Giulio Malventi, Software Developer in Copenhagen, Denmark
Giulio Malventi

Software Developer in Copenhagen, Denmark

Member since July 6, 2022
Giulio is a discipline-crossing engineer skilled in software and mechanical design, technical interface, and project integration. He is passionate about learning new technologies and worked as an architect and developer for engineering design applications and factory production support. He likes to simplify and tries to deliver minimal code tailored to do just what is necessary. For his experience, Giulio is a good fit for technical or scientific software development.
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  • NOV
    Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, C#.NET, MongoDB, Mechanical Design...
  • NOV
    Mechanical Design, Structural Analysis, Technical Project Management, Python...
  • Eni
    Technical Project Management, Structural Analysis, Offshore Development...



Copenhagen, Denmark



Preferred Environment

Linux, Python, JavaScript, 3D CAD, SQL, Software Design, Integration, JSON, Git, Back-end Development

The most amazing... of the last years is an app for designing offshore pipe connectors, where the engineer is guided through a maze of rules with friendly code and drawings.


  • Software Engineer/Architect

    2019 - PRESENT
    • Developed a complete rework of a program for the mechanical and structural design of offshore pipe connectors as a modular web application with a Python back end, whose code is intended to be accessible to non-software engineers.
    • Developed three helper applications for planning software development, designing factory activity, and verifying production defects.
    • Built and maintained Excel tools for the generation of design and production documentation.
    • Proposed and developed an SSO authentication intermediary to simplify and uniform the inclusion of robust authentication in a department that maintained several small-sized applications in different frameworks.
    Technologies: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, C#.NET, MongoDB, Mechanical Design, Structural Design, Microsoft SQL Server, Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Azure Cosmos DB, Linux, Full-stack, 3D CAD, Node.js, Back-end, Software Engineering, Cloud, APIs, Architecture, Software Design, API Integration, Integration, Legacy Code, Legacy Software, JSON, Front-end, Back-end Development, Software Architecture, Creo Parametric, Pro/ENGINEER, Database Design, Calculators, Web Forms, Excel 365, CAD, DXF, Scripting, Full-stack Development, Third-party APIs, Team Leadership, GitHub
  • End Fitting Design Engineer

    2018 - 2019
    • Performed a structural design and technical interface for subsea flexible pipe connectors.
    • Created equipment and testing for ultra-deepwater components.
    • Developed software tools for supporting structural design.
    Technologies: Mechanical Design, Structural Analysis, Technical Project Management, Python, Excel VBA, Creo, 3D CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Integration, Creo Parametric, Pro/ENGINEER, Construction, CAD, Scripting
  • Offshore Installation Engineer

    2016 - 2018
    • Created subsea structures, installation aids, and shore approach tunnel scopes. Performed system integration, independent structural verification, and technical interface towards a subsea production system and onshore plant.
    • Performed field engineering and represented the client at construction sites and pipeline landfall.
    • Developed lightweight software tools for interfacing with project documentation services.
    Technologies: Technical Project Management, Structural Analysis, Offshore Development, SOLIDWORKS, Python, 3D CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Integration, Construction, Scripting, Team Leadership
  • Offshore Installation Engineer

    2013 - 2015
    • Developed and participated in executing marine operations related to offshore tow of the FPSO, mooring system installation and connection, risers, and power cable connection.
    • Optimized, commissioned, and maintained mooring and offloading equipment. Contributed to preparing dry transportation of FPSO from Korea, the heaviest lift to date.
    • Held responsibility since 2014 for structural discipline in Stavanger and ensured structural compliance for marine systems.
    Technologies: Technical Project Management, Structural Analysis, SOLIDWORKS, 3D CAD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Integration, Construction, Scripting, Team Leadership
  • Mechanical Design Engineer

    2012 - 2013
    Badger Explorer
    • Designed subsystems for a prototype of an autonomous drilling robot for rigless exploration.
    • Reviewed and optimized previous designs and performed technical interface with subsidiaries. Participated in prototype procurement, assembly, and testing.
    • Developed a prototype of a customized PDM software system intended to replace ProArc.
    Technologies: Mechanical Design, PHP, MySQL, SOLIDWORKS, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), COMSOL, 3D CAD, Web, Database Design, Construction, CAD, Scripting
  • Mechanical Design Engineer

    2011 - 2011
    • Designed and developed customized heavy lifting equipment.
    • Managed technical interface with detail designers in India.
    • Headed technical interface with production suppliers in Poland.
    Technologies: Structural Design, 3D CAD, Autodesk Inventor, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Construction, CAD
  • Web Developer

    2009 - 2011
    • Built a web page and an online ordering system for a salad bar with customized payment and credit solutions.
    • Created and operated three Facebook user picture contest applications.
    • Developed and maintained two design portfolio websites.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Web, Database Design, Web Forms, Full-stack Development
  • Civil Design Engineer

    2007 - 2011
    • Managed concept, detailed design, and presentation for several small civil design projects. Led review and integration of structural and utility disciplines.
    • Directed interface toward English-speaking customers.
    • Performed internal IT services regarding mail and web server, 3D CAD.
    Technologies: 3D Architecture, ARCHICAD, 3D CAD, Construction, CAD
  • Mechanical Design Engineer

    2005 - 2007
    Leonardo S.p.A.
    • Performed conceptual and detailed design for marine defense systems.
    • Contributed to managing changes and technical interfaces with the production department and suppliers.
    • Managed a first-hand prototype assembly and testing.
    Technologies: Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, Mechanical Design, 3D CAD, Creo Parametric, Construction, CAD


  • E-flex 5 | 2019-2022

    An application to design connectors for offshore flexible pipes for hydrocarbons up to 16" diameter. It allows engineers to import the pipe setup, perform structural analysis, and size the connector's components by following a set of established methodologies. It further gives input to a 3D CAD for detailed design.

