Gilberto T. Garcia Jr, Software Developer in Marina del Rey, United States
Gilberto T. Garcia Jr

Software Developer in Marina del Rey, United States

Member since February 15, 2013
Gilberto is a software engineer with expertise in scoping, architecting, developing, and maintaining web applications. His strengths include problem-solving, communicating effectively, and the ability to mentor teammates. He has exceptional technical knowledge spanning the full stack of technologies, including server-side, client-side, and QA. Gilberto wrote the “Lift Application Development Cookbook,” published in 2013 by PacktPub.
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  • Rain
    Go, PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB, Architecture, Software Design...
  • Ascendant Compliance Management
    Marko.js, AngularJS, MongoDB, Go, Lift, Scala, JavaScript...
  • Ad Hoc Labs
    spray, Angular, Akka, PostgreSQL, Scala, SQL, JavaScript, Redis...



Marina del Rey, United States



Preferred Environment

Git, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), IntelliJ, OS X, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is the founding engineering team for Rain. I also built Rain from zero to series A, leading it to be a successful start up.


  • CTO

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Collaborated with two other co-founders to build the initial engineering team for Rain, which under my leadership, created the system to serve hundreds of thousands of US and Indian employees.
    • Designed and implemented the first version of the platform as a monolith. Helped design and create the strategy to break the monolith down into multiple microservices.
    • Provided technical guidance and helped the decision-making process regarding architecture and tech stack to improve the current platform and make it scale tenfold.
    • Oversaw the implementation of event-driven architecture, reducing the time to process ingested data from hours to seconds.
    Technologies: Go, PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB, Architecture, Software Design, Technical Leadership, Web Development, Scalable Architecture, Kubernetes, Slack API, Slack, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript 6, HTML5, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Senior Developer

    2016 - PRESENT
    Ascendant Compliance Management
    • Developed an engine to parse different formats of feed files to import the data into the platform.
    • Created algorithms to analyze the imported data and generate reference data that could be used on different reports.
    • Developed a report tool in Scala/Lift.
    Technologies: Marko.js, AngularJS, MongoDB, Go, Lift, Scala, JavaScript, Functional Programming, REST APIs, API Integration, APIs, HTML, CSS, Full-stack, CSS3, HTML5
  • Senior Scala Engineer

    2014 - 2018
    Ad Hoc Labs
    • Developed and helped to improve the platform that powers a mobile application for disposable phone numbers.
    • Helped improve the performance of the application by changing how data was accessed.
    • Collaborated with other devs in the team to improve the system architecture making communication across different services easier and more simple.
    Technologies: spray, Angular, Akka, PostgreSQL, Scala, SQL, JavaScript, Redis, Functional Programming, REST APIs, API Integration, APIs, HTML, CSS, Full-stack, Twilio, VoIP, Stripe Payments, Stripe API, CSS3, HTML5
  • Senior Java Engineer

    2015 - 2015
    • Developed the brokerage platform and integration with third-party services.
    • Led/architected the new REST APIs for the Tradier platform.
    • Advised management on technical strategies.
    Technologies: Ember.js, Dropwizard, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, REST APIs, API Integration, APIs, HTML, CSS, Full-stack
  • Haskell Developer

    2015 - 2015
    Front Row
    • Helped to develop new features of the Front Row educational platform.
    • Migrated features from the legacy Clojure codebase to the new Haskell application.
    Technologies: PostgreSQL, Clojure, Haskell, SQL, JavaScript, Functional Programming, Asana, REST APIs, APIs, HTML, CSS, Full-stack
  • Scala Developer

    2012 - 2015
    Ingo, LLC
    • Developed the advocacy platform that empowers people to promote and grow events.
    • Mentored team members.
    • Led/architected the server side part of the platform and helped developing the front-end.
    • Coached junior team members.
    Technologies: React, Lodash, RequireJS, Backbone.js, Akka, ZeroMQ, PostgreSQL, Lift, Scala, JavaScript, Functional Programming, REST APIs, APIs, HTML, CSS, Full-stack, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Scala Developer

    2013 - 2013
    Travel Album
    • Architected and developed a web application that allows users to plan travel and share geotagged photos on a centralized map of the world.
    • Led/architected the server side part of the application and helped develop the front-end.
    Technologies: CoffeeScript, AngularJS, MongoDB, Akka, Lift, Scala, SQL, JavaScript, REST APIs, APIs, HTML, CSS, Full-stack, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Senior Java Analyst

