Filipi Zimermann, Software Developer in Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Filipi Zimermann

Software Developer in Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Member since May 21, 2017
“Connecting the dots” and “passionate about making things work” are phrases that define Filipi professionally. Filipi has approximately 15 years of experience as a professional web developer with a focus on front-end technologies. For the past eight years, he has led a team of about 20 developers and designers creating great digital products with amazing UX, never forgetting he is a part of the whole.
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  • Nextt
    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, Node.js
  • Suntech
    Java, Spring, JavaScript, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • EDS / HP
    Java, EJB, IBM Websphere, JSTL, JavaScript



Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil



Preferred Environment

Mac, Sublime Text, Git

The most amazing...

...project I created was an SPA to calculate energy efficiency of electrical motors & the ROI of updating a factory motor plant with newer, more efficient motors.


  • Front-end Solution Architect

    2010 - PRESENT
    • Analyzed and defined front-end technology and architecture for multiple projects.
    • Implemented performance tuning to improve loading and performance of web pages and their graphical components.
    • Coached clients' software developers and architects on architectural definitions that should impact front-end development, performance, and maintenance.
    • Developed complex web components and integrated them into respective back-end logic using various libraries and techniques.
    • Led a team of designers and developers to define (and refine) their tasks backlog, organize projects priorities, define test plans, debug environment issues, setup and automate development processes, and lead team meetings.
    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, Node.js
  • Senior Web Developer

    2007 - 2010
    • Analyzed problems and created use cases and UML diagrams to document them.
    • Implemented use cases and other business rules in client software.
    • Created simple stored procedures and other database routines on Oracle DBMS or PostgreSQL DBMS.
    • Resolved second level support issues including debugging and fixing client problems.
    • Created unit tests and other automated integration tests.
    • Deployed production builds on client application servers.
    Technologies: Java, Spring, JavaScript, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Systems Analyst and Web Developer

    2006 - 2007
    EDS / HP
    • Analyzed business requirements and created use cases and UML diagrams describing the technical solution.
    • Implemented use cases on J2EE stack.
    • Organized and managed a quality assurance process to validate and prioritize issues reported by the clients' testing team.
    • Provided peer code reviews to improve project's code quality.
    • Tuned performance through SQL queries and stored procedures improvements.
    Technologies: Java, EJB, IBM Websphere, JSTL, JavaScript


  • Couchsurfing (Development)

    Couchsurfing (CS) is a global community that connects travelers with a global network of people willing to share in profound and meaningful ways, making travel a truly social experience.

    Worked as tech lead of their web development team scoping work, making investigations, architecting solutions, providing support for several stakeholders and giving guidance for front and backend developers.

    Tech stack: Ruby 3, Ruby on Rails 5, React, AWS, Docker, Amplitude, Google Places, Mapbox, Google DFP, jQuery, SASS, Puma, Resque, Redis, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Devise, Thumbor, Zendesk, LOB, Sift Science, OnFido, Scout APM, Sendgrid, RSpec, Cucumber

  • Vimvest (Development)

    Vimvest is an American investment consulting firm that created an innovative investing process based on Goals.

    Worked on this project creating the initial web version of their application (since they already had an iOS version and needed to expand). My role included architecting and developing the application up to setting up the CI and DevOps structure for the Web Client.

    Tech stack: Angular, Typescript, RXJS, Bootstrap, SASS, Cloudinary, D3, Chartist, Mixpanel, Azure

  • SCS-Luettgen (Development)

    SCS-Luettgen is a German company responsible for building applications that help Telecom companies like Vodafone to manage and grow their mobile networks.

    Worked on a project to add functionalities to an existing application, designing and developing new backend REST services as well as developing new features on the client web application, following client's requirements.

    Tech stack: Java 8, Hibernate, Arquillian, JUnit, JAX-RS, Maven, Swagger (Doc and CodeGen), Javascript, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Karma, Jasmine, Bower, NPM.

  • Apex Occ (Development)

    Apex is a Canadian startup that built a platform called Workstation Health that allows companies to assess ergonomic compliance (remotely or in-person) of their employees' workstations. Worked on this project building several modules with offline capabilities on single page application architecture, charting and reporting capabilities, and others.

    Tech Stack: PHP, MySQL, Laravel 5, Laravel-mix, Webpack, Vue.js 2, Vuex, Vue-router, Bootstrap 4, Chartist.JS, jQuery DataTables, PHPUnit, Behat BDD, Selenium, GIT, Bitbucket, Jira.

