Flavio de Sousa, Software Developer in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
Flavio de Sousa

Software Developer in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

Member since June 13, 2012
Flavio is a top architect/programmer with a long track record of successfully delivering projects for companies ranging from Big Four consulting firms, large telecoms, and government agencies to small team startups. He's eager to design and deliver efficient application architectures.
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Leipzig, Saxony, Germany



Preferred Environment

JetBrains, Sublime Text, Git, Zsh, Debian

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is a faster port of a minicomputer application to PC, for which I wrote a whole new PC Video BIOS to emulate TTY behavior in ONE week!


  • Senior Software Engineer

    2014 - PRESENT
    Ipoque GmbH - A Rohde-Schwarz Company
    • Designed high-performance (100Gbps) modules for packet handling.
    • Managed resources (e.g., memory, processors, system resources).
    • Developed targeted documentation.
    • Deployed automation.
    • Implemented nanosecond-level optimizations.
    Technologies: CLion, API Design, REST APIs, Ubuntu, Bash, REST, JetBrains, JSON, C++17, C++14, C++11, Intel DPDK, Socket Programming, Concurrent Programming, Sublime Text 3, Data Structures, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Jira, Python, Agile Software Development, Unix, Linux, C++, C
  • Developer

    2009 - PRESENT
    • Developed a car tracking suite including Android smartphone paired with car trackers using Django, Python, Java, and Android SDK.
    • Built and managed a 6-programmer team for delivering long pending projects for the Brazilian Superior Court: used Java, Delphi, Flex, Ruby on Rails, and Perl.
    • Built and managed a 2-programmer team for prototyping a public security suite using Java and Flex.
    • Released the first version of Brazilian Superior Work Court for an internal IT service control application using Java and JBoss Seam.
    • Created small websites using Django.
    • Led a 3 programmers team building a node.js (express + bookshelf) public car park application for medium sized municipalities.
    Technologies: Node.js, WebStorm, API Design, Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, REST APIs, JavaScript, Debian Linux, Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Express.js, Bash, Software Architecture, REST, Promise, JetBrains, JSON, C++11, UWP, Event-driven Programming, Socket Programming, Bookshelf.js, Concurrent Programming, Sublime Text 3, Bitbucket, HTML, Data Structures, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Android SDK, Java, Perl, Django
  • Software Developer/Team Leader

    2011 - 2012
    • Created the Windows client for synchronization service in C#.
    • Built a REST client based on Microsoft Rest Toolkit.
    • Created an integration API to allow Nuance PaperPort to interact with the sync client: C#, C++, COM, WCF.
    • Customized a Sync application for Nuance: C#, WPF.
    • Ported the application to Mono to be used on Mac OS.
    Technologies: API Design, Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, REST APIs, JavaScript, Software Architecture, REST, Promise, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), JSON, C++11, Socket Programming, Concurrent Programming, Data Structures, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Jira, SQLite, COM, C++, C#
  • Senior Consultant

    2002 - 2009
    • Created a call center front-end for a large telecom using C# and Microsoft CCF 2009.
    • Sanitized an old telecom billing application which was crashing everyday and unable to handle the data flow to achieve 100% code reliability using C, ValGrind, and Oracle OCI.
    • Enabled Sarbanes-Oxley SEC certification for a telecom. I applied sophisticated algorithms to reduce a sparse matrix of 20,000x5,000 user authorization database into a small set of 50 authorization profiles in Perl.
    • Created a QoS indication application for a big telecom handling tens of thousands of tickets daily and allowing for digging into each indication for finding points of improvement using Java EE, Struts, and Oracle PL/SQL.
    • Taught courses on Perl, Coaching, and BPM.
    Technologies: API Design, Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Bash, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET), Software Architecture, Rapid Application Development, Socket Programming, EJB, Concurrent Programming, HTML, Data Structures, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), SQL, Perl, C, C#, Java
  • Software Developer (contractor)

    2001 - 2002
    Brazilian Senate
    • Created a workflow framework for HR department in Java, Swing, and Oracle.
    • Built a contracts management application for the acquisitions department in Java, JSP, and DB2.
    Technologies: HTML, Data Structures, IBM Db2, JSP, Swing, Java
  • Software Development Consultant

    1999 - 2001
    Brasil Telecom
    • Created a back-end for an interconnection billing CDR (Call Data Records) application, able to handle 1.5 billion CDR/month using a hardware platform 10x cheaper than the market leader solution required. Built in C and Oracle Pro*C.
    • Trained the team for proper C, Pro*C programming processes using C, Oracle Pro*C, RCS, and GDB.
    Technologies: Software Architecture, Rapid Application Development, HP-UX, EJB, HTML, Data Structures, AIX, Oracle, C
  • Team Leader

    1997 - 1999
    • Designed and led the development of a Sales Force Automation product based on Windows CE front-end and Windows NT 4.0 based middleware in C++, MFC, and Windows CE SDK.
    • Created a second layer middleware to allow for integrating our middleware with customer SCO UNIX application in C and BSD sockets.
    Technologies: Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, Software Architecture, Rapid Application Development, Socket Programming, Data Structures, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Windows CE, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), Winsock API, KornShell, C++, C


  • Emulating a Terminal (Other amazing things)

    Before the Internet, I stumbled upon this problem: I had to port an application from a DataGeneral minicomputer to a PC. The application used a lot of special features of the tty terminals, which could lead to change most of the application code. Instead, I decided to make a Video BIOS able to mimic the terminal. This approach took only one week and saved months on changing/retesting the application.


  • Languages

    SQL, C, C#, Perl, C++11, HTML, JavaScript, C++, C++14, C++17, C#.NET, Assembly, Assembler x86, CSS, Bash, Java, Ruby, Python, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)
  • Tools

    CLion, WebStorm, Bitbucket, Sublime Text 3, Git, Microsoft Visual Studio, Zsh, Sublime Text, JetBrains, Intel DPDK, CMake, Eclipse IDE, GitHub, Jira
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST, Promise, Concurrent Programming, Rapid Application Development, Socket Programming, Agile Software Development, Event-driven Programming
  • Platforms

    Unix, Ubuntu, Linux, Windows, Debian Linux, Oracle, KornShell, Windows CE, Debian, UWP, Windows Server, AIX, Windows Mobile, Android, HP-UX
  • Other

    Software Architecture, Data Structures, API Design, COM, Processing & Threading, Background Threading, Thread Scheduling, Device Drivers, EJB
  • Frameworks

    Express.js, Android SDK, JSP, Swing, Django, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, Bookshelf.js, Node.js, Winsock API, Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), ATL, Sockets, jQuery, Django ORM, jQuery UI
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, SQLite, IBM Db2, MySQL, JSON


  • Postgraduate degree in Computer Engineering
    2010 - 2011
    Unieuro - Brasilia
  • Bachelor degree in Business
    2004 - 2007
    AIEC - Brasilia

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