Fady S. Ghatas, PHP Developer in Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Fady S. Ghatas

PHP Developer in Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Member since March 1, 2016
Fady is a PSM certified web developer with over half a decade of solid experience building quality websites in Laravel, Angular, WordPress, and Node.js. His security expertise, used to ferret out vulnerabilities in internationally recognized technology platforms, has been acknowledged by Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, and Red Hat. He has published an academic paper in GAN, and he has recently completed a Master of Science Degree in AI.
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Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt



Preferred Environment

VS Code, Arch Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've done is find and report vulnerabilities in Microsoft, Apple, Red Hat, and AT&T systems.


  • Founder | CEO

    2014 - PRESENT
    • Developed more than ten websites for major Egyptian companies and celebrities.
    • Developed multiple complete solutions for companies and factories. Worked on each complete solution that has cross-platform software, a website, and a server setup to help my customers manage their work.
    • Got acknowledged by the four fortune-500 companies: Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, and Red Hat.
    • Led sales, content creation, and development team in a full scrum process, from onboarding to the day-to-day plan.
    Technologies: Node.js, AngularJS, Yii, WordPress, Laravel
  • Web Developer, Security Analyst

    2016 - 2019
    • Implemented multiple custom WordPress plugins.
    • Performed periodic maintenance tasks on the company servers.
    • Implemented a real-time synchronization complete solution (WordPress plugin) for a custom ERP system.
    • Performed periodic penetration tests on to ensure the safety and stability of the company servers.
    • Built solutions for 10+ clients.
    Technologies: AngularJS, Laravel, PHP, WordPress
  • Ionic and Chrome Extension Developer

    2018 - 2018
    Motorola Solutions
    • Developed a support bot App/extension for iOS, Android, and Chrome.
    • Implemented and deployed the back end used by the app/extension.
    • Written multiple automation scripts to handle app/extension build and deployment.
    Technologies: WordPress, PHP, Angular, Ionic
  • Developer

    2015 - 2017
    • Completed multiple projects for major companies like HP.
    • Awarded Rookie of the Month, April 2015.
    • Won two contests on the FOG Hercules series.
    Technologies: C++, Python, Web Development


  • History Draft

    History Draft is a collaborative map-based visualized draft of human history. The front end is built using Angular, Angular Material, and Mapbox; states are managed using NgRx; and server-side rendering is handled using Angular Universal/Node.js. The RESTful API is created using Laravel and hosted on AWS.

  • Published GANKIN: Generating Kin Faces Using Disentangled GAN in Springer Nature Applied Sciences Journal

    The paper introduces a modular generative neural network model that predicts relatives' faces from parents' images.

  • Migration of 14-year-old Scoop Website to WordPress

    Migrated 55,000+ posts, 900,000+ comments, 220,000+ users, and 2,000,000+ votes from a very old system to a modern and elegant WordPress website.

    The 14-year-old system had an out-of-date structure and very old Perl code with one-way password encryption, which was very challenging to migrate.

    Mapping the posts, comments, and votes to the standard WordPress DB schema required very sophisticated knowledge to write intelligent and automate code that can migrate the entities as well as the relations robustly and flawlessly.

    A new membership area and subscription model is introduced in the new site as well as an internal community to allow user communication.

  • Exploitation of XSS on a Microsoft Service

    I was enlisted as a Hall of Fame member on September 2014.

  • TechHub Support Bot (Motorola Solutions)

    TechHub is a hybrid mobile app/chrome extension that offers Motorola solutions' employees one place to go for the helpful applications and links from IT.

    Through TechHub, employees can:
    • Get notifications on password expirations and it walks the employee through the password reset procedure.
    • Find any conference room through the provided map-based room locator.
    • Communicate with other employees through in-app communication channels.
    • Receive important notifications from different sources.

    TechHub is implemented using Ionic with extensive usage of automation scripts to make building the app for all platforms as easy as possible.

    The back end is hosted on AWS.

  • Custom WordPress Plugin to Provide a Real-time Synchronization with an ERP System

    The sync plugin main responsibility is to sync products, variations, taxonomies, etc. from the ERP to WordPress and to send new orders from WordPress to the ERP. The script supported changes in the main product data as well as metadata and extra data fields.

    Syncing product images is smart in defining new/updated images instead of re-uploading all images. The script integrates with WooCommerce and some WooCommerce plugins/functionality, like role-based pricing, role-based coupons/promotions, custom rating plugin, and a custom iframe payment plugin.

  • AppTreasureHunter (More Features and Bug Fixes, Laravel)

    AppTreasureHunter provides reviews for educational apps through a systematic reviewing process available for parents, teachers, and kids.

    Stack used: Laravel, jQuery

  • Egyptian Federation of Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Official Website

    A multi-lingual (Arabic, English, and French) WordPress site with a magazine/blog, video gallery, members-only area, and membership payment gateway. It implements multiple custom plugins to handle dispute submission forms and the online payment gateway.

  • Exploitation of XSS on a Red Hat Hosted Website

    I was enlisted as a Hall of Fame member in 2015.

  • Stock Handling Website for a Factory

    A stock management website implemented in Laravel, jQuery, and Bootstrap. Administrators can CRUD managers and clients. Managers can CRUD materials, factories, companies, invoices, and orders, and they can also link multiple client accounts to multiple companies. Clients (contractors) can add orders and check invoices for their own company. Authentication and authorization were implemented using Laravel policy logic. The web app was implemented as a multilingual application with support for both Arabic and English using RTL/LTR CSS and Laravel i18n.

