Eduard Grinchenko, Software Developer in Tbilisi, Georgia
Eduard Grinchenko

Software Developer in Tbilisi, Georgia

Member since January 22, 2015
Eduard is a talented software engineer with rich expertise in object-oriented analysis and design and experience participating in all facets of the software development lifecycle, from research and design to implementation and maintenance. He has deep knowledge in designing system architecture from scratch and managing and leading small and medium groups of developers.
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  • Toptal and Toptal Clients
    Google Cloud, REST APIs, Microservices, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL...
  • 37coins
    Google Cloud, REST APIs, Microservices, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Scrum...
  • Andiks
    REST APIs, Microservices, Scrum, REST, Docker, MongoDB, Spring Boot, Spring...



Tbilisi, Georgia



Preferred Environment

Maven, Gradle, Git, IntelliJ IDEA

The most amazing...

...thing I've implemented is a micro-service framework for creating, processing and analyzing controlled documents and fast configuring them to new clients.


  • Senior Java Developer

    2015 - PRESENT
    Toptal and Toptal Clients
    • Built microservice architecture for logging delivery.
    • Developed Spring Boot applications for a client-facing trading system.
    • Constructed Jira, Confluence, and other plugins for medical quality assurance.
    • Supported and developed an extensive Spring ERP application for the US government.
    • Built and supported infrastructure for a bankruptcy service application.
    • Developed and supported several admin applications based on AngularJS.
    • Architected and supported microservice architecture for interacting with Ethereum and processing KYC validation for users.
    • Interviewed developers for the Toptal main platform.
    • Created a secured back-end service for importing and distributing data from US real estate aggregators.
    • Participated in back-end development in several startups. Worked on integrations with Instagram API, blockchain services, and other third-party SaaS platforms.
    Technologies: Google Cloud, REST APIs, Microservices, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostgreSQL, Scrum, Project Management, REST, Docker, MongoDB, Spring Boot, Spring, Java, React, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kotlin, Blockchain
  • Team Lead and Architect

    2015 - 2015
    • Created an SMS wallet service for managing bitcoins.
    • Managed a team of three developers, including back-end and front-end.
    • Improved the architecture of the system. Migrate from monolith to microservice architecture.
    • Created an API protocol for the Android application through REST calls and Google Cloud Messaging.
    • Created a migration tool for migrating accounts from the old version of the product to a new one.
    Technologies: Google Cloud, REST APIs, Microservices, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Scrum, Project Management, REST, Java, Guice, Hazelcast
  • Senior Java Developer

    2014 - 2015
    • Participated in the development and server-side design of a new 3D browser game.
    • Developed a system for real-time effects and a spells manager for a 3D battle server which controls all spells and effects applied to the game character.
    • Implemented a shop service for the web-game server.
    • Developed a task service for managing user intentions. It was a three-part project with a common module. I set up the building application with Gradle and Git submodules.
    Technologies: REST APIs, Microservices, Scrum, REST, Docker, MongoDB, Spring Boot, Spring, Java
  • Java Developer

    2012 - 2014
    Budget Financial Technology
    • Developed core elements of a QDP platform for managing a municipality.
    • Built an analytic presentation module.
    • Developed and supported a new concept for a UI based on Vaadin 7, and migrated from Vaadin 6 to Vaadin 7.
    • Conducted complex refactoring of a core module for the QDP (Quick Development Platform).
    • Implemented and maintained technology for new clients.
    Technologies: REST APIs, Spring, Java, Vaadin, Hibernate
  • Java Developer

    2011 - 2012
    • Developed desktop software applications for managing mutual funds.
    • Developed and supported a social office project based on Liferay for our software users.
    • Programmed for a version runner project for running software on a client host using WebStart, Vaadin, and Spring.
    • Created a new reports generator based on existing abstractions.
    • Built unit, E2D, and integration tests for business methods.
    Technologies: Spring, Java, Java Natural Language Processing (JNLP), Hibernate, Vaadin, Liferay


  • Browser-based 3D Game

    Contributions to the back-end web development for this game.

  • Imandra

    Contributions to the back-end development of this project.

  • Confluence Plugin for R&U Workflow

    The Read & Understood Training Genius is an eQMS application that eases training and compliance burdens for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medtech industries.

    If you have your quality documents within Confluence, the Read & Understood Training Genius will help you leverage your system to automate your training needs:
    - Define rules to reflect the training matrix across your collection of Confluence pages and your organizational chart
    - Automate training verification and update assignments within Confluence
    - Define time limits for confirmations and set reminder alerts
    - Provide detailed reporting on an individual, team, and organizational training records and status.

  • Why You Need to Upgrade to Java 8 Already (Publication)
    The newest version of the Java platform, Java 8, was released more than a year ago. Many companies and developers are still starting new applications with old versions of Java. There are very few good reasons to do this, because Java 8 has brought some important improvements to the language. I'll show you a handful of the most useful and interesting ones.


  • Languages

    Kotlin, Java, Regex, XPath, Groovy, SQL, Python, XML/XSLT, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C++, PHP
  • Frameworks

    Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring, Spock, Vaadin, Guice, Android SDK, AngularJS, JUnit, Mockito, Apache Velocity, OSGi, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Swagger, Bootstrap, Hibernate, Angular
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, Jackson, Jira REST API, Stripe, Socket.IO, GSON, SLF4J, JAXB, Apache POI, React, Java Natural Language Processing (JNLP), Jsoup, Liquibase, jQuery
  • Tools

    Bitbucket, GitLab CI/CD, Jira, Confluence, NPM, Git, Maven, Wercker, Docker Compose, GitLab, Apache, Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA, Docker Hub, Ngrok, Google Cloud Messaging, AWS SDK, FreeMarker, Apache Tomcat, NGINX
  • Paradigms

    Microservices, REST, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Design Patterns, Concurrent Programming, Scrum, AOP
  • Platforms

    Docker, Unix, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Windows, Amazon, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blockchain
  • Storage

    MongoDB, Google Cloud, Spring Data, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hazelcast, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Other

    Lambda Functions, Mathematics, Back-end, Architecture, Machine Learning, log4j, Liferay, Apache Commons
  • Industry Expertise

    Project Management


  • Master's Degree in Computer Engineering
    2011 - 2013
    National Research University of Electronic Technology - Moscow
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering
    2007 - 2011
    National Research University of Electronic Technology - Moscow

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