Gergely Szanto, Full-stack Developer in Budapest, Hungary
Gergely Szanto

Full-stack Developer in Budapest, Hungary

Member since May 18, 2017
Gergely is a senior full-stack software engineer with a decade of experience in multiple fields like startups, enterprise scale companies, universities, and his own projects. He specializes in building Node.js APIs and Angular front-end applications with JavaScript and TypeScript. His focus is architecting secure, maintainable solutions with self-testing code, automatization, and operations on Amazon Web Services.
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  • Travelator, Inc. (via Toptal)
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Jenkins, AWS, TypeScript, JavaScript...
  • Blueopes
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js
  • Logmein
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js



Budapest, Hungary



Preferred Environment

SourceTree, Git, Vim Text Editor, Visual Studio Code, ITerm, OS X

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is Blueopes—a low-cost, automatized wealth management service provider that's focused on socially responsible investments.


  • Freelance Senior Node.js Developer

    2017 - 2018
    Travelator, Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Develop and maintain the Node.js and TypeScript-based API.
    • Developed the front-end with Ember.js.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Jenkins, AWS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ember.js, Node.js
  • CTO

    2016 - 2018
    • Developed a front-end application with Angular.
    • Built an API with Node.js, Express, and TypeScript.
    • Developed a back-end in Python for portfolio allocation and algorithms.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2015 - 2016
    • Designed and built Xively—a world-leading IoT platform.
    • Acted as part of a security team—keeping and driving a SDL.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js
  • Software Engineer

    2012 - 2014
    Secret Sauce Partners
    • Built the back-end system on Ruby on Rails.
    • Developed a Node.js API that serves 15 million users monthly.
    • Created fast prototypes for sales with Backbone,js and Angular.
    Technologies: MongoDB, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Angular, Node.js
  • Software Engineer | Project Manager

    2012 - 2012
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    • Worked on the IT services' internal social network.
    • Communicated with the customer.
    • Led a small development team.
    Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, CodeIgniter, PHP
  • Software Engineer

    2008 - 2012
    • Conducted partner and product management.
    • Led a small development team.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Symfony, MySQL, PHP


  • Blueopes (Development)

    Blueopes is a low-cost, automatized wealth management service provider that's focused on socially responsible investments.

  • Xively by Logmein (Development)

    Xively offers everything you need to help companies in any industry profiting from IoT.

  • Map4Us (Development)

    Map4Us is an event-based location sharing solution. It keeps users updated about event members' locations right before the event and during it. Location sharing is completely temporary, immediately stops after the event finished, and positions are unreachable afterward. Inviting members is quick and simple, where you pull from your social networks and are not limited only to friends. Members can share locations between different groups of friends and enjoy events with each other.

  • Fit Predictor (Development)

    Fit Predictor finds a shopper's best fit in seconds using data mining techniques on data that retailers already have—without the need for physical measurements. Launched in 8 global markets including the US, the technology has been proven using A/B testing to increase conversion and reduce returns. Fit Predictor is omnichannel, supports 1400+ brands, and over 1 million shoppers.

  • (Development)

    We've created a job placement website to help both the qualified manpower and the lower/country side manpower to find the right position. The solution solves advertising problems easily by allowing small and big companies and find the right person for the job.

    My responsibilities include both the back-end and front-end of the website, UX, and design the whole application to be scalable and easy-to-use.

  • UTix Social Ticketing (Development)

    UTix makes buying tickets with your friends as easy as possible. By forming new groups, or joining an existing one, you select exactly which friends know you are going to an event. No more confusion because UTix helps you share your seating arrangements to ensure you and your friends sit together.

  • KeywordProtector (Development)

    Selecting the best target and the proper keywords are only the first step in an AdWords campaign. During an expensive campaign, KeywordProtector helps you maintain and protect your advertising targets. Predefined rules and patterns are matched against the competitors’ advertising data and alerts are raised when immediate action is necessary to overcome the competitors.

  • Gufedo (Development)

    Gufedo is an online betting solution where users can play with virtual money only. The system has almost the same functionality like the biggest betting sites like Bwin or Sportingbet, but we added some more social and fun things.
    The concept wasn't good enough to create a viable product, but we successfully made this complex, multi-language gaming site which had more than 5,000 active players during the UEFA European Championship in 2012.

  • (Development)

    We provided a BTB solution to link demands and offers on the Hungarian credit intermediaries market. As a founder, I created the back- and front-end of the system with PHP and JavaScript. The service was a market leader before the economic crisis in 2008.


  • Languages

    TypeScript, CSS, Sass, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Less, PHP, Ruby
  • Frameworks

    Express.js, Angular, Hapi.js, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Ember.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, Backbone.js
  • Tools

    Asana, CircleCI, Git, Atlassian Confluence, Gulp.js, Jira, Webpack 2, ITerm, Vim Text Editor, SourceTree, Jenkins
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Microservices, Microservices Architecture, API Architecture, Web Architecture, Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Functional Programming, Software Testing, DevOps
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, Heroku, Docker, OS X, Visual Studio Code
  • Storage

    AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    GitFlow, User Experience (UX), AWS


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
    2009 - 2013
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Budapest, Hungary

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