Garegin Tadevosyan, Game Developer in Yerevan, Armenia
Garegin Tadevosyan

Game Developer in Yerevan, Armenia

Member since July 1, 2021
Garegin is a C# developer with a career spanning multiple industries and a variety of environments. As the sole developer for gamified playground equipment, the CTO of an educational gaming startup, a developer in a multinational social casino team, and developer of a social network for car drivers. Garegin has proven he is comfortable working under pressure to deliver games for mobile, desktop, and web.
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  • Max Spot Media
    C#, Unity, Game Development, Game Design, Firebase, Relational Databases...
  • LearnY
    C#, Unity, Agile, Customer Data, Game Development, Games
  • ParkPlayer
    C#, Unity, Game Development, Game Design, Firebase, Games



Yerevan, Armenia



Preferred Environment

Unity, .NET, Windows, Visual Studio, Git, ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), C#

The most amazing...

...thing I have developed and engineered is a radio-controlled airplane that is controlled via a Unity application.


  • Senior Unity Developer

    2019 - 2021
    Max Spot Media
    • Developed slot games with easily customizable graphics and features.
    • Created a step-by-step replay of previously played games (Poker, Slots, Casino War, Baccarat, Blackjack).
    • Integrated text and voice chats and animated emojis to use during gameplay.
    Technologies: C#, Unity, Game Development, Game Design, Firebase, Relational Databases, Oculus, Games, Gaming Platforms, Gaming, Virtual Reality (VR)
  • CTO

    2019 - 2020
    • Did extensive research on educational hurdles for both Armenian students and students in other countries.
    • Conducted multiple interviews with educational professionals throughout the globe.
    • Came up with a design for a mobile game to address the issues found during research.
    • Validated the mobile game proof of concept with potential customers.
    • Aided the CEO and business specialist with the work on the business plan and monetization model, that will provide the best price for our core customers, while also providing revenue to the startup.
    • Managed our team of designers and marketing specialists to make fitting game content and promo art, as well as to represent our MVP both in social media and during meetings with professionals in the educational field.
    Technologies: C#, Unity, Agile, Customer Data, Game Development, Games
  • Senior Unity Developer

    2018 - 2019
    • Developed a mobile companion app to be controlled by playground equipment.
    • Worked on a custom multiplayer network platform based on MQTT and Firebase.
    • Made multiple games including bike race, Olympic marathon run, and endless runner.
    • Managed our designer and 3D modeler/animator to provide relevant art for the game, to achieve requirements set by the managers. Closely worked with 3D modeler to tailor animations and rigs to make them fit the game and particular sport in the game.
    • Tailored the games to work on Android TV for them to be showcased in multiple expos for promotional purposes both for ParkPlayer or third party companies.
    Technologies: C#, Unity, Game Development, Game Design, Firebase, Games
  • Teaching Assistant: Music Theory and Music and Literature Courses

    2018 - 2018
    American University of Armenia
    • Developed an application that automatically generates exam variants, given the initial questionnaire, and randomly sorts the answers.
    • Held office hours several times a week to help students with homework assignments, exam preparations, and other issues regarding the course and university assignments in general.
    • Worked closely with the instructor to improve my knowledge as well as to provide weekly feedback from office hours about students' achievements, overall progress.
    • Worked with students who were just discharged from military service to help them easily adapt to the course and university life in general.
    Technologies: Music
  • C# Developer

    2015 - 2018
    • Worked on several small projects as a freelance developer while serving in the army.
    • Developed a custom gradient map-making tool that increased productivity when making ramp maps for custom lighting models in games.
    • Worked on multiplayer Tarneeb card game made in Unity using Photon for multiplayer.
    • Made a service that allowed users to save and retrieve configuration parameters for the game or the app on the web service, and get them at the runtime. Similar to Unity Remote Settings and Firebase Remote Config when those were not yet public.
    • Automated an Instagram management tool that allowed users to run queries and actions on both user's followers and the people that the user followed, track post popularity, and sort out common hashtags for popular posts.
    • Created a utility tool to convert Microsoft Word documents from Armenian ANSI encoding to Armenian Unicode and vice versa.
    • Developed a desktop organizing app similar to folders on Android and iOS screens.
    Technologies: C#.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.NET, Unity
  • C# Game Developer

