Eriel Marimon, Full-stack Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States
Eriel Marimon

Full-stack Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States

Member since October 6, 2022
Eriel is a full-stack developer who drives applications from concept to delivery with over 15 projects to date. At Facebook (Meta), he worked in Growth Pillar (user acquisition and retention), increasing daily active users by 500,000. In the Robotics team, he improved navigation. His strategic approaches have increased sales and saved money at Google, TransUnion, Lowe's Home Improvement, and Facebook. Eriel is proficient in a variety of technologies in engineering and DevOps.
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  • Facebook
    Python, Data Science, Linux, Java, Web Scraping, Docker, Data Warehousing...
  • Lowe's Home Improvement
    Java, Regex, Docker, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), AWS Lambda, Real-time Data...
  • TransUnion
    Python, Vue, Django, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Twilio, Web Scraping...



San Francisco, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

MacOS, Linux, Python, Flutter, Java, Angular, Vue, Ruby on Rails (RoR), PostgreSQL, Cloud Firestore, Web Scraping, Docker, Ruby, Angular Material, Dart, SQL, Full-stack

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is the Flutter-based Pong Map sports app available on the App and Play Stores. It allows users to book classes, pay, and get ranked.


  • Software Engineer

    2020 - 2023
    • Built notification features producing 300,000+ daily active users and one million+ monthly active users. Features revolved around modifying the interface to make notifications more appealing, user friendly, and delivered at the appropriate times.
    • Optimized notifications infra to save 0.8% of daily CPU use or more than $5,000/day or $150,000/month. Accomplished by creating heuristics filter that prevents notifs from being constructed and sent when there is a low chance of user interaction.
    • Improved robot navigation in a warehouse by adding a 3D Lidar sensor and created an algorithm to create Pixel mapping (PNG format) of a warehouse, including consideration of negative terrain (whole in the ground).
    Technologies: Python, Data Science, Linux, Java, Web Scraping, Docker, Data Warehousing, Real-time Data, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Technical Project Management, JavaScript, React, Test-driven Development (TDD), HTML5, CSS, SQL, Full-stack, Front-end, WebSockets
  • Senior Full-stack Engineer

    2019 - 2020
    Lowe's Home Improvement
    • Developed a microservice to handle user authentication and authorization. Using OAuth2 to sign in a user with different social media accounts (Google, Facebook). Stores and refreshes the acquired token for future requests on a given timeframe.
    • Developed Java Microservice to validate CMS input. This service would allow administrators to update store information. It required permitting over 100 data points to be modified for a single store with different validation strategies (Regex, third-party integrations).
    • Configured continuous integration pipelines to make sure code was released reliably. This involved creating unit and integration tests and web automation tests using Selenium to mimic a real user. It helped decreased user bug reports by 20%.
    Technologies: Java, Regex, Docker, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), AWS Lambda, Real-time Data, Algorithms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, Test-driven Development (TDD), HTML5, CSS, Angular Material, SQL, Full-stack, Front-end, Spring Boot
  • Full-stack Developer

    2019 - 2019
    • Designed a web dashboard to monitor hundreds of web scraping Python programs. This dashboard created reports to visualize the runtime and success rate of the scripts.
    • Created a notification system to alert administrators when web-scrapers had a high error rate. Sent email and SMS using Twilio API. This increased the success rate by 27% since on-calls could access error reports ->fix->restart, eliminating hours of investigation time.
    • Built an HTML-formatted email to prettify reports being sent to executives and on-calls. This made the emails more intuitive to read and, therefore, more helpful.
    Technologies: Python, Vue, Django, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Twilio, Web Scraping, Docker, Data Warehousing, Real-time Data, Algorithms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, React, Test-driven Development (TDD), HTML5, CSS, Angular Material, SQL, Full-stack, Front-end
  • Full-stack Developer

    2015 - 2019
    Multiple Companies
    • Built REST APIs for Sato Global Solutions using Java and multiple tools of the Spring Framework.
    • Created a dashboard to help fly drones using the AngularJS framework and Go.
    • Built web scrapers to automate submitting late-shipment claims to UPS and FEDEX using Python and Selenium.
    Technologies: Vue, Angular, Python, Java, Spring MVC, Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails (RoR), HTML, GoLand, Protobuf, AngularJS, Apache Airflow, Web Scraping, Docker, Selenium, Scrapy, Algorithms, Elasticsearch, Ruby, JavaScript, Test-driven Development (TDD), HTML5, CSS, Angular Material, Dart, Firebase, SQL, Full-stack, Front-end, Spring Boot, Java Servlets
  • Software Engineer Intern

    2014 - 2014
    • Built a web app integrated with Google Places API to find and recommend restaurants nearby.
    • Delivered a Django REST API to sort places based on different parameters.
    • Created a REST API to integrate with IBM Natural Language Processing API to gather sentiment from news articles.
    Technologies: Python, Django, HTML, Web Scraping, Algorithms, JavaScript, Test-driven Development (TDD), HTML5, CSS, Angular Material, Firebase, SQL, Full-stack, Front-end


  • Sports Social App: Pong Map

    A Flutter-based application with a Ruby on Rails and Firestore back end. This app can be found in the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android with the name "Pong Map" by developer "frias19o". It allows users to find people who play the same sports as them in the neighborhood. It also shows them venues where the sport can be practiced and coaches that can teach it. The app allows students to book classes and pay through a Stripe API integration and has a league system where users are ranked as they play and update scores against each other.

  • [Web Scraping] Robot.txt Parser

    Most web scraping projects can benefit from mapping the website before crawling it. This utility project enables easy fetching and parsing of the Robots.txt and sitemap.xml files into Python data structures.

  • Catalog Scraper

    Turn any website into a structured database through modern web scraping strategies. The catalog scraper does the following:

    • Intercepts all API requests and saves the response JSON
    • Parses all tables in the HTML pages to a dictionary
    • Idempotent: Crawler keeps track of visited pages and APIs to make sure we do not repeat requests and risk getting blocked
    • Efficiency and reliability: the architecture uses Celery, an asynchronous task-based approach where every URL fed into the system is a standalone task that can be retried.
    • Examples:
    • Crawled and parsed in 24 hours. It successfully extracted information from more than 10,000 retail items.


  • Languages

    Python, Java, Ruby, HTML5, CSS, Dart, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Regex
  • Frameworks

    Flutter, Angular, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Selenium, Angular Material, Scrapy, Spring Boot, Django, Spring MVC, Flask, AngularJS
  • Platforms

    MacOS, Linux, Docker, Firebase, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Twilio
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, Cloud Firestore, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)
  • Other

    Web Scraping, Sports, Web Crawlers, Algorithms, Full-stack, Real-time Data, Front-end, WebSockets, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning, Technical Project Management
  • Libraries/APIs

    Vue, React, Protobuf, Java Servlets
  • Tools

    Apache Airflow, RabbitMQ, GoLand, Celery, Docker Compose
  • Paradigms

    Data Science, Test-driven Development (TDD), Automation

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