    The system is hosted on AWS.

  • Exploitation of an Open Redirect Vulnerability on Apple's Main Website

    I was enlisted as a Hall of Fame member on May 20, 2015.

  • Nutritionist's WordPress Site

    An Arabic-language website for a nutritionist. The website has multiple forms that visitors can use to submit questions. It contains an image gallery, a video gallery that links to YouTube, and a blog with hierarchical content. I developed a custom plugin to handle the Q&A forms and built a client-side form to calculate BMI and the optimal height to weight ratio.

  • Bypassing of the SOLR Management Panel on AT&T's Website

    I was enlisted as a Hall of Fame member.

  • MEAN Stack Workflow Application

    A task tracking web app where clients can add new tasks through Cloudflower.com API and attach multiple files to it through Box.com cloud. Then workers start working on the tasks. The project was developed in Node v0.10 and then updated to v5.10. with Angular SPA as client-side. The system was hosted on AWS.

  • Rafikey (SchoolTech): A Massive School Management System

    The system handles all administration tasks from taking attendance, adding assignments to managing fleets and tracking cars. It consists of an online web portal and a suite of five mobile apps for teachers, parents, students, managers, and drivers. All five apps are built from a single codebase using Angular 5 and Cordova.

    Notifications are handled using OneSignal.

    - Access to the Demo (demo.school.tk) can be granted.

  • Python + OpenCV Optical Digit Recognition Using HOG Descriptor and SVM Classifier

    The project was developed using Python and OpenCV to be submitted to a Kaggle competition. My submission achieved an accuracy of 98.8% using HOG descriptors and SVM classifiers. Before classification, each image ran through an extensive image preprocessing phase.

  • Cross-platform Ionic Login Integeration to HP OER Commons Platform

    The task was to link a new login method to the application. To do so, a mock proxy was used to bypass the CORS restrictions and to parse the cookie headers. I've worked on the authentication service, the login screen and linking all social media screens as well as the CORS restrictions bypassing.

  • Offline-ready Cross-platform Stock Management Complete Solution

    This complete solution was a set of multiple cross-platform apps. The system's main purpose was to manage factory stock (materials, contractors, clients, etc.). The applications were implemented using AngularJS with Angular material design framework from a single codebase. The database part was implemented using PouchDB for offline database and CouchDB to sync with whenever the device becomes online. Electorn was used to deploy the app on desktops, and Cordova was used to deploy the app on mobile devices.
    The system is hosted on AWS.

  • Flask Python Server for Video Recording


  • nCurses Testing Application for Video Recorder


  • HVAC-hacks: Website Optimization (via Toptal)

    The website was under attack and spammers had their way into the website with 1000+ spammy events (members, statuses, groups, etc.) with very slow loading. After some tweaking and fixing some vulnerabilities, the website went to 94% (A grade) in performance up from less than 50%. Also, the website loading time was reduced by half using a WordPress caching plugin and by applying correct parameters to the Apache server, allowing a maximum number of simultaneous users without slowing the server down.

    *The tests were done using tools.pingdom.com.

  • Surebet Custom WordPress Plugin (via Toptal)

    Development of a custom WordPress plugin which manages the creation of new games and new insurance applications. The plugin eased the process of allowing companies and agencies to create profiles and handle their submissions through a custom reporting panel.

  • Blue Water Gear (via Toptal)

    A WordPress project—the site had suffered a recent hack, so I worked with Thirteen05 Creative to eliminate all trails and effects of that hack, greatly improving the server security.

    After that, we worked on development of a custom gallery functionality for WooCommerce. Finally we did some speed improvements through caching and other minor tweaks.

  • The Lightning Press Smartbooks

    The Lightning Press is the only publisher currently in the military professional reading category that exclusively and directly produces doctrinally-based, institutionally and organizationally recognized reference books for the military and federal agencies, After working on enhancing the website performance and implementing the new revamped checkout process which uses Paypal and Stripe, the site performance increased by 170% and uses much less resources. Books are delivered in paper or via digitally via Adobe Digital and PDFs through fully automated backend hooks and the new checkout process uses smart Cron jobs to deliver timely emails and support messages based on the checkout process.


  • Languages

    PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, SQL
  • Frameworks

    Laravel 5, Angular, Laravel, Flask, AngularJS, Electron, Yii, Ionic, Electron.js
  • Libraries/APIs

    WordPress REST API, Node.js, Vue.js, D3.js, Keras
  • Paradigms

    Penetration Testing, Scrum
  • Platforms

    WordPress, Linux, Arch Linux, Android
  • Other

    Freelance, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), PSM-1, Virtual Reality (VR), Front-end, Cordova, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural Networks, Deep Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, Web Development
  • Storage

    MongoDB, MySQL, CouchDB, PouchDB
  • Tools

    VS Code


  • Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence
    2015 - 2020
    Cairo Unversity, Faculty of Engineering - Cairo, Egypt
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
    2009 - 2014
    Cairo Unversity, Faculty of Engineering - Cairo, Egypt


  • PSM: Professional Scrum Master I

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