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Goncalo Gomes

Goncalo Gomes

Lisbon, Portugal
Member since February 18, 2014
Goncalo is a 31 year old developer from Lisbon. He specializes in architecture and design principles and brings experience developing frameworks. He is comfortable with J2EE, the Spring Framework, JavaScript, HTML5 APIs, and much more.
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  • Tango Telecom
    Java 6, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, J2EE (JDBC, JSP, JSTL), Spring Framework...
  • IBT Realtime
    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, HTML 5 APIs, DOM/BOM, jQuery, KnockoutJS...
  • TAP Airline
    Java 1.4, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, J2EE (JDBC, JSP, JSTL), Portlet...
  • HTML, 6 years
  • Java, 6 years
  • Spring MVC, 6 years
  • jQuery, 5 years
  • JavaScript, 5 years
  • ECMAScript (ES6), 5 years
  • HTML5, 3 years
  • xRTML, 2 years
Lisbon, Portugal
Preferred Environment
Linux, Intellij, Subversion
The most amazing...
...programming experience I've had is working as the lead developer for a modern JavaScript framework called xRTML.
  • Senior Software Engineer
    2013 - PRESENT
    Tango Telecom
    • Created design and functional specifications.
    • Designed and implemented complex modules.
    • Progressed component design through development, testing, documentation, and delivery.
    • Reviewed design, functional specifications, and code developed by other team members.
    • Created and reviewed test plans and test tools.
    • Participated in continuous process improvements.
    • Installed and delivered developed applications to customer sites.
    Technologies: Java 6, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, J2EE (JDBC, JSP, JSTL), Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate, JUnit, jQuery, Dojo, Spring JavaScript
  • Senior R&D Developer
    2011 - 2013
    IBT Realtime
    • Researched, developed, authored, and supported the main framework (xRTML).
    • Developed and supported complementary APIs of the main framework using Java, .NET, and PHP APIs.
    • Authored and supported an Android framework.
    • Established and supported the development lifecycle.
    • Mentored junior and intermediate developers.
    • Developed tools for the community website.
    • Authored content for the community website.
    • Gathered feedback to improve the framework.
    Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, HTML 5 APIs, DOM/BOM, jQuery, KnockoutJS, Android SDK, JDK 1.4, Velocity, XSLT, Apache, Node.js, Redis, SQL Server
  • Senior Web Developer
    2009 - 2011
    TAP Airline
    • Designed and implemented a solution for the web components of a B2C loyalty program portlet.
    • Maintained and supported the web components of a B2C loyalty program portlet.
    • Championed and established the usage of integrated testing in the build lifecycle.
    • Established the usage of an internal ticketing system.
    • Advocated for and established the usage of several more up-to-date technologies, such as Hibernate and Spring Web Flow.
    Technologies: Java 1.4, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, J2EE (JDBC, JSP, JSTL), Portlet, WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets), Spring Framework, Spring Portlet MVC, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate, Velocity, SOAP, XSLT, JUnit, jQuery, WebSphere 6, WebSphere Portal 6
  • Web Developer
    2007 - 2009
    Card Protection Plan UK
    • Analyzed requirements.
    • Designed and implemented a solution for B2C, B2B, Intranet, and eCommerce web applications (full applications and components).
    • Maintained and supported B2C, B2B, Intranet, and eCommerce web applications.
    • Completed peer code reviews.
    • Supervised and supported a version control system and a change request system.
    • Deployed to a test environment.
    • Supported and improved development lifecycle procedures.
    • Provided application server configuration and support for the development and test environments.
    Technologies: Java 1.4, Java 5, SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Groovy, J2EE (JSF, Facelets, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, JSTL), Spring Framework, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate, Torque, JUnit, Grails, jQuery, Apache Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic
  • Operations Executive
    2005 - 2007
    Card Protection Plan Portugal
    • Liaised with UK and Spanish offices for all IT matters.
    • Supervised call center customer service and ensured SLAs.
    • Negotiated call center contracts.
    • Controlled and ensured fulfillment house SLAs.
    • Negotiated fulfillment house contracts.
    • Mentored operations support executives.
    • Processed large amounts of data from customers and business partners.
    • Liaised with business partners regarding new customer campaigns.
    • Liaised and established protocols with business partners regarding operational matters.
    Technologies: None
  • Real-time Cloud Storage (Development)

    A storage system provided as a service for storing data in real time (taking advantage of Realtime technology). The main purpose is to support the data needs of the xRTML components, but also to support custom structures using the extensible storage module present in the framework.

    Responsibilities: Sole developer for both the server-side application and client-side module (with team input and support)

    Skills used on server-side: JavaScript, Node.js, Redis, Monit, Upstart

    Skills used on client-side: JavaScript

  • xRTML (Development)

    A framework providing out-of-the box components and core functionality for working with Realtime (a set of technologies that takes advantage of new HTML5 initiatives, especially web sockets, to improve the experience in web browsers).
    It is designed for extensibility and is highly customizable with reasonable defaults.

    Responsibilities: All principles and the framework architecture were decided by 3 developers, including myself. I developed and supported several components, including a voting poll, a data chart, video and audio components, Toast, mouse tracking, and remote control.

