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Emmanuella Ubani

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Mobile Developer

Lagos, Nigeria
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September 28, 2022

Emmanuella is a software engineer with over five years of experience working in top IT firms in the West of Africa. She demonstrates mastery of a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, including Flutter, Dart, React Native, React, AWS, Realm Database, Git, and OOP. She has a comprehensive understanding of the software development cycle. Emmanuella is skilled at programming, and she is proficient at translating client requirements into technical development plans.


Cavidel Limited
Flutter, Dart, Mobile Apps, Figma, Firebase, APIs, Git, Postman, Slack...
Humblize Limited
React, React Native, APIs, Mobile App Development, Figma, JavaScript, Firebase...
TeqniServe Enterprise.
React, React Native, API Development, Mobile Apps, CSS, HTML, Realm...




Preferred Environment

Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Android Studio, Figma, Xcode, Postman

The most amazing...

...software I worked on was Wakaati - 2020/2021 YOMAFA Global Awards winner and West Africa's first media streaming platform with over 1000+ downloads.

Work Experience

Lead Mobile App Developer

2022 - PRESENT
Cavidel Limited
  • Developed the company's ERP multitenant software, including inventory management, project management, message boards, to-do lists, bulletins, document uploads, points of sale, memos, appointments, leave requests, and notes.
  • Utilized Git and Firebase SDK platforms like Crashlytics, Analytics, and more to track project progress and fix bugs with the engineering team.
  • Managed the Officemate mobile team, which included assigning tasks and creating deadlines for deliverables. This resulted in the successful launch of the app on every update.
  • Incorporated a video call module in the hospital software to give patients access to their doctors for medical consultations.
Technologies: Flutter, Dart, Mobile Apps, Figma, Firebase, APIs, Git, Postman, Slack, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), SOLID Principles, Jira, Android, iOS, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Firestore, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Authentication, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Enterprise, Software Design, System Architecture, Team Leadership

Senior Mobile App Developer

2021 - PRESENT
Humblize Limited
  • Developed Humblize customer and vendor apps, which work together to provide jobs to trustworthy vendors and reliable service to potential customers.
  • Provided oversight to the website admin role, ensuring inappropriate content wasn't uploaded by Humblize vendors to the app.
  • Implemented payments for both software pieces using Stripe and iTunes.
  • Participated in seminars with the marketing department and ensured the right audience was reached.
  • Updated requests and tracked bugs in Jira and Slack.
Technologies: React, React Native, APIs, Mobile App Development, Figma, JavaScript, Firebase, Redux, Realm, Git, Postman, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Functional Programming, SOLID Principles, Geolocation, Jira, Android, iOS, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Firestore, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Node.js, TypeScript, Software Design, Startups

Mobile App Developer

2019 - 2021
TeqniServe Enterprise.
  • Developed an inventory application for salesmen, in addition to recording balances, debts, etc.
  • Gained experience working with marketers, chefs, salesmen, and various other careers.
  • Fixed bugs and tracked product progress with Firebase Console and Git.
Technologies: React, React Native, API Development, Mobile Apps, CSS, HTML, Realm, Mobile App Development, Figma, JavaScript, Firebase, Redux, APIs, Git, Slack, SQL, PHP, Laravel, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming, SOLID Principles, Android, iOS, REST APIs, Object-relational Mapping (ORM), Node.js, Software Design, System Architecture

Mobile App Developer

2018 - 2020
Wakaati Network Limited
  • Created a video streaming application successfully, specifically for the Nollywood industry. This app offers an exceptional experience with its live TV streaming, movie download functionality, and audio streaming capabilities.
  • Integrated an in-app purchasing feature, ensuring a secure method for users to make purchases within the app. Prior to uploading the app to the App Store, we diligently fulfilled all of Apple's requirements.
  • Achieved a significant boost in the company's revenue by 23%. Offering an exclusive opportunity to watch celebrity shows and actively engage in first-class events, providing users with unparalleled access to captivating entertainment experiences.
  • Achieved a remarkable milestone of over 1,000 downloads from the Play Store within just a few months of launching the app.
Technologies: React, React Native, Mobile Apps, Realm, Mobile App Development, JavaScript, APIs, Git, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Functional Programming, Android, iOS, REST APIs, Firebase, Node.js, Software Design, Flutter, Dart

Metrock Materials & Inventory Mobile App

Metrock Sales Calculator is an inventory mobile application that gives salesmen some flexibility in tracking their inventory. They can either mark a product's status (bought, sold, delivered, etc.) as it moves along or uses a shopping cart checkout function when a customer buys an item in person. The free POS software plan includes an inventory management tool such as low-stock alerts and barcode scanning.