    2014 - 2015
    NaKo games
    • Developed a complete game using our custom dress-up engine based on XAML and C#.
    • Worked closely with the designer and management to make the game as customizable as possible without any code changes.
    • Integrated error reporting tools to track and fix bugs post-launch.
    • Integrated Facebook and Twitter API-s to make game content and player results easily shareable on social networks, increasing engagement rate.
    • Oversaw the integration of interstitial and banner ads, maximizing both revenue and player experience.
    Technologies: C#, .NET, Windows Phone
  • ASP.NET Developer

    2012 - 2014
    • Worked on multiple aspects for a social network for car drivers.
    • Added public forums to the website that increased the daily active users from 50-60 to 900-1,000.
    • Worked on a traffic law violation ticket notification system, which significantly increased the number of new users from 12,000 to 50,000-60,000.
    • Participated in negotiations with third parties to come up with an API to integrate their payment and loan systems into the platform.
    Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL


  • CasinoPros

    A Unity-based multiplatform (web, Android, and iOS) social casino. I collaborated with a wide array of back-end developers and graphic designers to develop easily customizable slot games using Asset Bundles, integrated Speex codecs to be used for voice chat, as well as worked on multiple libraries, to make native Android, iOS, and web APIs available to be used inside Unity.

  • ParkPlayer Mobile

    A Unity-based companion app for ParkPlayer playground equipment that contains multiple multiplayer games which are controlled by the playground equipment mentioned above. The multiplayer games are endless runner games with limited lives, Olympic track races, hurdle races, bike races, and skiing. I was the only Unity developer on the team so I collaborated with designers, 3D modelers, and the engineering team to develop all the games in Unity.

  • Cyber Mario

    Cyber Mario is a personal project intended for my YouTube channel. It is a Super Mario Bros remake inside Unity using the latest technologies provided by scriptable render pipelines, and real-time ray tracing. During the project, I heavily studied 3D modeling, animation, and optimization of game assets.

  • Bobble Run

    A Unity-based 2D endless runner. My responsibilities on the project included developing the game from scratch using the sketches provided by the assets. Everything in the game, including characters, obstacles, animations were done by me using Corel DRAW, Spine 2D, and Unity.

  • Black and Red

    Unity-based hyper-casual 3D endless runner. The game is developed as an indie project, as well as a study of multiple game design and programming patterns inside Unity. Most of the assets and animations are done inside Unity and modeled in Maya.

  • Lil' Planet Hunt

    A Unity-based hyper-casual game. The game was developed for participation in Andi Jam 2018 and is one of the winners of the game jam. The game features a completely custom physics implementation based on Newton's law of gravity. All of the 3D assets in the game are modeled inside Maya.

  • Fashion Girl

    A C#.NET-based Windows Phone game that includes character customization, model competitions, and multiple mini-games such as a Match-3 game, quiz game, and IQ test. The game was developed using pure C# and .NET implementation for the Windows Phone platform and XAML.

  • Remote Variables

    A C#, ASP.NET Core-based service that gives the ability to keep the configuration variables for the game and mobile app online, allowing real-time tweaking and change of experience without releasing actual game updates.

  • Instagram Manager

    C# and WPF-based application that allows viewing the followers in real-time, seeing connections, automated following, follow back, and post functionality. Has the ability to check how your hashtags have performed to be able to further optimize your posts.

  • Unity AI Development: An xNode-based Graphical FSM Tutorial (Publication)
    Take your Unity AI game to the next level with xNode. In this tutorial, we boost our FSM-based AI with a graphical user interface, delivering an enhanced development environment.
  • Unity AI Development: A Finite-state Machine Tutorial (Publication)
    Ever wonder how game developers deliver entertaining interplay with the non-player characters they create? Learn how to develop them yourself in our finite-state machine tutorial.


  • Languages

    C#, C#.NET, HLSL, GLSL, SQL, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks

    Unity, .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Unity3D, Unity2D, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, .NET Core
  • Other

    Games, Game Development, Data Structures, Algorithms, 3D Games, 2D Games, Zenject, Unitask, Gaming Platforms, Gaming, Virtual Reality (VR), Game Design, Network Programming, Cryptography, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software Development Management, Networks, Web Development, Computer Graphics, Customer Data, APIs, Ray Tracing, Music
  • Libraries/APIs

    Windows Forms (WinForms), XNA, OpenGL, UniRx, React, Node.js
  • Tools

    Git, Visual Studio, Blender
  • Platforms

    Desktop, Firebase, Oculus, Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS
  • Paradigms

  • Storage

    Database Structure, MongoDB, Relational Databases


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2014 - 2020
    American University of Armenia - Yerevan, Armenia
  • Associate Degree in Computer Science
    2010 - 2014
    European College in Armenia Foundation - Yerevan, Armenia

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