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Eduardo José Tagle

Eduardo José Tagle

Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Member since May 12, 2014
Eduardo is an electronic engineer with a strong background in programming. He’s able to design products from scratch, as well as the required software and hardware architecture to fully support them. He loves making technology that serve its original purpose: to help people and simplify their lives!
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  • Linux, 15 years
  • C, 15 years
  • C++, 12 years
  • C#, 4 years
  • Android, 4 years
  • Python, 3 years
  • ARM Assembler, 2 years
  • Java, 2 years
Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina
Preferred Environment
Visual Studio, Eclipse, KDE
The most amazing...
...thing I've coded is a voice synthesis system.
  • Software and Hardware Architect
    DTA S.A.
    2013 - PRESENT
    • Designed and implemented an automated and adaptable testing system targeting the SAR (synthetic aperture radar) hardware and software components of the SAOCOM I/II space satellite, used for natural disaster monitoring and prevention, in a project for CONAE (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales), the Space Agency of Argentina.
    • Designed and implemented automated testing systems (both hardware and software, including schematics and PCB design) to check and certify the compliance of cable harnesses used in the above satellites with the space norms.
    Technologies: .NET, Python, C++
  • Hardware and Software Architect
    2010 - PRESENT
    • Redesigned the firmware and software of an existing product to control temperature, humidity, and weight of grain stored inside of silos.
    Technologies: Assembler, C
  • Software and Hardware Architect
    TS Soft
    2000 - PRESENT
    • Designed a generic object-oriented class hierarchy (data containers) for DOS, Windows, and Linux, using C++ and templates, as well as some metaprogramming. Optimized for speed as the STL was not fast enough or flexible enough.
    • Designed a generic object-oriented class hierarchy to simplify C++ GUI programming in Windows (similar to MFC but smaller and faster).
    • Developed a software-based Wavelet video compressor and decompressor (VFW and DirectShow interfaces) using Intel Assembler / C / C++. Optimized heavily for speed using AMD CodeAnalyst and hand tuning of routines after profiling them. Used Wavelet encoding, Huffman encoding, and Color Space Conversions. Wrote MMX/SSE/SSE2/SSE3/3DNOW/3DNOWEx versions for the BT8x8 chipset-based video capture driver for Windows 98, XP, Vista and Win7 in C/C++.
    • Created a website with sectorized but centralized monitoring and controlling of an air conditioning system, remote equipment control modules, remote thermostat modules and central control module with LCD user interfaces, remote monitoring/setup, and control from the outside via modem. Linked all of those by a custom designed and implemented network with network topology autodetection. User and installer manuals. Microchip C/ASM, RS 485.
    • Designed an analog thermostat.
    • Designed the firmware and software for controlled dose fertilization with a custom GUI and custom multithreaded OO class hierarchy.
    • Developed MULTIALARMA, a fully integrated collection system software in C++. Featured a custom-made database engine, with fully automated auto-recovery and multiple concurrent user modification contention and management.
    • Designed the firmware and hardware of two alarm systems: one for homes and the other for vehicles.
    • Collected system software and parametrized data queries and data input. Printed data queries: dBASE IV.
    • Worked on an Odontologic Management System: FoxPro and Intel x86 Assembler. Implemented image capture and display and radiography digitalization with a pen tablet digitizer and custom GUI.
    • Designed a software protection hardware lock.
    Technologies: C, C++, Perl, Python
  • Software Architect
    2014 - 2015
    • Test engineered and developed automation for satellite hardware.
    Technologies: Python, C#, C++, Assembler, RF measuments, EGSE
  • Android UI and Animations Engineer
    KeepSafe Software, Inc. (via Toptal)
    2014 - 2014
    • Created custom (hand crafted) Android UI animations for a given application.
    Technologies: Android Framework
  • Product Support, Bug Fixer
    Harriague y Asociados
    2012 - 2012
    • Managed sales campaign software for a major insurance company. Implemented new features and product support.
    • Created a special proxy to maintain traffic safety on a bank's private network. Performed cleanup and support.
    Technologies: .NET, WCF, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Software Architect
    TS Soft
    2011 - 2012
    • Ported Android ICS and Honeycomb to new hardware platforms (NVIDIA Tegra 2).