    Skills used: JavaScript, HTML5 APIs, Knockout.js, Sizzle, JSON, cross-browser support

  • xRTML Fiddler (Development)

    A custom tool for rendering and allowing for code editing in xRTML tutorials (some of the same principles as JSFiddler).

    Responsibilities: Sole developer (with team input and support)

    Skills used: JavaScript, CKEditor, jQuery, XSLT

  • xRTML Android Framework (Development)

    Provides core functionality and out-of-the-box components for working with Realtime. It was written using the native SDK.

    Responsibilities: Sole developer (with team input and support)

    Skills used: Java, Android SDK, AIDL, OAuth, Google APIs

  • xRTML Code&Doc Generator (Development)

    An in-house tool for generating code and documentation. It allows for one step maintenance of the xRTML API code and documentation (Java, .NET, and PHP), XML schema, and main framework documentation for the website.

    Responsibilities: Sole developer (with team input and support)

    Skills used: Java, Velocity, Rhino, JSON

  • xRTML Eclipse plugin (Development)

    A plugin for helping with the development of xRTML in the Eclipse platform. It generates common usage code snippets and applies the xRTML schema.

    Responsibilities: Sole developer (with team input and support)

    Skills used: Java, Eclipse Platform, XSD

  • xRTML Java API (Development)

    A complementary library for helping with the development of xRTML in Java environments. It provides a TagLib and basic core functionality for working with Realtime.

    Responsibilities: Sole developer (with team input and support)

    Skills used: Java, TLD

  • Ionic/Angular: Eatmatic (in progress) (Development)

    A complete ordering system for restaurants. Targeted for employees and customers. It has a back-office app and customer facing app with custom plugins specific to this app.

  • LBO - Local Breakout App (Development)

    An app to identify when the user changed mobile networks while entering roaming and to present a few roaming packages and enable them for a telecom software company.

    Payment is invoiced by the carrier, so no in-app purchases were necessary here.

    Used Cordova for Android and iOS. Used jQuery Mobile for front-end and custom Cordova plugins to identify the network change, subscribe the package via REST, etc.

  • Camera One (Development)

    Application to record videos and allow commenting and publishing to a Caterpillar portal (for Caterpilar employee engagement).

    Cordova for Android and iOS. Implemented a design from PSD to HTML/CSS and used a Cordova camera plugin and custom plugins to interact with the portal.

  • Cordova Custom Plugin for Taxi Tracking and Billing (Development)

    Developed a plugin to track driver movement and calculate the fare based on stopagges, rate, etc. Interacted with a REST web service.

  • Bestript Vouchers (Development)

    An app for a vouchers company similar to Groupon, but for travelers. Identified the location of a traveler and displayed the discount partners in that area.

    Cordova for Android and iOS. Implemented design from PSD also, and interacted with WordPress based services to support the app.

  • Cordova Custom Plugin to Interact with xRTML for Android (Development)

    This is a Cordova custom plugin that helps developers hit the ground running when working with xRTML and Cordova.

  • Platform Management User Interface (Development)

    Administration UI for configuring software related to telecoms, such as anti-spam services, plan management, data usage, etc.

    Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery

  • Platform Managemrnt User Interface Builder (a full CMS from Scratch) (Development)

    In-house CMS written from the ground up by me to quickly create configuration screens for new products (Forms, Tables, etc.). Ended up being used by all UI developers in the company.

  • Languages
    HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java, ECMAScript (ES6), HTML5, CSS3, TypeScript 2, TypeScript, Expression Language, Groovy, UML, Sass, Python, PHP, Less, CoffeeScript, XSLT, Objective-C
  • Frameworks
    Angular, Spring Boot, Django REST Framework, xRTML, Spring MVC, Cordova, Bootstrap 3+, Apache Velocity, Ionic, AngularJS, Android SDK, Spring, JUnit, Bootstrap, Selenium, Grails, Mockito, Knockout.js
  • Libraries/APIs
    REST API, jQuery, jQuery UI, Amazon API, Node.js, jQuery Mobile, jQuery Plugins, Spring REST, Google Charts API, Dojo Objective Harness, Facebook API, HTML5 Web Workers, HTML5 Canvas, Dojo Toolkit, Google Contacts API
  • Storage
    Spring Data, JSON, MySQL, MongoDB, Spring Data MongoDB, DynamoDB, AWS S3, Redis, H2, HTML5 Web Storage
  • Tools
    NPM, Apache Maven, Maven, Webpack 2, Webpack, Grunt, Jetty, Apache Tomcat, Jenkins, Browserify, Gulp.js, Adobe Photoshop, AWS SDK, Grunt.js, Apache Ant, Gimp, YUI Compressor, jGrouse, WebSphere Portal Server
  • Paradigms
    Entity-relationship Diagrams
  • Platforms
    AWS EC2, Apache Server, Android, Linux, Mac OS, Oracle, Amazon, iOS, Solaris, Windows
  • Other
    Bootstrap UI, BOM, DOM, HTML5 WebSockets, Maven XML, OAuth, Unix Shell Scripting, Pluto, Mockups, IIS, WebSphere Application Server, GlassFish, WebLogic, Liferay
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer with Business
    2007 - 2010
    Open University - England
  • High School degree in Information Systems Management
    1998 - 2001
    Escola Profissional Almirante Reis - Lisbon
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