Evan Hellmuth, Chrome Extensions Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States
Evan Hellmuth

Chrome Extensions Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States

Member since March 1, 2019
After graduating from Yale, Evan joined Salesforce to build products used by companies like Coca-Cola, Fitbit, and FedEx. Afterward, he helped grow revenue to eight figures as employee #20 at Mixmax before founding his own startup. Evan's varied experience has given him the skills to deliver beautiful, maintainable, and scalable web solutions quickly. He loves digging into problems to help businesses delight customers and grow.
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  • Freelance
    Python, Django, Selenium, Heroku, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)...
  • Mixmax
    Chrome Extensions, Less, MongoDB, Node.js, React
  • Salesforce
    Salesforce, Jenkins, Splunk, Python, SQL, Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript



San Francisco, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

CoffeeScript, ITerm, Sublime Text, Git, MacOS

The most amazing...

...growth feature I've built drove thousands of new signups by allowing recipients of a scheduling email to see their availability without opening their calendar.


  • Full-stack Web Consultant

    2018 - 2019
    • Fixed a broken data analytics pipeline that scraped web data using Selenium, uploaded the results to AWS S3 and RDS, then ran analytics on a Django server and through third party APIs, and populated dashboards written in Node.js and React.
    • Shipped a Slack bot written in Node.js that responded to slash commands and offered an interactive chat-based UI.
    • Deployed a Zillow-like Google Maps integration in Node.js and React.
    • Built several RESTful APIs.
    • Worked with a variety of databases including MongoDB and MySQL.
    • Implemented several technical and nontechnical SEO improvements.
    • Built, deployed features, and fixed bugs for various chrome extensions.
    • Created a full MVP single-page app.
    Technologies: Python, Django, Selenium, Heroku, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), TypeScript, Chatbots, Bots, Slack, Chrome Extensions, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MongoDB, React, Node.js
  • Software Engineer

    2018 - 2018
    • Designed and deployed React components along with Node.js APIs and MongoDB collections to populate them.
    • Shipped third-party OAuth API integrations with services such as Google Calendar, Zoom.us, and GoToMeeting.
    • Implemented a viral growth feature that resulted in thousands of new signups within two weeks.
    • Caught and fixed a severe cross-site request forgery bug that could have been used to grant public access to privately shared emails.
    • Deployed code with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.
    • Managed Redis instances to share state between microservices.
    Technologies: Chrome Extensions, Less, MongoDB, Node.js, React
  • Software Engineer

    2015 - 2018
    • Identified and fixed performance bottlenecks, reducing average page load time from two seconds to .7 seconds and increasing NPS by 12 points.
    • Instrumented UI components to log user interactions to Splunk.
    • Built a data pipeline to populate an internal Salesforce org with user and performance metrics pulled from Splunk.
    • Designed and deployed a custom real-time dashboard so non-technical stakeholders could gain insights from telemetry data without the help of an engineer.
    • Refactored a UI component to be generic, allowing it to integrate with eight additional Salesforce products.
    • Shipped a suspend/resume feature for a real-time queue that syncs terabytes of data/day between the businesses’ Salesforce orgs.
    • Rewrote an eight-page server-side rendered app into a single-page app.
    • Triaged tasks and planned sprints as scrum master for an Agile team of eight software engineers.
    • Shipped a Salesforce AppExchange app as part of a company hackathon.
    Technologies: Salesforce, Jenkins, Splunk, Python, SQL, Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • CS50 Teaching Assistant

    2015 - 2015
    Yale University
    • Organized and judged a joint Harvard-Yale hackathon.
    • Taught weekly hour-long sections on computer science fundamentals for 16 Yale University students.
    • Helped students debug at office hours twice a week.
    • Graded problem sets, tests, and projects.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • IT Security Engineer

    2014 - 2014
    Louisville Gas & Electric
    • Penetration-tested to ensure a secure rollout of a new network infrastructure.
    • Wrote and deployed Python scripts to identify malicious IP addresses and periodically add them to the external firewall's blacklist.
    • Worked with iptables to manage firewalls on various network devices.
    • Analyzed suspicious network traffic using WireShark.
    • Remotely installed, configured, tested, and used the malware analysis software Cuckoo Sandbox on an Ubuntu server quarantined from the company intranet.
    • Rewrote regular expressions to improve the efficacy of the intranet intrusion detection system by excluding warnings from redundant or unnecessary sources such as temporary files created by a browser.
    Technologies: Wireshark, Iptables, Ubuntu Server, Python


  • ForgetMeNot

    As the sole technical founder of ForgetMeNot, I built a Slack bot and a Google Chrome extension from scratch in the same month with limited prior experience. I handled every aspect of product engineering—design, implementation, deployment, iteration, and documentation.

    The product was beloved by a vocal few who lauded the intuitive UX and sleek functionality. Unfortunately, our user base was too small to sustain a company.

  • Mixmax

    As part of the growth team at Mixmax I developed an embedded "show me times I'm free" button in meeting scheduling emails. Recipients of an email could click the button, click to sign in with their Google account, and view their availability (pulled automatically from their Google Calendar) compared to the sender's availability.

    The feature's ease of use and immediate usefulness was a hit with potential customers, and it ended up driving thousands of new signups in the first two weeks after it was deployed.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, SQL, Python, Java, Sass, Less
  • Frameworks

    OAuth 2, Express.js, Selenium, Django
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, Salesforce API, Google Calendar API, Gmail API
  • Paradigms

    REST, MVC Design, Agile, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment, On-page SEO
  • Storage

    MongoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)
  • Other

    Slackbot, Chrome Extensions, System Security Developer, Semantic UI, Ubuntu Server, Iptables, Bots, User Experience (UX), Chatbots
  • Tools

    Mongoose, Git, Sublime Text, ITerm, Wireshark, Splunk, Jenkins, Slack
  • Platforms

    AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, MacOS, Salesforce


  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Computer Science
    2012 - 2016
    Yale University - New Haven, CT, USA

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