  • Corsicana Mattress (Development)

    Corsicana Mattress is Dallas based company investing heavily in information tools to support their operation and the relationship with their retailers. This project worked as a front-end development leader, helping the team to build front-end solutions and giving support to the project architect to take decisions regarding front-end structure.

    Technologies: Javascript, jQuery 3, PHP, iPinga framework, Power BI Embedded

  • Canopy (Development)

    Canopy is a startup from Hong Kong with strong values. Their intention was to represent those values on the website using a well-refined design and web animations to implement it.

    Tech stack: HTML5, ES6, Sass, CSS Animations, GSAP, D3.js, Webpack, Git, Heroku.

  • UNASP Entrance Exam Registration System (Development)

    UNASP is a respected university from Brazil that investing a lot in their digital relationship strategies. One of these strategies was the refactor of their entrance exam system to a newer and modern architecture and user experience. I Worked on this project as a full-stack developer on the front-end React-based SPA, as well as the API development.

    Tech Stack: ReactJS, Redux, React Bootstrap, Webpack, Laravel, PHP, MySQL

  • Hering eCommerce Platform (Development)

    Hering is one of the biggest fashion retailers in South America. I led the development of the new layout of their eCommerce store. Year: 2017

    Tech stack: Java, Hybris (SAP eCommerce platform), HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Gulp, Sass, Git. See gulpfile.js bellow for detailed stack information.

  • Biblia+ Interactive Infographics (Development)

    Biblia+ is application developed by the Adventist Church of the Seventh Day to assist in Bible teaching ( It contains a lot of materials in audio, video, images, animations, and interactive infographics formats, the later where developed by my team and me.

    Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, CSS Animations, jQuery, GSAP, jekyll, grunt

  • WEG SEE+ (Development)

    WEG is one of the biggest electric motor companies in the world. They hired my team and me to build a responsive and offline-capable web calculator for ROI over updating a factory's motor plant. Year: 2014

    Tech stack: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, Sass, grunt, Nginx, Git, and back-end REST API over Hybris Platform

  • Outclass (Development)

    Outclass is a platform to manage a student's academic life and share information among students, teachers, parents, and school management. Lead the team that built the front-end implementation of the mobile app.

    Dev Stack: Ionic 2, Angular 2, Cordova, WebPack, Gulp

  • Web Quadras Scheduling Interface (Development)

    Web Quadras is a startup that builds sport courts management system. The development of their public scheduling system (to be embedded on court's website or Facebook page) was completed at Nextt. Year: 2016

    Tech stack: JavaScript, Angular, Sass, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML, Git

  • Distributed Web Portal for the Adventist Church of the Seventh Day - South America Division (Development)

    The main component of the project was the development of a CSS framework (called IASD-Boostrap - based on Twitter Bootstrap) and a series of WordPress themes and plugins that would allow the creation of thousands of websites for many of the Church organization entities, sharing all the same visual identity and also distributing content like news or other multimedia assets for their daily work through a custom almost REST API developed over WorPress stack. Year: 2011-2015

    Tech Stack for IASD Bootstrap: Ruby, Javascript, SASS Compass, HTML, jQuery, Font Awesome, Git
    Distributed via Ruby Gems

    Tech Stack for the portal: PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, HTML, Sass, Compass, jQuery, MySQL, Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Cloud, Amazon RDS, Git

  • Portal do Pastor (Development)

    Portal do Pastor was a Web Portal where ministers from the Adventist Church of the Seventh Day used to interact with each other and share sermons, lectures, and other information. Year: 2013.

    Dev Stack: Drupal, jQuery, Apache HTTPD, PHP, MySQL.

  • RD Station (Development)

    RD Station is Resultados Digitais' digital marketing management platform. Their earlier front-end development was built by my team at Nextt. Year 2012-2013.

    Tech stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SASS, JavaScript, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML, Redis, PostgreSQL, Git

  • Figueirense Website Development and Maintenance (Development)

    Figueirense is a major league soccer club in Brazil and its website receives hundreds of thousands of requests every day. The objective was to give maintenance and performance tuning on its functionalities for two years and, lately, to develop a new responsive layout under WordPress stack. Year 2011-2013.

