Fernanda Parisi, Pixel Perfect Developer in Florianópolis/SC, Brazil
Fernanda Parisi

Pixel Perfect Developer in Florianópolis/SC, Brazil

Member since August 16, 2016
Fernanda is a UX specialist turned front-end developer, focusing on atomic design and style guide creation with remote teams. She has over ten years of experience with tech, ranging from prototype creation and UI design to project management. She communicates very well with both design and development teams and is a great liaison in addition to being a great developer.
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Florianópolis/SC, Brazil



Preferred Environment

Angular, Vue, Git, Gulp, OS X

The most amazing...

...structure I've built was a full-screen app that turned the main menu into a mobile side-drawer, accomplished with CSS and HTML alone.


  • Front-end Designer

    2019 - PRESENT
    Screensteps (via Toptal)
    • Created a collection of flexible, responsive templates, that are fully customized by the user on a CMS interface.
    • Maintained a visual style guide helping developers to keep track of UI changes.
    • Maintained and created new areas for a proprietary CMS.
    • Updated the corporate website with pixel-perfect designs on Hubspot.
    Technologies: Ember.js, jQuery, SCSS, Handlebars, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
  • Lead Front-end/UX Designer

    2011 - PRESENT
    • Managed continuous development of international web services with remote teams, translating UX team definitions to front-end development.
    • Created style guides and defined atomic design patterns using frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap.
    • Researched and defined numerous web-based services from the ground up, leading their development until delivery to the final customer.
    • Participated actively in R&D teams as a front-end/UX designer on different MVPs, analyzing their results to improve the continuous delivery process.
    • Led long-term redesign and maintenance projects where the entire front end was refactored but the back end and structure were maintained as legacy while the service was in production.
    Technologies: PHP, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, WordPress, jQuery, JavaScript, Template Engines, HTML, CSS Preprocessors, CSS
  • Front-end Designer

    2018 - 2019
    Sweet.io (via Toptal)
    • Created CSS animations for a web app platform.
    • Provided support for multiple Angular components.
    Technologies: CSS3 Animation, Angular
  • Front-end Developer

    2016 - 2017
    Collective2 (via Toptal)
    • Continued development as a front-end designer of a social trading platform, built on a traditional environment setting, using Perl, CSS, and JS.
    • Worked actively with a small team in building a new web platform for trading using Angular 5.
    Technologies: Angular, JavaScript, Sass, CSS, HTML, Perl
  • Front-end Developer

    2016 - 2016
    AutoLotto, Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Created a development environment based solely on Gulp.
    • Customized a Semantic UI component for a to-go style guide.
    Technologies: Less, Semantic UI, SWIG, Gulp
  • Web Manager

    2010 - 2011
    Dzigual Golinelli Design
    • Planned, prototyped, designed, and developed websites using a proprietary CMS.
    • Consulted as a front-end designer on numerous landing pages and hotsite projects.
    • Translated print media projects to digital magazine formats through the Woodwing cross-media management platform.
    Technologies: PHP, Adobe InDesign, CSS, HTML
  • Web Designer

    2009 - 2011
    • Designed, developed, and managed WordPress-based websites.
    • Worked as a full-stack front-end designer on a browser-based chat app.
    • Ran multiple user testing sessions and continuous development of a browser-based chat app.
    Technologies: MySQL, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress, CSS Preprocessors, CSS, HTML
  • Interface Designer

    2008 - 2010
    Kombo HR Solutions
    • Created and mantained the visual identity for the company's job application website and institutional website.
    • Coded and maintained Kombo's web-based HR management software, using the Smarty template engine and jQuery JavaScript library.
    • Implemented and created the continuous delivery culture alongside the back-end team and product owners using Agile methodologies.
    Technologies: Template Engines, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, CSS, HTML


  • EPL Team Picker

    In 2012, NBC started broadcasting the English Premier League soccer games to the United States. To promote it, a web app was created to help viewers pick a soccer team to root for.

