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Evan Ruff

Evan Ruff

Atlanta, GA, United States
Member since November 14, 2014
Even is an enterprise architect with experience designing large, distributed mobile and web-based systems. He focuses on early-stage companies and concepts looking to solve problems through the application of cutting-edge technologies.
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  • Java, 17 years
  • GWT, 9 years
  • Android, 7 years
  • Google App Engine, 5 years
  • GXT, 4 years
  • BigQuery, 2 years
Atlanta, GA, United States
Preferred Environment
Eclipse/Intelli-J. Git, GWT, Android
The most amazing...
...library I've ever used is GWT. It makes RIA development across browsers painless and maintainable!
  • Android Engineer
    2014 - PRESENT
    • Engaged to rebuild the FitRadio Android application.
    • Refactored an old code base to use current best practices and structure.
    • Implemented offline data storage and processing alongside server-based updates.
    • Revamped the UI with incredible new mockups, layouts, and graphics.
    • Implemented an advanced streaming audio codec to improve performance and stability in low connectivity areas.
    Technologies: Android, Java, Rest
  • Big Data Engineer
    2014 - 2014
    • Implemented a complete social media analytics platform based around Twitter and Facebook streams.
    • Utilized Google AppEngine Task Queues for massive data processing.
    • Created real-time notification and monitoring systems based around user-created topics.
    • Utilized the D3 visualization library to display complex graph and chart graphics.
    • Leveraged GWT to build the front-end interface.
    Technologies: AppEngine, GWT, Java, NLP, NoSQL, BigQuery
  • Big Data Enginner
    2014 - 2014
    Coca-Cola Enterprises
    • Tasked with convolving a number of disparate customer databases for a project sponsored by the Belgium Marketing Unit.
    • Built a web-based front-end for data submission, job monitoring, and access control.
    • Designed sophisticated algorithms to match up customers using natural language processing.
    • Utilized the Google AppEngine Task Queues to process massive amounts of data.
    • Exported master customer record, timeline data and opt-in status to traditional RDBMS.
    Technologies: AppEngine, GWT, Task Queue, Java, SQL
  • Natural Language Processing Engineer
    2014 - 2014
    The Home Depot
    • Tasked with reducing the incidence of buyer's remorse returns for a project sponsored by Home Depot's Returns team.
    • Created a statistical model to process online reviews of products.
    • Designed a sentiment analysis engine to analyze product reviews.
    • Examined Home Depot's return data, internal surveys, and customer service representatives' notes.
    • Delivered statistically-driven recommendations based on the output data.
    Technologies: Hadoop, Mahout, Big Query
  • Software Engineer
    2014 - 2014
    • Added complex and delightful transitions and animated views to the retail application.
    • Created a number of custom animations to enhance the engagement of the application.
    • Built custom views to illustrate circular progress towards goals.
    • Added fading and filling confirmation icons for better conveyance of progress.
    • Migrated all iconography to vector-based solutions to create a crisper, cleaner design.
    Technologies: Android, REST, Java
  • Senior Engineer
    2011 - 2014
    • Created a stand-alone Java application to help alleviate web-based PCI concerns for large businesses.
    • Utilized an embedded Jetty server to create a mesh network of system for load balancing and scalability.
    • Built a GWT-based, AppEngine powered web interface for system administration of their clusters.
    • Designed an embedded form and form controls to remove PCI scope from the parent web server.
    • Implemented a real-time signalling engine to make the processes completely transparent to the user.
    Technologies: JavaScript, GWT, WebRTC, PCI, Jetty, Java, Linux
  • Mobile System Engineer
    2011 - 2014
    • Created an end-to-end system for Coca-Cola's mobile workforce.
    • Distributed an Android application used by the Coca-Cola merchandising staff. It collected field data and synchronized activities with AppEngine-based back-end system, which applied numerous algorithms to calculate key metrics. Administrative users utilized a web-based front-end to examine reports and manage users, and the system utilized Google BigQuery for large processing loads.
    • Created reports in Tableau which utilized BigQuery as the analysis engine.
    Technologies: Android, AppEngine, GWT, BigQuery, Tableau, NoSQL, Task Queue, REST, SQL
  • Mobile Engineer
    2011 - 2011
    • Created the ThankYou Rewards Android Application for Citibank. Customers are able to log in with their Citibank credentials and examine account and reward details, and are presented with a dynamic catalog of reward-eligible products. They could use the reward points in their application to purchase goods in participating stores.
    • Utilized several third-party services for the application to create a seamless experience for the Android user.
    Technologies: Android, Java
  • Moose Mobility (Development)

    An enterprise workforce management platform aimed at the beverage industry. It is a complete end-to-end solution from mobile application deployment to back-end reporting.

  • PayPlum, LLC (Development)

    The first enterprise-class distributed PCI Compliance software solution focused on reducing the risk of safeguarding the acceptance and transport of sensitive payment card data.

  • FIT Radio (Development)

    FIT Radio is a native Android Application that plays music mixes to enhance people's workouts. I rebuilt the application from the ground up from a very messy codebase using a fresh UI and Android best practices. The new application decreased the user error rate from ~18% to under 0.5% and increased the store rating by 30%.

  • PlusScrn, LLC (Development)

    A mobile platform for the creation and distribution of phone-friendly mobile advertisements that I co-founded, and which was acquired by Phluant Mobile.

  • Languages
    Java, JavaScript, SQL
  • Frameworks
    GWT, Android SDK, Guice, Google Guava, Google Guice, Hadoop
  • Libraries/APIs
    Android API, Java Servlets, Objectify, Guava, RESTEasy, Mahout
  • Tools
    Android Studio, GXT, BigQuery, Apache Ant, Servlet, Gradle
  • Paradigms
    REST, Model View Presenter (MVP), Dependency Injection, AOP
  • Platforms
    Android, Google App Engine, AWS EC2
  • Storage
    BigTable, NoSQL, MongoDB
  • Master's degree in Business Administration
    2005 - 2007
    Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering
    1999 - 2003
    Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA
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