Goran Mitrovic, Optimization Developer in Zagreb, Croatia
Goran Mitrovic

Optimization Developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Member since September 2, 2017
Goran has 15+ years of experience developing various projects dealing with C++, C, ASM, and C#. He communicates extremely well, is enthusiastic about his work, and is very professional. He has about 5 years of experience doing freelance work and is looking for more exciting and challenging projects to join.
Goran is now available for hire



  • Optimization 20 years
  • Win32 20 years
  • C++ 20 years
  • Assembler 20 years
  • Reverse Engineering 10 years
  • C# 7 years
  • Blackfin Microprocessors 5 years


Zagreb, Croatia



Preferred Environment

Windows, Visual Studio

The most amazing...

...thing I've done was to optimize fingerprint reader routines and make them faster many times over.


  • Senior C++ Programmer

    2008 - PRESENT
    Enghouse Inc.
    • Led the development for MRCP and multi-process work balancing.
    • Wrote C++ algorithms for real-time processing of audio data.
    • Optimized, maintained, and detected leaks in the existing code.
    • Extending the support for VoiceXML.
    Technologies: C++, MFC
  • Developer

    2005 - PRESENT
    Whole Tomato Inc.
    • Implemented features and debugged Visual Assist.
    Technologies: C++, C#, API Hooking
  • Developer | Consultant

    2012 - 2017
    Lumidigm Inc.
    • Optimized fingerprint sensor routines on the Blackfin platform.
    Technologies: C++, Assembler (Blackfin)
  • Developer

    2005 - 2012
    Freelance Work
    • Worked on various projects working with a third party matcher.
    • Was ranked 41st out of 388,162 programmers worldwide with an average rate 9.96/10 (http://tinyurl.com/k2mj4lq ).
    Technologies: C++, C, asm
  • Senior Developer | Architect

    2003 - 2008
    Intesis | Sitek | Exor
    • Bootstrapped, debugged, maintained, expanded, reverse-engineered, and optimized custom hardware platforms.
    • Developed drivers for ethernet communication and video-input hardware.
    • Developed, ported, and optimized an SVG document rendering engine.
    • Developed a PLC simulator based on MFC and SVG.
    • Produced a complete SVG-based HMI system editor.
    Technologies: C++, C, ASM
  • Developer

    2004 - 2004
    • Developed an anti-dialer protection application.
    Technologies: C++, Reverse Engineering



  • Languages

    Assembler, C++14, C++, Assembler x86, C++11, C++17, C, C#
  • Frameworks

    Boost, .NET, OpenCL
  • Libraries/APIs

    Win32 API, Standard Template Library (STL), Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC), Windows Template Library (WTL), ATL, wxWidgets
  • Tools

    Microsoft Visual Studio, VTune
  • Platforms

    Win32, Windows, Linux
  • Other

    Blackfin Microprocessors, Debugging, Memory Leaks, Reverse Engineering, Optimization, Memory Profiling, Windows Internals, VDSP++, Realtime-system, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Parsers, COM, Device Drivers, Intel MCS-51 (8051), ARM, SIMD, BCG
  • Industry Expertise



  • Master's degree in Computer Science
    1996 - 2002
    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Zagreb, Croatia

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