Esteban Robles Luna, Developer in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Esteban Robles Luna

Software Developer

La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Toptal Member Since
November 5, 2014

Esteban is an experienced and capable developer who has worked in top companies in the Bay Area including LinkedIn, Google, and Mulesoft. He is calm, personable, and knowledgeable in a range of development areas, which will enable him to contribute key skills to your project.

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Android, iOS, Ruby, Spring, Java
Java, ASP, PHP
Domain-specific Languages (DSLs), HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)


Java - 8 yearsMySQL - 7 yearsPostgreSQL - 7 yearsAgile Software Development - 7 yearsLinux - 6 yearsSmalltalk - 5 yearsMemcached - 5 yearsConcurrent Programming - 4 years


La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina



Preferred Environment

Eclipse, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is "LinkedIn Influencers."

Work Experience

2013 - PRESENT

Staff Software Engineer

  • Led the development of an email marketing platform based on Java and Apache Kafka. The system integrates with several external systems and is able to scale to millions of emails per hour.
  • Developed an iOS and Android SDK for the advertising platform. The SDK in each platform communicates via web sockets with a back-end service that I wrote in an existing Ruby app.
  • Supported and developed new features in Java web applications using JBoss Application Server. The system uses a standard Spring/Hibernate stack with a MySQL database.
  • Helped with several DevOps tasks in AWS and Google Cloud to implement the aforementioned systems in a scalable way, using load balancers, safety nets, etc. Some implementations were done using Docker and others using a CLI for each platform and creating Shell scripts for deployment.
Technologies: Android, iOS, Ruby, Spring, Java
2002 - PRESENT

Staff Software Engineer/Architect

  • Developed software for a variety of domestic and international clients including Carrefour, JWT, and Univision.
  • Maintained and developed new features of a Grails app that help with migration of datacenters.
  • Provided support for schema migration using Liquibase and secured REST endpoints, and improved performance of services and repositories using profiling tools.
  • Integrated the different parts of a system using Mulesoft, ActiveMQ, and REST. Monitored and coached the existing MXI team and made on-site visits.
  • Provide support to Mulesoft systems using their monitoring tools, providing bug fixes and implementing feature requests.
Technologies: Java, ASP, PHP
2011 - 2013

Staff Software Engineer

  • Led the engineering team for content creation and contact suggestion functionality at LinkedIn.
  • Developed using OOP, scraping, concurrency, HTML rewriting, domain specific languages (DSL), and architectural design.
Technologies: Domain-specific Languages (DSLs), HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
2009 - 2011

Senior Software Engineer

  • Performed improvements and enhancements to Mule ESB.
  • Provided patches and hotfixes in support of VIP customers in Europe and the United States.
  • Composed blog articles about software engineering and Mule ESB topics.
  • Worked on integrating ESBs and Activiti BPMN.
Technologies: Activiti BPM, Mule ESB
2007 - 2009

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed improvements to a highly dynamic application that handles salaries and other HR functionality.


Selected Publications
A bibliography of my computer science-related publications.

A domain-specific language that allows specifying navigation, interaction, and UI aspects of web applications.

A framework for developing web editors on Cappuccino (



JavaScript, Java, Smalltalk, HTML, Domain-specific Languages (DSLs), Ruby, PHP, C#


JUnit, Spring MVC, Spring, Spring JDBC, Jersey, Activiti BPM, AngularJS, Apache CXF, TestNG, Google Guice, Google Guava, jBPM, Dust.js, Grails, ASP, Apache Camel, Bootstrap 3, Mockito, Hadoop, Apache Shiro, Selenium, Apache Axis


Apache HttpClient, jQuery, JMS, iText, Jackson, Liquibase, Node.js, React, Facebook API, Google Maps, Selenium WebDriver, Twitter API


Eclipse IDE, Apache Maven, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudFront CDN, AWS ELB, FreeMarker, Jetty, ActiveMQ, Sonar, Apache Tomcat, Apache Solr, Spring Social, IntelliJ IDEA, Scraping Hub, JBoss Drools


Agile Software Development, Concurrent Programming, Design Patterns, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), High-performance Computing, Scalable Application, Distributed Programming


Linux, Jakarta EE, Mule ESB, Amazon EC2, Apache Kafka, New Relic, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MacOS, Eclipse, iOS, Android, Kubernetes, Docker


Memcached, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Database Modeling, JSON, MongoDB, Apache Hive, Database Performance, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), PostGIS, Docker Cloud


Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Jakarta EE Design Patterns, Integration, Enterprise Integration, Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP), APIs, Web Development, Front-end, Scraping, Performance Optimization, Unix Shell Scripting, Apache Commons, Relational Database Services (RDS), Enterprise Architecture, Big Data


2008 - 2011

PhD Degree in Computer Science

Universidad de La Plata - La Plata



Mule Certificate Trainer