Eugene Mirotin, JavaScript Developer in Tallinn, Estonia
Eugene Mirotin

JavaScript Developer in Tallinn, Estonia

Member since March 31, 2015
Eugene has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, with more than ten years of experience as a full-stack JavaScript engineer. Previously he also worked as an analyst and project manager. Always interested in learning new languages, he has learned C#, Perl, OCaml, and Python, but his favorite thing to work with is the web platform using full-stack JavaScript. Eugene writes high-quality, readable, and maintainable code that follows the DRY principle.
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  • Botpress
    Bootstrap, Redux, React, Node.js, TypeScript, Next.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    Bootstrap, Less, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, CoffeeScript, Express.js, Node.js...
  • Protorisk (DIFC), Ltd. (via Toptal)
    Flow, Sass, CSS, ECMAScript (ES6), Babel, Webpack, Redux-Saga, Redux, React



Tallinn, Estonia



Preferred Environment

Svelte, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Redux, React, Node.js, Git, ITerm, OS X

The most amazing...

...project I've designed and coded is an in-browser PDF annotation tool based entirely on open-source software.


  • Full-stack Developer

    2017 - 2018
    • Worked on the back-end application server and CLI.
    • Worked on the front-end admin panel and the dashboard.
    • Implemented several end-to-end features, including an interesting conflict resolution approach we've called ghost content (back end, front end, and CLI).
    Technologies: Bootstrap, Redux, React, Node.js, TypeScript, Next.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Senior Front-end Developer

    2014 - 2017
    • Supported and evolved the main product,'s dashboard.
    • Coded the company's website.
    • Implemented public URLs for Resin-connected devices.
    • Worked on an iPad hybrid app for medical data entry, implementing some advanced data input methods with Canvas and SVG.
    Technologies: Bootstrap, Less, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, CoffeeScript, Express.js, Node.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Front-end Developer

    2016 - 2016
    Protorisk (DIFC), Ltd. (via Toptal)
    • Created a complex chat application using modern tooling and best practices.
    Technologies: Flow, Sass, CSS, ECMAScript (ES6), Babel, Webpack, Redux-Saga, Redux, React
  • Front-end Developer

    2015 - 2016
    Protorisk (DIFC), Ltd. (via Toptal)
    • Created an interactive highly dynamic client-side only application with charting capabilities.
    Technologies: Ractive.js, JavaScript
  • Software Developer

    2011 - 2014
    • Supported and evolved multiple parts of the system, both back- and front-end, including search.
    • Implemented an ads bookmarking feature saved to local storage.
    • Worked on an iPad-specific site version (
    • Implemented (end-to-end) a promo site about stars' real estate properties (
    • Implemented a sophisticated, declaratively configurable data export mechanism from Django models to XML.
    Technologies: CSS3, Sass, jQuery, Django, Python
  • Senior Software Developer

    2011 - 2014
    • Created a third-party embeddable button similar to FB's "Like" button, but intended for micropayments.
    • Created a public API and authentication system.
    • Created a small credit card payment form to be used with the external payment gateway.
    • Handled candidate interviews.
    Technologies: Heroku, Bourbon, Sass, CSS3, Ractive.js, jQuery, MongoDB, Express.js, Node.js, CoffeeScript
  • Lead Front-end Software Engineer

    2011 - 2012
    EPAM Systems
    • Maintained and developed a set of reusable widgets used across multiple Viacom sites.
    • Assessed employees' front-end skills, recommending promotions or improvement vectors.
    • Handled technical interviews for new candidates and existing employees.
    • Organized workshops on modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, and modular JavaScript).
    • Acted as a front-end skill manager—organizing technical interviews for new applicants and existing employees, suggesting skill improvement vectors or recommending promotions, organizing workshops, and advertising best front-end programming practices.
    Technologies: jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Team Lead/Project Manager

    2009 - 2011
    BuildSite, LLC
    • Managed customer requirements and communicated them to the team.
    • Introduced Django, with lots of customizations, as a database editor.
    • Designed and implemented the working prototype for an in-browser PDF annotation feature.
    Technologies: Django, Python, jQuery, Perl
  • Business Analyst, UI Designer

    2004 - 2009
    Red Graphic Systems/EPAM Systems/Oxagile/Vicman
    • Created tech specifications for websites and apps.
    • Built wireframes and mockups.
    • Documented business processes and financial algorithms.
    • Created end-user documentation.
    Technologies: Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio


  • Splash Animation for Digital CV

    I developed this splash animation—a fun experiment with DOM drawing—for my digital CV. You can check out how it’s done in the link below.


    The site is a static site (generated with Wintersmith static site generator) coded using Bootstrap, Less, jQuery, custom micro-directives implementation, and Nunjucks template language.

  • Dashboard for

    An AngularJS SPA using Less and Bootstrap. Requires login.

  • MongoDB Migrations System

    A stand-alone MongoDB migrations system for Node.js (runner and generator) with both programmatic API and the CLI.

  • Experiment with PNG and In-browser Drawing

    A personal project on my GitHub page.

  • In-browser PDF Annotation Tool

    A working prototype for an in-browser PDF annotation tool. It's completely based on open-source software and doesn't require any plugins. Annotations are SVG and the PDF document is prepared and reconstructed on the server.

  • Tranio Stars Promo Site

    A promo site for, a Russian foreign real estate database.

  • Tranio for iPad

    A special responsive and simplified version of for iPads.

  • Ractive.js - Web Apps Made Easy (Publication)
    Ractive.js provides powerful capabilities for web app development in a way that is refreshingly simple to learn and use. In this article, Toptal Engineer Eugene Mirotin walks you through the process of building a simple Ractive search app, demonstrating some of Ractive’s key features and the ways in which it helps simplify web app development. Code samples are provided and explained.


  • Languages

    ECMAScript (ES6), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Python, TypeScript 2, Haml, CSS3, Sass, HTML5, Less, Perl, Bash Script, Bash, SQL
  • Frameworks

    Redux, Bootstrap 3, Express.js, Compass, Next.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Svelte, Jasmine, Django
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Lodash, Mustache, Node.js, jQuery, REST APIs, Redux-Saga, Ractive.js, Moment.js, Handlebars, Passport.js, Socket.IO, Backbone.js, jQuery UI
  • Other

    Ajax, Front-end Development, GitFlow
  • Tools

    Babel, Webpack, Microsoft Visio, Mocha, Grunt, Git, NPM, Bower, ITerm, Atom, Microsoft Word, Confluence, Jira, Bourbon, Flow, Adobe Photoshop, Browserify, Mongoose
  • Paradigms

    Model View Controller (MVC), Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST, Functional Programming, Behavior-driven Development (BDD), Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, JSON, MySQL, Redis, NoSQL
  • Platforms

    OS X, Heroku, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • Master's Degree in Applied Math & Computer Science
    2002 - 2008
    Belarusian State University - Minsk, Belarus

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