Faye-Lino Agli, Software Developer in Ottawa, ON, Canada
Faye-Lino Agli

Software Developer in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Member since August 15, 2016
Faye-Lino is a results-driven IT professional with a proven track record of implementing technology to drive business performance, productivity, and creativity. He's fluent in English and French. He has a lot of experience taking a client's idea making a fully scoped project and seeing it through. He communicates well and can work in a team or solo.
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Ottawa, ON, Canada



Preferred Environment

Ubuntu, PhpStorm, Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA

The most amazing...

...work I've done was on a full-stack restaurant management software suite with an online profile manager that included a floor map sketcher web tool.


  • Android Developer

    2017 - 2017
    The USA Exchange, Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Developed the Android version of their flagship mobile app.
    • Implemented the user login and registration flow.
    • Designed an account setup wizard for first time users.
    • Implemented the app’s incentive’s list view, bookmarks list view, user profile screen and messaging view.
    • Implemented a custom list search and filter UI.
    Technologies: RxBindings, RxJava, Retrofit, Kotlin, Android
  • Senior Android Developer

    2017 - 2017
    Clarity Money (via Toptal)
    • Worked with their existing team to speed up the development process of their Android app.
    • Implemented their credit cards tile and details view.
    • Aided in the implementation of their credit score custom graph UI, tile, and details view.
    • Developed their user profile view and some of the options included in it.
    • Implemented their financial institution accounts management views.
    • Built their profile security view and the app's passcode feature.
    Technologies: Butterknife, Dagger, Retrofit, RxJava, Model View Presenter (MVP), Android
  • Senior Android Developer

    2016 - 2017
    Travelator, Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Developed the Android variant of their flagship mobile application.
    • Rebuilt their Cordova project and made it into more of a native Android project.
    • Developed the app's the native user expenses and budget lists.
    • Developed the app's native user profile slide-in menu.
    • Hooked up the app's to their Web API and parsed the payloads.
    Technologies: Ember.js, Node.js, Java, Android
  • Lead Software Engineer

    2014 - 2016
    BrightGuest Technologies Inc.
    • Researched and suggested the best approaches for the development of projects.
    • Ensured that projects were developed in a robust and scalable manner.
    • Supported and maintained all the programs in the BrightGuest software suite.
    • Trained and offered support to other developers on the team.
    • Configured the servers for proper deployment in the stores.
    Technologies: React, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Android, JavaFX, Java
  • Software Developer

    2010 - 2014
    • Worked as a reuse focus content updater for iOS and Android mostly on in-house applications used to perform series of FTP related operations at the push of a button. The Android version was developed with Java, Apache Commons Library. The iOS version was developed using Objective-C.
    • Developed multiple applications for iOS and Android (mostly Android) that are still active today. More details can be found in my portfolio section.
    Technologies: XML, Objective-C, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Android, Java


  • Clarity Money | Android App

    I worked with their existing team to speed up the development process of their Android app. A couple key features of the app that I contributed to include: credit cards, credit score, user profile, financial institution accounts management, and security pass code.

  • Travelbank | Android App

    I worked on rebuilding their Cordova app to a more native Android app. I also worked on some of the app's core features:
    - The native user expenses and budget lists.
    - The native user profile slide-in menu.
    - Hooked up the app to their Web API and parsed the payloads.

  • BrightGuest Technologies Inc. | Android, Web and Server Apps

    I single-handedly developed and maintained the company’s entire software suite for about a year; researched and suggested the best approach for the development of projects; made sure projects were developed in a robust and scalable manner; offered support and maintenance for all the BrightGuest software; provided training and offered support to other developers on the team.

    In this project, I developed:
    - Two Android apps that restaurant hosts and servers used to keep track of their customers and tables.
    - A server app that was written in Java that managed all the devices connected to the LAN and handled data and analytics.
    - A web app management that served as a management portal for the restaurant higher ops. This app allowed for in store device behavior customization and set the terms for some of the automated features that exist within the system.
    - A custom Ubuntu distribution with custom session settings and support for the server app that runs on it. It came bundled with a configuration script that took care of entire setup process.

  • Latest UFO Sightings | Android App

    I developed Latest UFO Sightings, an Android application—this app pulls, formats, and displays the contents of a blogger website. This project was completed using Java and JSON.

  • FunJif | Android App

    Developed this simple, interactive, and fun GIF image viewer application. Makes use of custom GIF display class to show fluid animations without lag or stutter. This project was completed using Java.

  • Hudson Lake | WordPress Website

    I worked on the Hudson Lake WordPress website: the project involved designing the theme for this WordPress website. The project was completed using HTML, CSS3, PHP, and JavaScript.

  • Redlist | Android App

    I developed the RedList application for Android: it screens incoming and outgoing call and messages and erases traces of activities with the numbers involved.

    Features include password protection and data recovery.

    Tools used for development include Java, XML, and MySQL.

  • Ringtone DJ | Android App

    This app shuffles the phones call ring tones so that every new incoming call has a different alert. The user can customize what ring tones are shuffled. Tools used for development include Java and XML.

  • Systerac Memory Booster | Android App

    This is a light-weight task manager application meant to optimize the memory of the phone by closing unnecessary applications still running as a background process. This application was written using Java, XML, and MySQL.

  • Spensit | Android App

    This allows users to log their expenses and send the data to a web solution the client has developed. SOAP web services are used to pull data and populate fields. This application was written using Java, XML, and SOAP.

  • Call Meter | Android App

    This application tracks international and local calls using Regular Expressions and user defined parameters. This application was written using Java and XML.

  • Text To Event | Android App

    This application allows its users to select an SMS thread and copy it into the device's Android calendar database. This application was written using Java, XML, and SQLite.

  • CSA Contriving Tools | Android App

    This app sends text messages and places calls to the preset numbers at the time set by the user. This application was written using Java and XML.

  • Paddock | Android App

    This is an in-house application that's used to rate (or score) race horses. It makes use of JSON web services to pull information for the user to view and update values in the client's database. This application was written using Java, XML, and JSON.

  • Android Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers (Publication)
    This resource contains a collection of Android best practices and Android tips provided by our Toptal network members.


  • Languages

    Java, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C, XML, Kotlin, C++, CSS3
  • Frameworks

    Android SDK, Ember.js, Dagger
  • Tools

    PhpStorm, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, MySQL Workbench, Eclipse IDE, Android NDK
  • Platforms

    Android, Ubuntu Linux, Ubuntu, WordPress, XAMPP, JavaFX
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, Model View Presenter (MVP)
  • Storage

  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, RxJava, Retrofit, Butterknife, RxBindings, React, jQuery, PayPal API, FFmpeg, OpenCV


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2007 - 2012
    University of the District of Columbia - Washington, D.C., USA

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