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Elliot Fisher, Project Management Developer in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Elliot Fisher

Project Management Developer in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Member since September 15, 2016
Elliot has been successfully freelancing as a full-stack web developer for six years—building and maintaining complex custom web applications using ASP.NET MVC with SQL Server. He works directly with most of his clients and has built some excellent working relationships. Elliot has been working professionally as a developer for 11 years and has a postgraduate diploma in computer science from Canterbury University in New Zealand.
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  • Visual Studio 2015, 9 years
  • C#, 9 years
  • ASP.NET MVC 5, 6 years
  • jQuery, 5 years
  • Entity 6, 5 years
  • CSS3, 4 years
  • Project Management, 4 years
  • AngularJS, 2 years
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio 2017, Window Server 2012 R2

The most amazing... I've built completely removed my client's reliance on paper and manual processes—removing the ceiling that was preventing his business from growing.


  • Lead Web Developer

    2013 - PRESENT
    Iceberg Web Development
    • Operated my own web development business working directly with SMEs and agencies building and maintaining complex websites and web applications. Most of my projects have involved worked directly with my client all the way from the planning and requirements gathering stages through to go-live and maintenance.
    • Built, in 3 years, a solid base of satisfied and repeat clients from a range of industries. I learned new business skills in the areas of sales, marketing, and running a business. I also have grown my technical skills at a rapid pace by staying on top of new developments and always experimenting with new technologies.
    • Designed and developed a complete business management app for a self-storage company. This app allowed the business to transition from inefficient manual paper-based processes to automated, streamlined processes. It handles everything from customer bookings, availability, payments, invoicing, financial statements and reports, timesheets, task lists, communication, and more.
    • Developed an online platform which connects home owners with house sitters. Home owners list their homes with available dates, images, and other information. House sitters pay a subscription to use the site and contact the home owners to apply to house-sit.
    Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Visual Studio, Windows Server, IIS, Subversion, Git
  • Web Developer

    2010 - 2013
    Ascribe PLC
    • Managed new releases of software applications from the requirements gathering stage, through design, development and testing phases, to deployments, management of test and production servers, and dealing with advanced technical support issues.
    • Liaised with customers, project managers, support, sales staff, and other key stakeholders; also held training sessions for technical staff, support staff, and customers.
    • Developed a web-based ordering system in ASP.NET MVC and integrated it with an existing Jade system. I also integrated it with an existing PHP website to allow for single sign-on and authored the user documentation.
    • Wrote a new interface between the existing system’s Jade call center module and the phone system in C# .NET—driving the implementation from requirements gathering and design through to testing and deployment. A lot of this time was spent working on-site with the customer.
    Technologies: ASP.NET C# (WinForms and MVC), SQL Server, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Visual Studio, TFS, Subversion, Windows Server, IIS
  • Software Developer

    2007 - 2011
    Orly Productions
    • Was hired while at university to work part-time to develop a video presentation application from scratch, and continued maintaining it for 4 years on a contractual basis. The application allows the user to create, manage, and play presentations composed of video clips and user-creatable static text/image slides similar to PowerPoint.
    • Worked as the sole developer on this project and was responsible for all aspects of the software development life cycle, working closely with a UI designer.
    • Learned quickly and successfully the technologies involved.
    • Built an application that is used daily by a large number of clients of Orly Productions and has received glowing feedback.
    Technologies: ActionScript 3, Flash
  • Software Developer

    2008 - 2010
    Intranel Limited
    • Started at a testing-level working with a development team based in the UK—writing unit tests for the initial stages of a large C# .NET project (an online music store with social networking aspects).
    • Helped maintain and add new features to an observational research tool written in C# .NET. It allows the user to annotate and analyze recorded video.
    • Performed user level testing, wrote unit tests using NUnit and wrote the user manual.
    • Worked as the primary developer that brought a product prototype to a commercially viable state. The product is a Visual C++ client-server tool for performing usability studies over the internet. It allows a participant to share their screen and webcam, and communicate with one or more coordinators with VOIP and text chat.
    • Added features, maintained, refactored, and coordinated the testing and release procedure of the project.
    • Worked with Windows Sockets, multithreading, DirectShow filters, the Windows API, MFC, and NSIS installers.
    Technologies: C# .NET, Visual C++, NUnit, Visual Studio, Subversion


  • Feta Hands (Development)

    Feta Hands is a vegetarian food blog that I built for my wife. I used the blog as an opportunity to learn some new technology, namely .NET Core 1.1/2.0 and Angular 4. I also chose and implemented the fonts, typography, colors, layout, and more.