Along with user flexibility, I introduced offline support, which could allow users to take orders even when they are not connected to the internet. Data is synced to the server when a stable internet connection is identified.

Metrock Materials & Inventory Software

Metrock Materials & Inventory Software is an inventory app built for resellers and gives them some flexibility when it comes to how they want to track their inventory. They can either mark a product's status (bought, sold, delivered, etc.) as it moves along or uses a shopping cart checkout function when a customer buys an item in person. The app has a free POS software plan that includes basic inventory management tools like low-stock alerts and barcode scanning capabilities.

Metrock HR & Staffing Software

HR and Staffing Software from Metrock allows consulting, staffing, recruiting, and professional services organizations to track and manage candidates, bench sales and training, human resources, accounting and finance, and more, all from the web, with web access.

Officemate Mobile

Officemate mobile is an office assistant app that keeps you organized, keeps you in touch with your colleagues, and helps you stay on top of your daily tasks.
As a result of working with the incredible team on this project, I gained a great deal of experience with Flutter. The back end of this application was exclusively built using Google's Firebase SDK, which includes Firebase Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage Buckets, Analytics, and many other tools that make developers' jobs easier.
Firebase Cloud Messaging was also an appropriate option for push notifications since it offered chat features so team leaders could communicate directly with staff. Our app's quality eroded due to stability issues, which we tracked, prioritized, and corrected with Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics.
In February 2022, we successfully launched this app. Positive reviews from up to ten clients have kept us on top of our game to ensure the app remains the best it can be.

My Clinic Officemate

Hospitals and patients use this software for video calls, appointment scheduling, bill payment, investigations, doctors' reports, and many other functions. In addition to managing documents, bills, and other relevant information, this software helps hospitals manage their staff and patients.


Wakaati, a media streaming platform, showcases African culture through an extensive collection of Nollywood movies, TV shows, and podcasts. Recognized as the recipient of the prestigious 2020/2021 YOMAFA Global Awards, Wakaati holds the distinction of being Africa's pioneering media streaming platform. Since its launch, it has garnered over 1000+ monthly downloads, a testament to its popularity and appeal.

This remarkable platform owes its existence to the collaborative efforts of a talented team comprising developers and media personalities. With a range of features, including download capabilities and seamless payment integration through Flutterwave, Wakaati ensures a user-friendly experience. Available on both the App Store and Play Store, it offers convenient access to its diverse content library.


Humblize Customer is an online store that connects you with vendors who deliver specific services in your area. Users can also make orders, review products, and make payments through its customer app. The app also has a chat feature and other features that allow you to contact vendors directly.

After being launched in February 2022, it quickly attracted a large audience.

Humblize Vendor

Humblize Vendor is an online shop where users can sell any skilled person's services to potential clients in their area. This app allows users to get notifications about orders, reviews, payments, and job insights. Additionally, it provides customer contact features such as in-app messaging.

A large audience has been attracted to it since its launch in February 2022.


An entertainment channel provider, Micgrand, was looking for ways to help customers renew their subscriptions after they expired. Customers had to physically visit their office to renew their memberships for a simple five-minute process. To solve this issue, Micgrand created a mobile app that allows subscribers to subscribe on the go without any hassle. Also, the app has a marketplace where users can purchase company products and services.

The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


In partnership with a gas company, Likwi is a mobile application that manages all the activities related to users, riders, and vendors with an easy-to-use admin panel. This application empowers users and admins alike to monitor and run operations efficiently.

Retail App

People worldwide use this online, browser-based recycling tool to buy and sell used digital appliances, such as microwaves, ovens, gas stoves, water heaters, refrigerators, air conditioners, and many other household appliances. The application was my first Java project.
2016 - 2020

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

National Institute of Information Technology - Ikeja, Lagos


Certificate of Completion (UI/UX)



Certificate of Completion (Flutter, Dart)



Advanced Certificate in Information Technology (Software Engineering)

National Institute of Information and Technology


Certificate in Information Technology (Software Engineering)

National Institute of Information and Technology


React, REST APIs, Google Maps, API Development, Node.js


Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Figma, Git, Postman, Slack, Firebase Authentication, Jira, Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics, Android Studio, Xcode


React Native, Flutter, Redux, Laravel


Dart, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, PHP


Functional Programming, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-relational Mapping (ORM)


Android, Firebase, iOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Firebase Realtime Database, Realm, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Cloud Firestore


APIs, Mobile Apps, Mobile App Development, SOLID Principles, Geolocation, Software Design, System Architecture, Enterprise, Algorithms, Video Streaming, Startups, Team Leadership

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