    Tech stack: PHP5, Zend Framework, ExtJS, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Apache HTTPD, Linux

    New layout tech stack: PHP, Wordpress, Sass, HTML, WPEngine (hosting), Git

  • Suntech Vigia (Development)

    Phone call interception management system used by the main Telecom companies and the Brazilian justice officials. Years 2007-2010

    Tech Stack: Java, Spring, Spring MVC, Oracle DBMS, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVN

  • NET P2OI - EDS (Development)

    NET is one of the biggest Telecom and cable TV company in Brazil. They hired EDS to build their billing system (P2OI), on which I worked. My role was to formalize systems logic transforming the requirements on UML diagrams, and then develop them. Year 2006-2007.

    Tech Stach: Java, EJB2, Weblogic Application Server, Oracle DBMS, Struts, Javascript, HTML, CSS, UML, Enterprise Architect, SVN

  • SBTVD - UFSC (Development)

    Brazilian Digital Television System (SBTVD) Consortium was created to define the system to be applied for national broadcasting. The Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) was responsible to develop digital television interactive applications, as proof of concept. My role was to develop the applications to run on TV sets and also the server-side structure to handle return channel requests. Year: 2006

    Tech Stack: Java, JavaTV, MHP, Java Servlets, Web Services, SOAP, MySQL.

  • Telemedicine Lab - UFSC (Development)

    Development of the Brazilian National Institute of Cancer (INCA)'s multimedia collection system, a software to search and navigate over the medical diagnose images. Year: 2005.

    Tech stack: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVN

  • SC State's Electronic Communication System - CIASC (Development)

    Santa Catarina (SC) is a southern Brazilian state and CIASC is the company that handles its IT structure. Contributed to a project to centralize official communication and broadcast official messages to all state workers. Year: 2005

    Tech stack: Java, Spring, Struts, Ibatis, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, CVS

  • SIATU BH - Feesc (Development)

    Belo Horizonte (BH) is one of the biggest cities in Brazil and it hired Feesc to build its tributary management system. Year 2004-2005

    Tech Stack: Java, Struts, EJB2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Oracle RDBMS and Borland Enterprise Server (BES), CVS

  • Pulso Brasil (Development)

    As an intern in web development, I was responsible for the maintenance and development of the company's CRM system and it's web portal.

    Year: 2003 (portal is still online 14 years later!)

    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, CSS


  • Languages

    Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less, Sass, HTML5, TypeScript, SQL, Ruby, C#
  • Frameworks

    Laravel, Redux, Angular, AngularJS, JavaServer Faces, Spring, Zend Framework, Apache Struts 2, Express.js,, iBATIS, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Hibernate, JUnit, Jasmine, PHPUnit, Ruby on Rails 5, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails (RoR), CakePHP, Bulma
  • Libraries/APIs

    Vue.js 2, Vuex, Vue.js, React, WordPress API, JSTL, RxJS, D3.js, React Router, GSAP, HTML5 Web Workers, PhantomJS, Facebook SDK, Facebook API, RichFaces, Google Places API, Zendesk API, DFP API
  • Tools

    SAP Hybris, Gulp.js, JSHint, Grunt, JSX, Nginx, Apache Tomcat, IntelliJ, Eclipse IDE, Sublime Text 3, Mongoose, Mocha, Azure App Service, Kibana, Cucumber, RSpec, Zend Studio, Atom, CircleCI, Sift Science
  • Paradigms

    Test-driven Development (TDD), Agile Software Development, Behavior-driven Development (BDD)
  • Platforms

    WordPress, Apache Server, Visual Studio Code, Azure, Mixpanel, Docker, MapBox, Drupal
  • Other

    Vue-router, Web Services, Amplitude, CSS3 Animation, Web Animation, Web Components, AWS, Google Ads, GDPR
  • Storage

    Redis, MariaDB, Oracle DBMS, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch


  • Extension course in Project Management
    2015 - 2016
    SENAI/SC - Florianópolis, Brazil
  • Post graduate degree in Information Security Management
    2012 - 2013
    SENAI/SC - Florianópolis, Brazil
  • Bachelor's degree in Information Systems
    2003 - 2007
    Federal University of Santa Catarina - Florianópolis, Brazil


  • Sun Certified Web Component Developer for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (SCWCD5)
    Sun Microsystems
  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (SCJP5)
    Sun Microsystems

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