    • Wrote all the required Linux kernel drivers and Android drivers.
    Technologies: C, C++, Java, Linux
  • Product Support, Bug Fixing, Test Automation
    Motorola Corporation
    2011 - 2011
    • Implemented and provided support of new features for a large-scale (statewide) remote camera surveillance system in the USA.
    Technologies: .NET, WPF, WCF, C++
  • Software Developer
    Intel Corporation
    2010 - 2010
    • Designed and developed solutions to properly and uniformly handle error conditions of an in-house developed software product on Windows and Linux.
    • Performed failure cause analysis and testing as well as bug fixing for the product.
    • Worked on the internationalization of the product, including code refactoring and the adoption of new technologies.
    • Designed and implemented a scripting language for test automation.
    Technologies: C++, WPF, .NET, Qt, WebKit, Linux
  • Electronic Product Development
    2003 - 2010
    • Performed feasibility investigation, hardware design, firmware design and development, analysis, design and development of user interfaces on Windows and Linux, and final product testing.
    • Designed an embedded a microcomputer running Linux multilayer PCB and SMD components, including a 1st level bootloader for Linux and Linux driver design for the associated proprietary hardware running on Linux in C, with GCC and KDevelop.
    • Investigated possible graphical user interfaces, focusing on Qt. Decided to implement our own GUI due to commercial reasons.
    • Developed a low-cost RTK GPS system using an embedded ARM core.
    • Developed people-counting bars, using RS485 Monitoring UI and Pyroelectric sensors. Implemented a sensor-grouping algorithm to detect the number and direction of the people walking under the bar.
    • Implemented graphic primitives for the Color TFT LCD controller, written in Assembler targeting the Microchip low-end family MCUs.
    • Implemented graphic primitives for the BW LCD controller, written in Assembler targeting the Microchip low-end family MCUs.
    Technologies: C++, Assembler
  • Hardware and Software Designer
    2001 - 2008
    • Designed and implemented a Universal PIC Programmer.
    • Designed the hardware and software, with the control software running in Windows with an easy-to-use GUI.
    • Wrote a Windows9x/XP kernel driver in C++ with small pieces of an inline assembler.
    Technologies: Windows DDK, C++, asm.js
  • Software Architect
    TS Soft
    2005 - 2005
    • Designed and implemented a Spanish voice software TTS synthesizer for embedded systems in C, with an object-oriented approach (optimized for performance and size). Did not use C++ on the targeted system due to a lack of available compilers.
    Technologies: C
  • Hardware and Software Designer/Architect
    TS Soft
    2004 - 2004
    • Worked on an engraving machine.
    • Designed and implemented the monitoring software (C++), the firmware (Microchip MPASM Assembler and PID+FF control loops), and the mechanical engraving system.
    • Created machine-to-computer interfaces.
    • Designed the positioning system and motor drive electronics.
    Technologies: Assembler, C++
  • Electronic Engineer
    2001 - 2003
    • Designed a 200W RMS audio subwoofer loudspeaker, including cabinet design, Class D ultra high fidelity, and high efficiency power amplifier and power supply.
    • Performed measurements to get the associated Thiele-Small parameters required to design the speaker.
    • Redesigned the system to get even more power out of it.
    Technologies: Altium Designer, Excel
  • Languages
    C#, C, C++, Python, ARM Assembler, Assembler x86, Python 3, Java, VB.NET, SQL-99, Averest, CSS, ROOP, Magik, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Libraries/APIs
    WinForms, LINQ, jQuery
  • Tools
    C#.NET WinForms, GCC, Android NDK, Visual Studio.NET, Eclipse IDE, Subversion (SVN), GitHub, TortoiseSVN, Bamboo, TFS, MongoDB Shell
  • Paradigms
    Class-based OOP, Web Design
  • Platforms
    Oracle, Android, Windows, Linux
  • Storage
    JSON, SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Doctrine MongoDB ODM
  • Other
    System Design, Multithreading, SOAP
  • Frameworks
    Qt, Windows Communication Framework (WCF), WPF
  • Engineering degree in Electronics
    Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - Córdoba, Argentina
    1993 - 2000
  • Bachelor's degree in Humanities
    Colegio Nacional de Monserrat - Córdoba, Argentina
    1985 - 1992
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