Dylan Golow, Cloud Architect Developer in Montreal, QC, Canada
Dylan Golow

Cloud Architect Developer in Montreal, QC, Canada

Member since January 16, 2019
Dylan is a full-stack engineer who is passionate about connecting people to technology with thoughtful and impactful solutions. He has over five years of experience in enterprise software across various industries including technology, eCommerce, and professional services. Dylan loves creating MVP to full-scale solutions from scratch—user journey creation, stack selection, front- and back-end development.
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  • Stealth Startup
    Leadership, Architecture, API Architecture, Data Architecture, YML...
  • Z News Service
    Architecture, Agile, React, Responsive UI, User Requirements...
  • Giftsy (via Toptal)
    Data Architecture, User Requirements, User Experience (UX)...



Montreal, QC, Canada



Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Chrome Developer Tools, Chrome, AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), MacOS, Linux, GitLab, WebStorm

The most amazing...

...real-time integration project I’ve delivered was extending an AWS infrastructure (AWS AppSync, GraphQL, Lambdas, DynamoDB) in Node.js and React.


  • Senior Back-End Engineer (Lead)

    2020 - PRESENT
    Stealth Startup
    • Designed content management database and strategy for serving users data unique to their profile during real-time events on the front-end.
    • Designed and implemented serverless back-end architecture (Typescript/Node) on GCP for real-time optimized content based on user decisions on mobile application.
    • Implemented and configured CI/CD pipelines and testing in distinct for QA, Staging, Production, and Test environments.
    • Supported React Native mobile application deployment, enhancements, and fixes for iOS and Android.
    • Implemented database and API security rules for shared and user-specific content.
    Technologies: Leadership, Architecture, API Architecture, Data Architecture, YML, Firebase Authentication, Google Cloud SQL, PostGREST, PostgreSQL, Google Pub/Sub, Moment.js, Unit Testing, Design Thinking, Airtable, Google Cloud Build, Data Strategy, Cloud Firestore, Figma, Firebase Cloud Functions, Google Cloud SDK, Docker, Swagger, Google App Engine, Express.js, Firebase, REST APIs, Serverless, API Documentation, Algorithms, User Requirements, User Experience (UX), Node.js, Android, iOS, React Native, Serverless Architecture, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Lead Developer - Mobile

    2020 - 2020
    Z News Service
    • Developed mobile app for select feature-to-feature parity to web app for collaboration platform within news agency; news article submission/collaboration.
    • Implemented reusable custom form solution components for news article pipeline submission.
    • Implemented Facebook Login SSO for Android and iOS.
    • Integrated Google Places API with user registration autofill on sign up.
    Technologies: Architecture, Agile, React, Responsive UI, User Requirements, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Android, iOS, TypeScript, React Native
  • Full-stack Engineer

    2020 - 2020
    Giftsy (via Toptal)
    • Developed a Chrome extension to save gifts online to Giftsy.io.
    • Built custom UI by extending native Chrome extension UI using iframes.
    • Automated login process to Giftsy Chrome extension using a combination of local and Chrome storage.
    • Implemented custom UI popups for login, failure, and success messages from Chrome extension using content scripts.
    • Supported deployment of Chrome extension on Chrome web store including permissions validation for manifest.json.
    • Implemented messaging patterns between popups and background scripts to manage UX.
    Technologies: Data Architecture, User Requirements, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), JavaScript, Chrome Extensions
  • Full-stack Engineer

    2020 - 2020
    Fuji-Xerox Palo Alto Labs (via Toptal)
    • Designed and implemented template EHR message integration between custom healthcare solutions deployed on AWS and EHR system of choice.
    • Added to existing deployment tooling codebase to allow multiple solution deployments from the same environment with CloudFormation; changes to bash scripts and YAML templates for CloudFormation.
    • Added custom events and actions to existing AWS Lambda functions in Node.js.
    • Documented technical and functional user guides for end users, deployment teams, and implementation teams.
    • Updated existing AWS infrastructure for EHR Integration; changes included AppSync/GraphQL schema, authorization providers, and Lambda functions.
    • Evaluated and tested integration engines (HL7/FHIR, etc.) for production-ready, bidirectional healthcare data integration to/from AWS Serverless solution.
    • Customized a React web app to take new parameters for the back end.
    • Supported bugs and fixes for React web application.
    Technologies: Architecture, Data Architecture, YML, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Lambda Architecture, HL7 FHIR Standard, Security Groups, Bash Scripting, Healthcare IT, Integration Tools, EHR, HL7, Data Strategy, Writing & Editing, React Native, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS EC2, REST APIs, Serverless, AWS, API Documentation, Algorithms, User Requirements, User Experience (UX), Bash, Amazon SQS, Amazon Cognito, AWS CloudFormation, GraphQL, AWS AppSync, AWS Lambda, React, Node.js
  • Co-founder

