Hubert Orlik-Grzesik, Developer in Sopotnia Wielka, Poland
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Hubert Orlik-Grzesik

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Sopotnia Wielka, Poland
Toptal Member Since
March 18, 2014

Hubert is an incredibly fast learner; -he was once able to pick up a musical instrument in the morning and play nice tunes by the afternoon. He has the same skill when it comes to working with new technologies and on new projects. He values high-quality code and attention to detail, and he cares deeply about great UX.


Antipaper Labs
Ruby on Rails (RoR), Android, Java, Node.js, Meteor, JavaScript, iOS...
MongoDB, JavaScript, Node.js, Meteor
Visual Nest
Python, Android, Java, Raphaël, Node.js, JavaScript, iOS, C, Objective-C




Preferred Environment

Node.js, iOS, Xcode, OS X, Git, React

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is a handwriting engine in OpenGL ES for an iPhone app which has a very natural feeling.

Work Experience

Enterpreneur and Mobile/Web App Developer

2011 - PRESENT
Antipaper Labs
  • Undertook several freelancing projects on the bleeding edge of web development.
  • Created a popular handwriting application for Android.
  • Created an advanced handwriting engine in OpenGL for iOS applications.
  • Initiated work on an open-source modular CMS platform in Meteor.js.
  • Developed several open-source packages for Meteor.js framework, including reusable JavaScript UI library.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Android, Java, Node.js, Meteor, JavaScript, iOS, Objective-C


2014 - 2016
  • Developed a Meteor platform for direct sales of configurable products.
  • Led a small team of Meteor experts.
  • Created a configurable application logic editor with custom language for spreadsheet–like formulas.
  • Scaffolded a clear structure for complex web application.
  • Developed the original idea into universal, configurable, multiple market solution.
Technologies: MongoDB, JavaScript, Node.js, Meteor

CTO & Co-founder

2012 - 2012
Visual Nest
  • Developed image processing algorithm to recognize sketch elements.
  • Extended image processing algorithm for image segmentation for clothing images.
  • Created iOS and Android applications for sketch acquisition and analysis.
  • Developed image processing server with JSON API, communicating with Rabbit MQ queue and Python workers.
  • Created app interface editor in Raphael.js.
Technologies: Python, Android, Java, Raphaël, Node.js, JavaScript, iOS, C, Objective-C

Software Developer

2006 - 2011
Warsaw University – Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling
  • Created the foundation of VisNow - the distributed system of data visualization and analysis.
  • Created customized UI library to support specific needs of data visualization.
  • Developed algorithm of action flow in a distributed analysis network.
  • Participated in several conferences on visual data analysis and its applications in medicine.
  • Co-organized trainings on usage and development of VisNow platform.
Technologies: Subversion (SVN), Java

Code Cabinet - Meteor Packages

Several open-source packages for Meteor.js encapsulating common behavior: Internationalization, server to client, and client to client communication, data creation, UI enhancements, and more.


Music player for iOS written in React Native and Swift. Small project I've started for myself as the apps I've used before grew too convoluted for my taste.

Handwriting List

Designed and developed a mobile application for creating and managing handwriting lists. Very natural handwriting engine created in OpenGL ES. The app design was ahead of its time: the app looks and feels natural to iOS 7, but was created earlier than that system.

Antipaper Notes

Popular handwriting application for Android tablets.


Fully adjustable platform for sales of customizable products. Users can define their own logic via advanced spreadsheet–like formulas.


Online platform for collaborative edition of music and MIDI tracks (simple DAW). Result of a 24 hour hackathon.


Open-source JavaScript UI library with common UI elements and behaviors made for Meteor.js.

Antipaper Labs

Mobile app store with online licensing API made in Ruby on Rais and Node.js.


Proof of concept of Meteor.js abilities and a web application I made to learn the framework. Real-time online card game with custom interface in Raphael.js.


Ruby, CSS3, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, C, Objective-C, Bash, C++, SQL, Swift, Python, Lua, OCaml


Express.js, Swagger, Flutter, Svelte, React Native, Hype, Ruby on Rails (RoR)


React, Node.js, Raphaël, Underscore.js, Handlebars, jQuery, Sugar, D3.js, OpenGL, Backbone.js, OpenGL ES, jQuery UI, WebGL


GitHub, Inkscape, Git, Sublime Text, GitHub Pages, Sublime Text 2, Subversion (SVN), Xcode, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, NGINX, Adobe Brackets, POV-Ray


App Development, Mobile Development, Agile Software Development, Functional Programming, Event-driven Programming, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP)


MacOS, Meteor, iOS, Heroku, Android, Ubuntu, Linux, OS X, Arduino, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


MongoDB, NoSQL, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis


Mobile App Development, Mobile Apps, GitFlow, AI Programming, Image Processing, SVG

2005 - 2011

Msc Degree in Mathematics

Warsaw University - Warsaw

2005 - 2010

Bsc Degree in Computer Engineering

Warsaw University - Warsaw