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Emre Hasegeli

Emre Hasegeli

Hamburg, Germany
Member since August 16, 2013
Emre has maintained software systems and administrated databases for many years, helping him to become an excellent systems designer. He enjoys being involved in all phrases of software development from product design to hardware selection. He likes to work with people who ask clever questions.
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  • SQL, 6 years
  • PostgreSQL, 5 years
  • Python, 5 years
Hamburg, Germany
Preferred Environment
Zsh, Vim, Git
The most amazing... I have ever coded will be a PostgreSQL GiST index for network addresses on which I am currently working.
  • Database Administrator
    Tart İnternet Teknolojileri
    2011 - PRESENT
    • Migrated the main database of from MySQL to PostgreSQL.
    • Modeled, developed, and administrated the database of
    • Monitored setup for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB servers.
    • Tuned performance for the MySQL servers of
    • Transferred development and administration of to another team.
    • Implemented database model improvements for
    • Performed service administration for
    • Handled data migration of the Drupal CMS to a different database model.
    • Gave database lectures.
    • Handled notification setup by integration of Centreon, Nagios, PagerDuty, and Jira
    • Implemented data backup policies.
    • Improved the database security of
    • Maintained and improved deployment methods using Ant and Bash scripts.
    Technologies: Bash, Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Part-Time Student Asistant
    İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Sağlık Kültür ve Spor Daire Başkanlığı
    2007 - 2013
    • Developed a dormitory automation system with PHP.
    • Developed a dining hall automation system with Django.
    • Implemented Joomla for the homepage of the department.
  • Developer
    Ares Teknoloji
    2008 - 2010
    • Migrated a medicine book to a database.
    • Migrated the main database from MySQL to PostgreSQL.
    • Developed a data correction panel for the database with object-oriented PHP.
    • Developed a database model layer for the Vademecum Online site with object-oriented PHP.
    • Analyzed requirements and developed the Vademecum web service.
    • Maintained a Vademecum CD Microsoft Windows application developed with VB.NET.
    • Implemented a bug tracking application with The Bug Genie.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • (Development)

    One of several betting services of Turkey on the Internet. It is a social betting site that allows users to share coupons and comment on those of other users.

  • (Development)

    An eCommerce application similar to Steam.

  • Motop (Development)

    A real-time monitoring tool for several MongoDB servers.

  • Vademecum (Development)

    A medicine database originating from a book about medicine in Turkey that was published for many years.

  • Tart Yaz Kampı (Summer Camp) (Other amazing things)

    Worked with a software development summer camp for students for 1.5 months.

  • Display connections patch for Innotop (Development)

    An active thread count and max connections display for the query screen of the Innotop using a complex method.

  • Dining Hall Management (Development)

    An open source dining hall management project using Django.

  • Languages
    Python, Bash, PL/pgSQL, SQL, WSDL, HTML, C, PHP, Pascal, JavaScript
  • Libraries/APIs
  • Storage
    Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Memcached
  • Frameworks
    Django, Symfony
  • Platforms
    Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Mac OS
  • Tools
    Apache Solr
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