    Having experience as a designer for the product, I was invited to maintain a previous C# desktop application with a similar scope. Seeing many shortcomings, I proposed redeveloping it as a modular web application with a Python and MongoDB back end. The components would be written in a simple way, accessible to non-software engineers, and suitable to replace traditional mechanical design documentation.

    • Eliminated duality between documentation and code and the associated development delay.
    • Allowed most users to understand the code and opened to more contributors.
    • Exposed an API for scripting.
    • Allowed use of units of measurement and tolerances.
    • A new DB allowed searching on hundreds of design parameters.
    • Provided a more appealing and functional interface.
    • Provided more comprehensive testing.
    • Eliminated desktop deployment overhead.
    • Modularity opens to become a generic design product.

  • Barracuda | 2021-2022

    An application to visualize a production map for offshore flexible pipes where one must ensure that original defects in the supplier materials and welds introduced during production are adequately spaced so that the structural capacity of the pipe is not affected. Used for production planning and quality control.

    Initially tasked to adapt the visualization features of an existing, more ambitious but never adopted application for optimizing production. Technical interfacing showed that the goals and architecture of the old software were not in line with the factory's needs, so the idea was discarded, and I proposed a new, lighter implementation that could quickly become useful. It consists of an input spreadsheet capable of synchronizing bi-directionally with a stateless web application, which displays the data and allows to reorganize the input visually.

    Close collaboration with future users resulted in substantial improvement in planning and checking workflows at both the design office and factory. Focus on simplicity allowed us to deliver a working prototype usable on an actual project in a few months, providing invaluable development feedback. The success of Barracuda opened more smart factory activities.

  • Timeline | 2021-2022

    A web application to visualize documentation, training, and software deliverables on a timeline, used by management for resource planning.

    While working on flexible pipe production software, a personal side project was developed as a single-page app focused on simplicity. It presents a shared, color-coded timeline of deliverables and a tree of selectors based on the company organization structure and performs access management based on department membership.

  • Inconnu | 2022

    A lightweight, modular authentication microservice intended to provide easier and consistent user identification for other applications, handling the interface with identity providers (currently supported by Microsoft and Okta).

    A personal initiative to avoid the identity provider set up and simplifying auth coding on different applications.

  • EFMB | 2018-2022

    A spreadsheet application used to prepare mounting instruction books for offshore pipe connectors, printing the workshop forms for producing a particular design configuration.

    The application presents an ordered table of ca. 200 Word documents selected automatically based on a matrix of design options, downloaded from a web server, compiled with project information, indexed, and printed in execution order. Derived from a previous spreadsheet where the logic was completely embedded in the VBA code, this new development has the advantage of being readable and editable by non-programmers and doubles as an overview of the production process, which was not available previously.

  • Graphic Counter | 2022

    A personal project for recording events and displaying their occurrence graphic over a time period (e.g., number of trainings per month and intake of medicines per week). Proof of concept for using Flutter, Firebase, and Play Store.

  • Graphic Counter | 2020–2021

    A personal project for recording events and displaying their occurrence graphic over a time period (e.g., number of hours of training per month and intake of medicines per week). It is a proof of concept for using Vue, Chart.js, and GUN.

  • Micrometer Output Customizer

    A helper application to format the data transferred from a Bluetooth micrometer to a laboratory computer for input in a custom database. I first investigated the feasibility of intercepting Bluetooth communication and implemented it as a keyboard event handler.


  • Languages

    Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, YAML, TypeScript, PHP, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Excel VBA, SQL, Pug, C#.NET, Go, GraphQL
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, Node.js, REST APIs, NumPy, Chart.js, Vue
  • Tools

    SOLIDWORKS, Git, CAD, GitHub, Creo, Autodesk Inventor, Cron, COMSOL, Mongoose, Keyboards
  • Paradigms

    Mechanical Design, Database Design, Microservices
  • Platforms

    Docker, Web, Linux, Kubernetes, Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Firebase, Android, Bluetooth LE
  • Storage

    NoSQL, JSON, Databases, Web Forms, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Cosmos DB, MySQL, Cloud Firestore, Distributed Databases
  • Other

    Structural Design, Structural Analysis, Programming, 3D CAD, Full-stack, Back-end, 3D Printing, 3D Print Design, APIs, Document Parsing, Software Engineering, Cloud, Architecture, Software Design, API Integration, Integration, Legacy Code, Legacy Software, CSV Export, CSV Import, Front-end, Back-end Development, Software Architecture, Creo Parametric, Calculators, Excel 365, Physics, Scripting, Full-stack Development, Aerospace & Defense, Technical Project Management, Offshore Development, Pro/ENGINEER, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), User Interface (UI), Deno, Construction, Third-party APIs, 3D Architecture, ARCHICAD, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), User Authentication, Authentication, Okta, DXF, Team Leadership
  • Frameworks

    Flutter, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Express.js


  • Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering
    1998 - 2004
    University of Pisa - Pisa, Italy


  • Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More
  • MongoDB for Python Developers
    MARCH 2020 - PRESENT
    MongoDB University
  • Certified SolidWorks Associate
    Dassault Systèmes

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