    The main challenge for this project was the support: It should run on extremes such as older versions of Internet Explorer and also the latest iOS releases, including everything in between. I worked with vanilla JavaScript and resorted to standard HTML and CSS2 as much as possible, so that all browsers could have the same experience with the app. The app passed every interface test with flying colors. Public acceptance and project visibility were great.

  • Interactive Infographic for Adventistas.org

    The South American branch for the 7th Day Adventists Church launched a program consisting of 20 infographics teaching about basics of the religion to the community. I was responsible for the infographic teaching how to read the Bible.

    I received a static Adobe Illustrator file with the illustrations and an idea of the storyboard it should follow. Then, I planned the animations and element interactions and properly exported and refined each SVG image so that they were as light as possible. Each slide was animated with CSS, as jQuery triggered then along with the navigation. Everything was done in the course of one week. A pretty different, fun, and fast project to work on.

  • App Icon

    Recreated an app icon using HTML and CSS only.

  • 100% CSS-only Structure

    100% width HTML structure. On small screens, the sidebar turns to a side-drawer menu, using CSS alone.

  • Revista Digital Eliane 2011

    One of the major ceramic tiles manufacturer in Brazil, Eliane releases a magazine every February to showcase the latest interior design trends and their new products.

    In 2011, the first cross-media project for this magazine was launched. I turned every print version story into an interactive component using Woodwing media management software alongside Adobe's InDesign.

    iOS's Newsstand app publication served as a reference for other issues of the magazine due to its public acceptance, until its discontinuation in 2015.

  • RedWeek

    RedWeek.com is the largest timeshare marketplace on the web. Still in its first version, it was launched in the mid-00s and it wasn't mobile friendly. My first role on the project was as a front-end designer, where new layouts were applied to the legacy code using nothing but HTML and CSS, maintaining the front- and back-end structures.

    The project has evolved greatly, and now after three years of working tightly with the product owners, I've acted as a UX researcher, run multiple user testing sections aiming to enhance revenue, redesigned entire sections and user flows as a full stack front-end designer, and led teams of both designers and developers on multiple projects and MVPs. Aside from HTML and CSS, I've also worked with jQuery to handle the website interactive components.

    Since the project back-end is based on Perl and PostgreSQL, I've also learned quite a bit about it—enough to let me handle small issues with the code and better plan new features.

    Since the redesign went live two years ago, statistics for the website were dramatically improved: bounce rate was lowered, and revenue, average time, and total traffic increased successfully.


  • Languages

    HTML, Sass, HTML5, SCSS, CSS, JavaScript, Less, Timber, Liquid Template, Perl, PHP, Ruby
  • Frameworks

    ZURB Foundation, Bootstrap, Twig, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ember.js, Angular, JavaScript MVC
  • Libraries/APIs

    Liquid, Handlebars, jQuery, Vue, jQuery UI
  • Tools

    Axure RP Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Sublime Text, Sketch, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Git, Chrome Developer Tools, Vim Text Editor, Terminal, SWIG, Bower, Jekyll, Grunt, Gulp, Google Analytics, Subversion (SVN), VS Code
  • Paradigms

    Rapid Prototyping, UX Design, User Testing, Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

    MacOS, WordPress, cPanel, OS X
  • Other

    Information Architecture (IA), User Flows, PSD to HTML, User Interface (UI), Interaction Design (IxD), CSS3 Animation, Web Standards, Prototyping, Semantic Analysis, Sketch to HTML, User Stories, UX Research, Templates, HTML5 Animations, User Experience (UX), Pixel Perfect, Content Management Systems (CMS), Lean UX, GitFlow, HubSpot, CSS Preprocessors, Template Engines, Semantic UI, Performance Analysis
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MySQL


  • Post-graduate Specialist's Degree in Interaction Design
    2009 - 2011
    San Martin University - Curitiba, Paraná - Brazil
  • Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Arts
    2003 - 2008
    Federal Tech University of Paraná (UTF-PR) - Curitiba, Paraná - Brazil

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