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Haider Raza

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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December 17, 2021

Haider is a Salesforce design and solution architect with over a decade of experience with LWC, Visualforce, Apex, and integrations. A certified Salesforce administrator, he developed codes for development, design, enhancement, requirement analysis, business analysis, and implementations of CRM. Haider is also experienced in Agile iteration planning, projects, release, and client relationship management, focusing on technical and functional analysis.


Simplus, an Infosys Company
Salesforce, CloudSense, Apex Classes, Bitbucket, HTML, Lightning Components
Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce, Salesforce Lightning, Apex Classes...
Salesforce, Salesforce Apex, Salesforce Lightning, Apex Triggers, Apex Classes...




Preferred Environment

Salesforce, Salesforce Apex, Salesforce API

The most amazing...

...experience I've had was working on enterprise-level and medium-size greenfield projects and project enhancements.

Work Experience

Salesforce Solution Architect

2021 - PRESENT
Simplus, an Infosys Company
  • Redesigned a product solution using Salesforce. Collaborated closely with the business analysts (BA) and subject matter experts (SME) to understand business requirements. Worked with architects from other value chains to design integration patterns.
  • Maximized the use of existing patterns or extended the model to meet IoT requirements. Designed the user journey using Salesforce for IoT, similar to the other journeys requiring no end-user training.
  • Documented and provided a detailed design to my team of offshore developers. Oversaw and worked closely with them to get it to production.
Technologies: Salesforce, CloudSense, Apex Classes, Bitbucket, HTML, Lightning Components

Salesforce Tech Lead

2020 - 2021
  • Headed the team and helped them upskill as a tech lead with experience in Lightning Web Components (LWC). Assigned the pages to the team to transform Salesforce Classic to Lightning.
  • Led the offshore team of 13 to 15 developers to assess the Visualforce pages before transforming them. Transformed over 200 Visualforce pages in six months. Worked with testers to help them create test cases for the Lightning version.
  • Collaborated with the BAs and SMEs to agree on additional steps regarding the transformation of over 200 Lightning web components. Upskilled the offshore team.
Technologies: Salesforce, Apex, Visualforce, Salesforce Lightning, Apex Classes, Repository Management, Bitbucket, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Lightning Components

Senior Salesforce Developer

2020 - 2020
  • Built a solution using LWC that allowed managers to store, group, and traverse the question metadata. It can run a wizard for phone operators to create inquiries and send email or SMS configurations.
  • Collaborated closely with the architect to understand the requirements and solutions. Developed LWC components based on the approved wireframes and exposed an LWC component on the public website.
  • Built an integration with Google Calendar, which saved users from toggling between screens and validating before saving to avoid an overlapping booking.
Technologies: Salesforce, Salesforce Apex, Salesforce Lightning, Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, Bitbucket, JavaScript, HTML, Lightning Components

Salesforce Solution Architect

2017 - 2020
NTT Data
  • Collaborated with the BAs and SMEs to gather the requirements and prepare a Salesforce solution. Designed an API solution in close collaboration with a Sitecore architect.
  • Managed the registration for the courses and generated reports. Saved the company's time and achieved data accuracy by allowing clients to register online or call in.
  • Assisted the Scribe team in data migration from the legacy system to Salesforce. Helped design the algorithm in Scribe to ensure the data were prepared for Salesforce design and Salesforce limits were respected.
Technologies: Salesforce, Apex Classes, Repository Management, Bitbucket, JavaScript, Salesforce Community, HTML, Lightning Components

Salesforce Developer

2016 - 2017
Oliver Hume Corporation
  • Improved the custom Visualforce pages that were not user-friendly, and their implementation had too many exceptions. Integrated them with the website to display the Salesforce details.
  • Collaborated closely with end-users to understand the Visualforce business context before suggesting improvements and enhancements. Improved the code coverage and uplifted the code quality, which was not modular in nature.
  • Worked with the end-users and marketing team to ensure the data quality was improved before exposing details on the website. Designed the APIs to show the data on the public website and, thus, saved users' time by avoiding duplicate content writing.
Technologies: Salesforce Apex, Visualforce Pages, Salesforce API, Apex Classes, Repository Management, Salesforce Community, CSS, HTML

Salesforce Developer

2014 - 2016
CGU Insurance
  • Worked in the BAU team to resolve bugs raised by end-users. Collaborated with the BAs and SMEs to find the cause for and understand the steps to reproduce software bugs.
  • Analyzed the cause for the bugs and updated Jira with the researched information to resolve it.
  • Got the solution verified by the team leader and coordinated with the project teams before applying the fix and deploying it to production to avoid overlapping.
Technologies: Salesforce, Salesforce API, Salesforce Apex, Visualforce Pages, Salesforce REST API, Salesforce SOQL/SOSL, Apex Classes, CSS, HTML

Contract and Invoicing System

This system generates contracts for the customers and enables quick and efficient invoice creation.

A daily scheduled job is run based on drivers' contracts to create the run sheets. I configured planned daily jobs in the DBSync data management platform, which reads the daily run sheet entry from Salesforce to create invoice and invoice items in QuickBooks. The other scheduled job in the DBsync platform is to update the QuickBooks invoice status and the corresponding invoice in Salesforce.

I also built a Lightning component that allows users to create, view, and email invoices. Another Lightning component allows the warehouse to set the job sequence and make any manual additions or changes to all run sheets before assigning them. Additionally, drivers can scan codes from bins using a QR reader I created, allowing them to select the appropriate option indicating the task completion.

This solution helped our client save time and speed up invoice creation. It also improved drivers' reports on bin collection.

Membership and Campaign Management

This solution captures leads from the web when customers purchase the membership online and redirects them to Braintree for online payment. The leads are converted to Person Accounts on successful payment, and membership records are maintained in Salesforce. I developed a process to send scheduled emails to remind members of membership renewals, kept the communication preferences, and created a feature that would allow marketing to send mass emails to opted-in members. Additionally, I built a Lightning component allowing users to apply member discounts and one-off coupons and a solution to accumulate, maintain or deduct entitlements during active membership or membership renewal.

Salesforce Solution Design for Telecom

This is an ongoing project in its second phase.

In the first phase, I have designed a solution that allows users to place a new order for up to 5000 IoT products at once. The system easily handles the integrations with external systems such as networks, billing, assurance, and a portal. This Salesforce-based solution is the master of the client data and order status, and it allows users to run analytical reports from a single source.

In the second phase of this project, users will be able to place modifications and cancellations on the existing orders. The solution for modifications and cancellations shall be leveraged off the solution designed for a new order and with less impact on the integrations.

Overall, this will save users time by 65%, and it shall all be reportable from one system.


APEX Code, Apex, CSS, HTML, JavaScript


Visualforce, Lightning Components


Salesforce API, Salesforce REST API


Visualforce Pages, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Bitbucket, Salesforce CPQ


Salesforce, Salesforce SOQL/SOSL


Salesforce Apex, Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Salesforce.com Administration, Software, Programming, Solution Design, Technical Leadership, Solution Architecture, Repository Management, Salesforce Lightning, CloudSense, Salesforce Community, DBSync, Digital Payments, API Integration, Patterns, Design

1999 - 2000

Master's Degree in Computer Science

Karachi University - Karachi, Pakistan


Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator



Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant



Salesforce Certified Platform Developer



Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder



Salesforce Certified Administrator