    2012 - 2013
    • Architected and developed the strategy to test the different, but similar, products to make feasible to merge them into a single product while assuring the health of the existent features.
    • Led/architected the testing strategy.
    • Mentored and coached teammates on testing tools and best practices.
    Technologies: Selenium, Cucumber, JVM, JUnit, Oracle, Java, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Full-stack
  • Senior Java Engineer

    2011 - 2012
    • Supported legacy systems written in Java 3 and Java 4.
    • Migrated parts of the legacy systems to Java 5.
    • Wrote new applications, as microservices, in Java 5.
    Technologies: Hibernate, Spring, WebLogic, Oracle, Java, SQL, HTML, Full-stack
  • Senior Java Engineer

    2011 - 2011
    • Developed new features for the home broker desktop application using Java and SWT.
    • Helped build the back-end server to support the desktop client application.
    • Helped improve performance bottlenecks in the application to increase data throughput.
    Technologies: SWT, MySQL, Java, SQL
  • Scrum Master/Senior Java Engineer

    2010 - 2011
    • Led the team responsible for building an application to support TIM's logistic department.
    • Helped build a standalone application to load data into the main application server.
    • Helped build features of the main application.
    • Helped design the application architecture.
    Technologies: Hibernate, Spring, Oracle, Java, Spring MVC, SQL, HTML, CSS, Full-stack
  • Senior Java Engineer

    2009 - 2009
    • Helped build a job search product.
    • Helped designing the product's architecture.
    Technologies: Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Spring, Apache Struts 2, Hibernate, Java, Scrum, SQL, jQuery UI, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Full-stack
  • Senior Java Engineer

    2006 - 2008
    • Supported legacy Forex trading applications.
    • Developed new standalone applications to support Forex trading.
    Technologies: Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Apache Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Sybase, Java, SQL


  • Lift Application Development Cookbook

    Lift Application Development Cookbook teaches you how to build web applications using this amazing framework. The book moves gradually, starting with the basics (starting a new project, submitting a form, and so on) before covering more advanced topics such as building a REST API and integrating your application with other technologies and applications.

  • Tarsier Time Tracker

    Developed a simple time tracker built with Scala, Lift, PostgreSQL, Backbone.js, Require.js, Backbone.js, and Underscore.js

  • eFluence

    eFluence is an application I'm building to help freelance teachers.

    The application helps teachers to organize their students activities and allow students to build their own customized dictionary.

    Voice recording features allows students to record word pronunciation, which can later be verified by the teacher and that will work as reference on how to proper pronounce the words.

    It uses Haskell and PostgreSQL in the back-end and React.js in the front-end.

  • Linux Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers (Publication)
    This resource contains a collection of Linux best practices and Linux tips provided by our Toptal network members.


  • Languages

    Go, Scala, Java, HTML, HTML5, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript 6, CoffeeScript, Clojure, Haskell, Ruby, Elixir
  • Frameworks

    Spring MVC, Spring, Lift, AngularJS, Apache Struts 2, JUnit, Selenium, Akka, Dropwizard, Ember.js, Angular, Hibernate, Apache Struts, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, React, ZeroMQ, Backbone.js, RequireJS, Lodash, spray, SWT, Marko.js, Apache POI, jQuery UI, jQuery, Stripe API, Slack API
  • Tools

    Meld, IntelliJ IDEA, Asana, RabbitMQ, Slack, Cucumber, IntelliJ, Git, Inkscape
  • Paradigms

    Functional Programming, Scrum, Agile Software Development, Microservices
  • Platforms

    Linux, Windows, Twilio, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle, JVM, OS X, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Kubernetes
  • Storage

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Sybase
  • Other

    Apache Commons, API Integration, APIs, Full-stack, Web Development, Technical Writing, VoIP, Architecture, Software Design, Technical Leadership, Scalable Architecture, WebLogic, Multiplexers (Mux), Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Stripe Payments


  • Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy
    1998 - 2004
    University of São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil


  • Java Enterprise Development
  • Java Development
    Brazilian Institute of Advanced Technologies
  • Java Programming
    Brazilian Institute of Advanced Technologies

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