    2018 - 2020
    First Mark
    • Designed user journeys for multiples roles on a film set to digitally record contracts, timesheets, and reports on mobile and desktop.
    • Designed a RESTful API for dozens of interrelated objects/tables (MySQL) using controller/service/repository structure for the long-term flexibility of the platform. This layered approach reduces changes required to change routes, databases, or even business logic within the services independently.
    • Tested and implemented a relational database model.
    • Created multiple access levels per company with JWT authentication and expiration for RESTful API using role and attribute-based access control.
    • Designed and implemented a search API with server-side filtering and pagination to be used as an observable with Angular front-end.
    • Designed a contract templating module integrating third-party e-signature software into native mobile (iOS/Android) and desktop browser applications.
    • Designed a visual prototype for mobile and desktop applications in Figma.
    • Designed, implemented, and deployed a responsive customer-facing website using Figma, HTML5, CSS3, and Firebase Hosting.
    • Implemented auto-deployment of API through Gitlab CI/CD to AWS, and implemented PM2 to re-spawn API after deployment pushes.
    • Implemented babel to allow programming with ES6 for Node.js/Express.js REST API.
    • Distributed a mobile iOS app with a native build on the App Store.
    • Designed and implemented a relational MySQL database.
    • Implemented a mobile (Ionic/Angular/TypeScript/Cordova) and desktop Angular/TypeScript applications with SOLID programming principles, async/await, and functional programming patterns.
    • Integrated SendGrid API to back-end Node.js/Express.js API to send emails for user registration, reset password, and company/role access updates.
    Technologies: Leadership, Architecture, API Architecture, Data Architecture, Firebase Authentication, SendGrid, Design Thinking, Elevator Pitches, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PM2, AWS EC2, Ionic 3, Firebase, REST APIs, Serverless, Responsive UI, Algorithms, User Requirements, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Google Sheets, User Journey Maps, Android, iOS, Figma, GitLab CI/CD, Jasmine, AWS, MySQL, Express.js, Node.js, Bootstrap, SCSS, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, JavaScript, RxJS, Ionic, Angular
  • Pre-sales Solution Architect

    2017 - 2019
    • Led technical sales cycles across all verticals of NetSuite+Oracle: distribution, retail, e-commerce, financial services, general business, software, professional services.
    • Contributed to closing over $10 million in sales yearly as a sole architect working on over 200 opportunities.
    • Internally optimized the workflow and tools used by the sales team in order to gain efficiencies and increase productivity.
    • Responded to RFP in long and short format, presenting in front of dozens of stakeholders in order to gain credibility and client confidence.
    • Designed, estimated, and priced project activities across sales, procurement, financial management, order management, fulfillment, and warehouse management.
    • Won Gurus Sales MVP of the year in 2018.
    • Detailed technical requirements gathering and analysis for integrations, customizations, and functional implementation of enterprise software systems.
    • Designed systems integration between Shopify, NetSuite, 3PL for enterprise retail client.
    • Designed systems integrations for multiple client projects between NetSuite, Shopify, and WMS/3PL systems for enterprise retail/distribution clients.
    Technologies: Leadership, Architecture, Data Architecture, Healthcare IT, Integration Tools, Design Thinking, Data Strategy, Management Consulting, Writing & Editing, Elevator Pitches, REST APIs, Salesforce.com Developer Certification, API Documentation, User Requirements, User Experience (UX), Google Sheets, NetSuite OneWorld, User Journey Maps, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), CRM Systems, Salesforce, Dell Boomi, JavaScript, NoSQL, APIs, Oracle, NetSuite
  • Co-founder

    2017 - 2018
    Track Insight
    • Created an application for track athletes to record complex exercises and keep a log of training in a calendar.
    • Utilized Firebase API to connect an Angular front-end with a real-time database—Firebase.
    • Designed a visual prototype (45+ screens) using Sketch.
    • Built and deployed to iPhone for alpha user testing.
    • Implemented unit tests in Jasmine.
    • Implemented calendar search functionality to filter which exercises were completed on which days.
    • Created reusable UI components and pages using Angular/Typescript (Ionic) for mobile application.
    Technologies: Data Architecture, Firebase Authentication, Moment.js, Design Thinking, Figma, Ionic 3, Serverless, User Experience (UX), Google Sheets, Android, iOS, Bootstrap, SCSS, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Sketch, Cloud Firestore, Firebase, TypeScript, RxJS, Ionic, Angular
  • ERP Consultant/Developer

