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Franklin Francis

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Embedded Software Engineer and Developer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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October 15, 2020

Franklin is a seasoned embedded software engineer with nine years of relevant experience analyzing, developing, testing, and implementing various embedded products in domains like automotive, consumer electronics, and avionics. He has good exposure to embedded systems with over nine years of experience.


C, Python, Python 2, Jama, DOORS, MQX, FreeRTOS, VxWorks, Embedded Systems...
Rob Engineering
C, Middleware, VxWorks, FreeRTOS, MQX, Windows
Robert Bosch Engineering India
Microcontroller Programming, Embedded C, Embedded C++, Device Drivers...




Preferred Environment

Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Embedded C, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Windows

The most amazing...

...was the encryption of a database parsing for a vehicular diagnosis by understanding how the DB is parsed with a limited understanding of the encrypted parser.

Work Experience

Senior Lead Software Engineer

2019 - 2021
  • Developed and verified codes pro line completed tasks through display.
  • Followed scrum through Jira and completed tasks through them.
  • Implemented SWs and validated Black label software.
Technologies: C, Python, Python 2, Jama, DOORS, VxWorks, MQX, FreeRTOS, Embedded Systems, Linux


2016 - 2018
Rob Engineering
  • Developed applications and drivers and replenish it as needed.
  • Created UI screens, screen navigation, and flows required for navigating the services required for servicing.
  • Developed middleware to parse through the message extraction and processing.
  • Wrote Parsers to extract data from subscription APIs and helped register the device for various services based on payment.
  • Developed code to search the database and pick the required data in the product against the vehicle's vehicular information (VIN) for further servicing.
  • Built drivers for measurement and control for the base service of the product working.
Technologies: C, Middleware, FreeRTOS, MQX, VxWorks, Windows

Senior Software Engineer

2015 - 2017
Robert Bosch Engineering India
  • Developed a protocol abstraction layer that read SAE J1939 protocols from a fork lifting machine.
  • Wrote APIs to read the messages and messages from the CAN bus device reader from the fork lifting machine.
  • Developed an application for a telematics project where the device could send the parameters of the truck to the cloud through a postMessage. The device was equipped with a GSM modem, GPS device, and a CAN bus IC to capture data and send.
  • Assisted in enabling the device to achieve good battery management and timely logging of the data.
Technologies: Microcontroller Programming, Embedded C, Embedded C++, Device Drivers, Embedded Systems, Arduino IDE, Hardware

Software Engineer

2013 - 2016
AS Techn
  • Developed an application for a health monitoring system for hospitals.
  • Created an electrical measuring unit device and alert system device that can record electrical power at home and create an alert system on usage.
  • Developed a product which would mention the location of the stop loudly and also display in public transport. This was equipped with a GPS and could be of support to blind and deaf commuters.
Technologies: Microcontrollers, Embedded C, Hardware

AC Servicing Machine

The machine can read the VIN of the vehicle against manual user entry or from the , temperature measurement unit, load cells, and 7" TFT displays, and created an interfaced UI and templates for UI display and manual entries.

Protocol Abstraction Layer

Wrote a PAL for Linde devices, which helped diagnose fork lifting machine's ECU messages (CAN - j1939). I wrote a test suite to validate the functionality of the APIs. The API could register and read the coms and facilitate necessary functionality.


Developed an application to read the vehicular information and send the message to the cloud for logistic mapping. Supported the development of minimal power usage and ran logistics to switch between sleep mode and active mode. The device was interfaced to pick up calls and respond to a user-defined SMS.


Embedded C, C, Python, Python 2, Embedded C++, C++


Embedded Software, Microcontroller Programming, Microcontrollers, Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC), Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Device Drivers, Middleware, Embedded Systems, Firmware, Embedded Hardware, Jama, MQX, FreeRTOS, Electronics, Human-machine Interface (HMI), Arduino IDE, Hardware




Embedded Linux, VxWorks, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Windows

2006 - 2010

Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electrical and Electronics

MY institute of Tech - Belgaum, India