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H. Özgür Çağdaş

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Leeds, United Kingdom
Toptal Member Since
November 29, 2022

Özgür is a seasoned software developer and hardworking professional who enjoys taking up engineering challenges, constantly pushing his skills in different areas, and seeing the delivered solutions making a difference. He thrives in team environments and profits greatly from observing and learning from colleagues. Özgür also likes sharing his knowledge and experience, making the most of open-minded discussions and interactions that can benefit all parties involved in the learning experience.


Consult Red
Java, C++17, Linux, Python 3, Pandas, Bash, Python, Pytest, GraphQL...
Embedded Systems, Python, Online Tutoring
C++17, CMake, Azure, Jenkins, Python, Microservices, CI/CD Pipelines, APIs...




Preferred Environment

Linux, Bash, Python 3, Conda

The most amazing...

...component I've developed is an in-memory database that hosts program guide information and allows users to filter it efficiently by different parameters.

Work Experience

Senior Software Consultant

2019 - PRESENT
Consult Red
  • Developed a predictive ML model to identify degradation points of KPIs before they become noticeable. I used a data set with over five million daily rows and around 15 raw features.
  • Fine-tuned disk I/O operations and relevant kernel parameters to optimize the I/O wait times and system responsiveness.
  • Reduced the standard deviation of relevant KPIs by more than three quarters.
  • Implemented automation tools to pull telemetry and log analysis data from servers that use different technologies, aggregate the results, and produce summaries for a customer base of over five million.
Technologies: Java, C++17, Linux, Python 3, Pandas, Bash, Python, Pytest, GraphQL, Microservices, PIP, APIs, Architecture, Embedded C++, Embedded C, Embedded Linux, Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, MongoDB, NoSQL, C, Low-level Programming, Cryptography, C++, Encryption, Elasticsearch, Web Scraping, Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Automation, Microcontrollers, Embedded Hardware, Embedded Development, Firmware, CSV File Processing

Embedded Systems w/Python Instructor for Online Training Course

2023 - 2023
  • Developed and finalized the learning module curriculum with the customer.
  • Ensured the developed content aligned with the agreed requirements and customer feedback.
  • Created activities, exercises, quizzes, and a final project to reinforce the learning experience.
Technologies: Embedded Systems, Python, Online Tutoring

Senior Software Consultant

2017 - 2019
  • Introduced a unit testing framework to the system and developed all the requested future features in a fashion abstracted from the hardware platform and by using test-driven development.
  • Designed and implemented a CI workflow, which involved developing automation and wrapper scripts, setting up Jenkins, and training five other engineers on how to use these systems. This automation is still operational after more than five years.
  • Migrated the version control system from a Git-submodules-based structure to a monolithic Git repository by maintaining the commit history and tags.
Technologies: C++17, CMake, Azure, Jenkins, Python, Microservices, CI/CD Pipelines, APIs, Architecture, Embedded C++, Embedded C, Embedded Linux, Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, C, Low-level Programming, C++, Arduino, Arduino IDE, Cloud, Azure IoT Hub, Internet of Things (IoT), Automation, Microcontrollers, Embedded Hardware, Embedded Development, Firmware

Senior Software Consultant

2015 - 2017
Pixsan Digital
  • Investigated and solved the issue with random A/V stutter due to the block allocations of mmap'ed A/V buffers coinciding with other, long I/O operations. The solution involved pre-allocating, page-size-aligned chunks on the eMMC device&reusing them.
  • Modified the GStreamer based A/V playback system and semi-closed chip-vendor drivers to solve the A/V synchronisation issues.
  • Developed an in-memory database to store program information of cloud-based media content, which allowed querying and filtering by meeting both time and memory requirements of the system.
Technologies: C++11, APIs, Architecture, Embedded C++, Embedded C, Embedded Linux, Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, MySQL, C, Low-level Programming, Cryptography, C++, Encryption, Automation, Microcontrollers, Embedded Hardware, Embedded Development, Firmware, Audacity