    2016 - 2017
    • Designed and implemented custom quote approval workflow using SuiteScript, SuiteBuilder, and SuiteFlow.
    • Led data migration and harmonization activities for implementation projects using Excel and CSV files.
    • Led requirements gathering for project design, implementation and development activities for NetSuite implementations.
    • Supported maintenance tasks for batch scripted class membership system.
    • Assessed and implemented a commissions tracking and payment automation for a multi-tiered sales team of over 45 individuals.
    • Became a fully certified NetSuite Cloud Developer, SuiteCommerce Developer, ERP Consultant, Financial User, and Administrator all in five months.
    • Detailed requirements gathering and analysis for system implementation and scripting customizations.
    Technologies: Leadership, Data Architecture, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Integration Tools, Unit Testing, Data Strategy, Management Consulting, Writing & Editing, Agile, REST APIs, Salesforce.com Developer Certification, API Documentation, Algorithms, User Requirements, User Experience (UX), Google Sheets, NetSuite OneWorld, User Journey Maps, Salesforce, APIs, Professional Services, Distribution, Financials, Manufacturing, NetSuite
  • Cloud Developer

    2015 - 2016
    • Worked on the eCommerce team to customize cart and checkout experiences (with custom shipping methods and prices) while integrating to the NetSuite core general ledger and database of transactions.
    • Developed client and server-side applications for custom business logic across organizations involved in retail, distribution, technology, health, manufacturing, and professional services.
    • Worked specifically with the SuiteScript NetSuite Javascript API.
    • Configured custom workflows and automations with SuiteFlow.
    • Scripted custom batch invoicing processes, quote merge tools, billing automations, and other transaction processing automation.
    • Developed RESTful integration scripts using RESTlets within NetSuite to communicate with other systems.
    • Contributed to requirements gathering, documentation, and analysis for solution design with scripting.
    Technologies: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Unit Testing, Data Strategy, Management Consulting, Agile, REST APIs, Salesforce.com Developer Certification, API Documentation, Responsive UI, Algorithms, User Requirements, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Google Sheets, NetSuite OneWorld, User Journey Maps, Salesforce, Bootstrap, SCSS, CSS, HTML, eCommerce, SuiteCommerce, Server Side/Client Side Object Model (SharePoint), APIs, JavaScript, SuiteScript 1, NetSuite
  • Undergraduate Researcher

    2014 - 2015
    McGill University
    • Characterized neuroglial responses to drugs.
    • Created a new methodology for measuring cell mobility of neural and glial cells.
    • Contributed to post-doctoral manuscript for ALS/MS drug discovery and cell characterization.
    • Plated, cultured, and tested various assays of mouse and rat neural cell cultures.
    • Determined the statistical significance of cell responses by morphology, mobility, and growth.
    Technologies: Writing & Editing, Google Sheets, Healthcare IT, Neuroscience


  • Team Canada Decathlete (Other amazing things)

    In 2018 I had the privilege of representing Canada on the international stage in a Pan American competition where I placed 6th overall and 2nd among Canadians to take home the silver medal nationally.

  • Track Insight (Development)

    Track Insight is a tool to track trainings, injuries, and competitions specifically for track and field athletes. It also allows athletes to visualize their progress over time and record complex training exercises that a typical weight training app would not support. My training partner and I use the application personally among ourselves to test and would like to distribute this in the future and support any sport with our flexible training log.

  • First Mark (Development)

    First Mark is a platform that automates behind the scenes business processes on film sets so that they no longer need to rely on paper for contracts, timesheets, and reports. Film sets using First Mark also are empowered by their data in real time and can optimize their operations with data-driven decisions about how their crew operates - a first for film sets.

  • RestoReviews (Development)

    A simple restaurant review application with user and admin roles using the route/service/repository back-end architecture.

    * Authentication, user, review, restaurant REST APIs with Node.js and Express.js
    * Angular/Ionic front-end

  • Sales MVP 2018 (Other amazing things)

    Led the highest year in sales while in a pre-sales consulting role at Gurus Solutions supporting a team of 10 sales executives to make over $13 million in revenue.


