Ernest Smith, Developer in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Ernest Smith

Software Developer

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Toptal Member Since
June 18, 2020

Ernest began his career as a computer operator, but then transitioned to a programmer, and finally a systems analyst. Using his evolving skill set, he started his own fraud prevention software company with two friends. Ernest also has experience in stock trading and IT.

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Preferred Environment

Git, Subversion (SVN), Eclipse, Visual Studio, Linux, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a complete workflow system based on Petri Nets used by the Receiver of Revenue. I adapted the system to be used as a decision engine.

Work Experience

2015 - PRESENT

Database Developer

Peak Games
  • Worked on the performance issues the client had that were associated with their data warehouse.
  • Recommended a star schema design.
  • Analyzed the worst performing queries.
  • Looked at using newer technologies.
Technologies: Vertica
2008 - PRESENT

Senior Systems Architect/Developer

  • Developed mobile phone applications for Windows Phone and Web.
  • Developed a decision engine for financial processes.
  • Designed and developed a Revenue Recovery System.
  • Designed and developed a workflow solution for large companies.
  • Helped design a scorecard system for retailers.
Technologies: Perl, C#, .NET, CSS, HTML, Microsoft SQL Server
2015 - 2015

SQL Developer

Artificial Medical Supplies (via Toptal)
  • Addressed a large amount of deadlocks that the client had that were impacting performance and data integrity.
  • Monitored the database to get to the root cause.
  • Identified the root causes and implemented a strategy to fix the problem.
  • Successfully implemented my recommendations to the client's satisfaction.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, .NET
2015 - 2015

Database Developer

GIS Workshop, LLC (via Toptal)
  • Normalized a third party database that the client needed to consolidate with their own.
  • Built the third party relational database.
  • Developed upload processes for the client and the third party's data.
  • Added a relationship between the databases.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server
2004 - 2008


ATC Clearing Centre
  • Involved in all aspects of application development including project management, system design, analysis, application development, testing, and implementation.
  • Managed version control.
  • Maintained the company's image.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic


Mobile Field Worker System

This system sends tasks to a mobile device from a web interface. The mobile worker is tracked and his location recorded periodically. When the worker completes a task, the results are transmitted to the controlling system for immediate processing. The worker's progress is monitored and if need be new tasks can added to the mobile device and existing tasks can be withdrawn.

Workflow System

Dynamically designed and versatile workflow system that has been used to perform the core functionality of an Estates Tax System. Implemented systems include Insolvency Tax System, Municipal Revenue Protection System, Score Card System, and Financial Management System to name a few.

Decision Engine

Designed a versatile decision engine which accepts rules in XML and makes decisions based on these rules.



COBOL, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), SQL, JavaScript, Perl, CSS, HTML, Visual Basic, C#, Python 3


ASP.NET Dynamic Data, Dancer, CSLA, Catalyst, Bootstrap, .NET, AngularJS, ASP.NET


Node.js, jQuery, Facebook API


Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE, Microsoft Project, Git, VisualSVN, JCL, Visual Studio, Subversion (SVN)


Database Design, Scrum


Microsoft SQL Server, Database Modeling, Azure SQL, IBM Db2, MySQL, Azure Blobs, Oracle PL/SQL


Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS, Azure, Linux, Windows, Eclipse, Oracle, Android, Windows Phone


1995 - 1995

Cerificate Degree in Computers Analysis Design and Development

Computer Users Council - Cape Town, South Africa

1992 - 1993

Diploma Degree in Datametics

Unisa - Pretoria, South Africa

1989 - 1990

Cerificate Degree in Computer Programming

Computer Training Academy - Cape Town, South Africa