Senior Software Engineer

2009 - 2015
Consult Red
  • Led the in-house consultancy team's debugging, bug-fixing, and development efforts with remote customer engineers and PMs.
  • Re-implemented the program info banner to solve data synchronization issues where the displayed playback times, the remaining time, and the program information disagreed. I also brought the responsiveness down to less than 500 milliseconds.
  • Implemented an Eclipse RCP-based UI front end for an in-house custom-developed performance analyzer tool that allowed filtering and aggregating system telemetry information.
  • Debugged and solved system crashes, especially in the JNI layer and JVM trampoline area. Some issues had to be coordinated with the JVM provider, involving heavy use of GDB and MIPS Assembly.
  • Actively solved A/V streaming issues between the media server and client devices, developing a multi-tier dashboard on Jira to map high-level manifestations to low-level signatures.
Technologies: C++, Java, Bash, Docker, Python, Microservices, Eclipse RCP, APIs, Architecture, Embedded C++, Embedded C, Embedded Linux, Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, MySQL, C, Low-level Programming, Cryptography, Encryption, Automation, Microcontrollers, Embedded Hardware, Embedded Development, Firmware

Software Engineer

2005 - 2009
  • Led the operating system skill group, where we designed common platform interfaces for different hardware platforms used in various projects while supporting and training other groups in the operating system.
  • Developed the EPG, multi-layered Tuner and Transport stream management components, integration of TVs with the factory's test and automation system, and a cross-platform HDMI CEC discovery and management component for sink devices.
  • Participated in the debugging and development efforts to upgrade the in-house MHEG stack to MHEG-5.
  • Ran DVB-T front-end tests locally using the appropriate Rohde & Schwarz test equipment, coordinated the debugging effort with the hardware team and the front-end providers, and acted as the liaison with DTG, the relevant UK body under the BBC.
Technologies: C, C++, Makefile, Linux, APIs, Architecture, Embedded C++, Embedded C, Embedded Linux, Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, Low-level Programming, Encryption, Microcontrollers, Embedded Hardware, Embedded Development, Firmware

Smart Hub for a Digital Healthcare Provider

I joined the project at the stage where it was being brought in-house from outsourced development and worked at different levels, including:
• Setting up a Jenkins CI/CD system.
• Designing a CI workflow and developing automation and wrapper scripts to execute the system with minimal developer input.
• Integrating the Google Test framework into the system and introducing a unit-tested platform-independent component to the project.
• Developing various components in line with new feature requirements.
• Integrating a basic level of Amazon Alexa in a proof of concept for alarm call triggering.

Satellite Receiver and Home Media Server

As well as bug fixing and feature development using C++ and Java, I undertook various data science tasks that involved identifying the most crucial system metrics that impacted the KPIs and then developing predictive ML models. These models were used to identify performance degradation points based on specified features before they became noticeable to the end user, allowing us to take timely corrective action.

I also developed various automation tools using Python to interface with Elasticsearch and SQL-based telemetry and log stats servers, identifying KPI outliers, trend changes, and workaround WebUI query-result-size limitations of these systems.

MSc Dissertation on ML-based AUD/USD Forex Trading Signal Generators

In addition to the academic background and theory building, this study involved building a machine-learning-based buy and sell signal generator for the AUD/USD forex pair, with a set 1.5% profit target for each position. On top of the data collection automation and data cleanup steps, the project also involved developing an automated feature and method selection based on classification scores and total profit generated. In the end, a tree-based classifier and extra trees were identified as the most optimal method with low training time and profit levels close to the DNN benchmark.
2020 - 2022

Master's Degree in Computer Science with Data Analytics

University of York - York, UK

1997 - 2001

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dokuz Eylül University - Izmir, Turkey

AUGUST 2022 - AUGUST 2023

Azure AI Engineer Associate



Azure AI Fundamentals



Azure Fundamentals



Pandas, Scikit-learn, Azure Cognitive Services


Pytest, Eclipse RCP, Azure Machine Learning, Azure IoT Hub, Jenkins, CMake, Git, Makefile, Audacity


Automation, Data Science, Microservices


Python 3, C++, C, Python, Embedded C++, Bash, C++17, Java, GraphQL, Embedded C, C++11


Linux, Embedded Linux, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Kubernetes, Azure, Docker


Google Test


MySQL, MongoDB, NoSQL, Elasticsearch


Machine Learning, APIs, Architecture, Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, Low-level Programming, Web Scraping, Internet of Things (IoT), Microcontrollers, Embedded Development, Firmware, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Conda, PIP, CI/CD Pipelines, Cryptography, Encryption, Arduino IDE, Cloud, Embedded Hardware, CSV File Processing, Digital Design, Telecom Equipment & Solutions, New Relic Query Language (NRQL), Supervised Machine Learning, Online Tutoring

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