  • Storage Guru (Development)

    A complete business management app that I developed from scratch for a self-storage company. I have been building, maintaining and adding new features for over three years now.

    Testimonial from the client:

    "Together we have built something that has far exceeded expectations and I've really enjoyed working with you. It's been very rewarding to see it evolve from conception to reality and then also to have it continually improve so comfortably. There have been so few bugs, the data migration went beautifully and the system hasn't crashed once! Your responsiveness to making it all come together so well has been awesome.

    In some ways I regret delaying getting a proper system for so long; we could have been so much more efficient with all the admin work much sooner. But those fleeting pangs of regret quickly go away when I think that if I had have tackled this project earlier then I wouldn't have ended up working with you. So I very much doubt that an earlier result would have been as good as what we've built through what I feel is such formidable teamwork. We have built a robust, scalable and user-friendly solution that is the perfect fit for the business. I never could have got that from an off-the-shelf software product..."

  • Data Hive (Development)

    Data Hive is a personal project that I developed with a business partner. It's a web-based business management dashboard. Business owners/managers can set targets for key metrics of their business, and see high-level graphs and overviews of how their business is performing.

    Users pay a monthly subscription fee for the benefit of using the software, and it handles concepts such as free trials, recurring billing, and updating credit card data. Stripe is used for payment processing.

    The back-end is written in ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework and SQL Server, and the app front-end is Angular 1 with HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Your Home My Home (Development)

    I developed the back-end for a house-sitting platform which connects homeowners to housesitters. Homeowners create listings for their houses including location, available dates, images, and other information.

    Housesitters pay a monthly subscription for the privilege of applying to house sit available houses. They can also search and filter houses based on location and dates.

    I continue to manage the hosting and provide maintenance and new features on an ad hoc basis.

    The site is a custom build with no existing CMS used. A custom CMS was developed to allow the site owners to manage and view user data.

    Technologies used: ASP.NET C# MVC, SQL Server, Windows Server, IIS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery

  • Experiencing Food (Development)

    Experiencing Food is a listings-based website which allows providers of food experiences (cooking classes, tours, and more) to create listings. Customers can browse, search, and filter the listings and book/purchase vouchers for them.

    I developed the entire back-end and front-end. The site was a custom build and allows all three types of users (providers, customers, site admin) to manage their relevant data in a user-friendly manner.

    It integrates with Stripe to handle credit card processing, MailChimp for newsletter signups, and Mailgun for sending emails.

    Technologies used include ASP.NET C# MVC, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Windows Server, IIS

    At the time of writing, the site is complete, but the owners haven't launched—hence why there might be no listings yet.


  • Languages

    C#, Sass, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, XML, T-SQL
  • Frameworks

    ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET MVC, .NET, .NET 4, ASP.NET MVC 5, AngularJS, Entity 6, Angular, .NET Core
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, Underscore.js, jQuery UI, Moment.js
  • Paradigms

    Responsive Web Design (RWD), Agile Software Development, Unit Testing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2017
  • Other

    Web App Development, Web Development, Project Management, UML Diagrams, IIS 8, Ajax
  • Tools

    Subversion (SVN), Visual Studio 2015, GitHub, Git, Photoshop CS6
  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server, JSON, MySQL, SQL Server Management Studio


  • Postgraduate diploma in Computer Science
    2008 - 2008
    Canterbury University - Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2004 - 2007
    Canterbury University - Christchurch, New Zealand
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