive action game with the authoritative game server and dynamic room spawning.
    • Programmed a custom player controller with Unity path-finding, player assisted AI and item management.
    • Integrated Steam User Generated Content by providing a simple in-game editor for custom 3D models.
    • Ported an already released game from a C++ cross-platform engine to Unity.
    • Learned about many aspects of game development from preproduction to release: prototyping, gameplay and player controllers, networking, AI, UI, pathfinding, Mecanim, IAP, analytics, object pooling, writing vertex and fragment shaders, testing and optimization, mobile store preparation, and distribution.
    • Worked on project scheduling, management, and production.
    Technologies: C#, Unity3D
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2005 - 2011
    Amphinicy Technologies
    • Designed and produced software solutions for SES-Astra company. Worked on applications used in fields of In-Orbital Testing.
    • Modified and integrated an existing CRM solution to suit customer needs. Also managed the project schedule, coordinated CRM team, designed and implemented modules tailored to the customer’s requirements.
    • Participated as one of the team members responsible for maintenance and modification of ND SatCom SkyWAN management software.
    Technologies: SugarCRM, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Java


  • Light and Dark (Development)

    Light and Dark is a roguelike platformer. You play as Victoria Bloom, a young girl trapped in an old mansion afflicted by a mysterious darkness. You have to find your way through the dark and face the horrors inside, with only your flashlight to light your path.

  • The Hatching (Development)

    The Hatching is a top-down action game where you play as a monster from a monster movie…a giant crocodile. The Hatching blends cunning stealth with hack-and-slash combat and gruesome violence.

  • Alicia Keys: Mookey (Development)

    This project involved an interactive eBook for kids which was presented by the Grammy award-winning artist Alicia Keys.

    I did the majority of the programming work and technical-related tasks as a part of the Studio Pepwuper team.

  • Buddy and Me (Development)

    This project involved an award-winning endless adventure runner.

    I worked as a part of the Studio Pepwuper team on porting the game from Marmalade to the Unity game engine and was responsible for all programming tasks.

  • Visual Vocab (Development)

    Visual Vocab is a series of five-star rated mobile apps which help students to prepare for the SAT Vocab test.

    I worked as a part of the Studio Pepwuper team and was responsible for all programming tasks.

  • My Giants (Development)

    My Giants is an exciting multiplayer action game from Studio Pepwuper. It’s a fast-paced, competitive action game where you collect giants (monsters and robots) and use them in epic battles against other players online.

    I was responsible for all programming and other technical related tasks.

  • 3DAKTA (Development)

    3DAKTA is an interactive didactic platform, equally virtual and physical.

    I was responsible for all programming tasks.

  • Fluxoid (Development)

    Inspired by a wondrous world of subatomic particles, this pseudo—particle detector visualizes colorful subatomic landscapes. It is not based on real physics calculations; rather it just recreates visuals based on real cloud chamber images.


  • Frameworks

  • Languages

    C#, Java, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, C++, C
  • Tools

    Microsoft Visual Studio, Pivotal Tracker, Slack, Paint.NET, Visual Studio, SugarCRM, Git
  • Platforms

    MacOS, iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux, Windows Phone, Android
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Paradigms

    Iterative Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Storage

    Unity Cloud Build, MySQL


  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering
    1997 - 2003
    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Zagreb, Croatia

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