  • Languages

    JavaScript 6, JavaScript, SuiteScript 2, SuiteScript 1, TypeScript 3, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, CSS, Sass, TypeScript, ECMAScript (ES6), SCSS, ES5, XML, SQL, Python, Google Apps Script, Go, Python 3, C++, YAML, Java, Bash, Bash Script, GraphQL
  • Libraries/APIs

    NetSuite API, Chrome Application SDK, Firebase Web SDK, Chai, PostGREST, Moment.js, Node.js, RxJS, REST APIs, REST API, jQuery, React, Google Sheets API, Shopify API, Flask-RESTful, SendGrid API, Mailchimp API, D3.js, Ag-Grid, NgRx, QuickBooks API, Salesforce API, Google APIs, Google API, Stripe API, Stripe
  • Tools

    Figma, Zeplin, SuiteBuilder, SuiteFlow, G Suite, Google Sheets, Mocha, Sketch 4, SuiteCommerce, GitLab, Git, GitLab CI/CD, Microsoft Excel, SendGrid, Mailchimp, PM2, AngularFire, Amazon SQS, AWS AppSync, Amazon Cognito, AWS Deployment, Google Docs, Firebase Authentication, AWS CloudFormation, Cloud Dataflow, Google Cloud Dataproc, WebStorm, Chrome Developer Tools, Sketch, Babel, Nginx, Karma, Google Analytics, SuiteTalk, AWS Push Notification Service (AWS SNS), Greenhouse
  • Platforms

    Firebase, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google App Engine, AWS EC2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), iOS, AWS Lambda, Shopify, Google Cloud SDK, Linux, MacOS, Oracle, Docker, Salesforce, Android, Salesforce 1
  • Storage

    Google Cloud Datastore, Cloud Firestore, JSON, Google Cloud, Google Cloud SQL, Google Cloud Storage, Firebase Realtime Database, PostgreSQL, Databases, MySQL, SQLite, Relational Databases, AWS S3, XML Parsing, AWS RDS, AWS DynamoDB, Google Bigtable, NoSQL, Dell Boomi, Data Integration
  • Other

    Architecture, Leadership, Accounting Software, NetSuite, NetSuite OneWorld, User Flows, User Journey Maps, User Journeys, Tech Sales, Pitch Decks, Sales Pitches, Elevator Pitches, Firebase Cloud Functions, Financial System Implementation, Chrome Extensions, Google Cloud Functions, Google Cloud Build, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Automated Deployment Scripts, Google BigQuery, Google Pub/Sub, Cloud Architecture, Data Architecture, Management Consulting, Data Structures, Data Strategy, Algorithms, CSV Export, APIs, RESTful APIs, Material Design, Responsive UI, Firebase Hosting, Login & Registration, Async/Await, QuickBooks Online, Usability, User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX), Email Delivery, Salesforce.com Developer Certification, Single-page Applications (SPA), Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Hybrid Frameworks, Hybrid Apps, Airtable, Reverse Engineering, Technical Documentation, Writing & Editing, Documentation, API Documentation, YML, AWS, Lambda Functions, Serverless, Deployment, Technology Guides, Implementation, System Implementation, Software Implementation, User Requirements, Business Requirements, Requirements, Integration, Software Troubleshooting, Software, Google Data Studio, Pub/Sub, Manufacturing, Financials, Distribution, Professional Services, CRM Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Neuroscience, Healthcare IT, Data Visualization, Wikis, Security Groups, Ajax, Application Security, Bash Scripting, Amazon Cognito User Pools, OAuth, Amazon API Gateway, Mobile Apps, Mobile Architecture, Mobile App Architecture, EHR, HL7, Integration Tools
  • Frameworks

    Mocha.js, Angular, Ionic 4, Ionic 3, Angular Material, Express.js, Jasmine, Bootstrap, Swagger, Ionic, React Native, Chrome, Flask, Jinja, Protractor, YARN, OAuth 2
  • Paradigms

    Continuous Deployment, Unit Testing, API Architecture, Kanban, Design Thinking, Human-centered Design (HCD), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Asynchronous Programming, Functional Programming, REST, Requirements Analysis, Lambda Architecture, Serverless Architecture, ETL Implementation & Design, HL7 FHIR Standard, Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Server Side/Client Side Object Model (SharePoint), Agile
  • Industry Expertise

    eCommerce, Web Design


  • Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience
    2011 - 2015
    McGill University - Montreal, Quebec, Canada


  • SuiteSuccess Warehousing/Distribution Certified
  • Financial User
  • SuiteCommerce Developer
  • SuiteCloud Developer
  • ERP Consultant
  • Administrator
    JULY 2016 - PRESENT
  • SuiteFoundation
    JULY 2016 - PRESENT
  • Salesforce Platform I Developer
    FEBRUARY 2016 - FEBRUARY 2019

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