Ibrahim Demir, Software Developer in Istanbul, Turkey
Ibrahim Demir

Software Developer in Istanbul, Turkey

Member since April 3, 2017
Ibrahim is a seasoned developer with 18 years of experience working as a chief software architect, team lead, software architect, and developer. He's successfully worked remotely for DevFactory and Aurea Software as a chief software architect. Ibrahim also has a solid academic background with a master's degree in computer science.
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Istanbul, Turkey



Preferred Environment

TFS, Git, Visual Studio

The most amazing...

...the project I've implemented was a software product line that decreases the project implementation duration sixfold.


  • Developer

    2019 - 2019
    BlaccSpot Media
    • Implemented back-end services with.NET Core, EF Core, SignalR. Support infrastructure Azure Cloud and providing CI/CD Travis CI, and Azure DevOps.
    Technologies: Azure DevOps, Travis CI, Azure Cloud Services, SignalR, Entity Framework Core, .NET Core
  • Chief Software Architect

    2018 - 2018
    DevFactory and Aurea Software (Remote Work)
    • Refactored the code of global products like GFI Mail Archiver, Mobilogy, KM, GFI Languard. These are products that belong to DevFactory and Aurea.
    • Used NUnit, Moq, and Microsoft Fakes as unit test frameworks.
    • Implemented CI/CD with Jira, Jenkins, and TeamCity.
    • Worked remotely.
    Technologies: Windows Forms, ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), C#, .NET
  • Software Architect

    2017 - 2018
    Kokopeli (Remote Work)
    • Mainly developed .NET Web API back-end services for the mobile app and .NET MVC part for the admin panel of the app.
    • Built mobile parts (iOS coding Swift) as needed.
    • Worked on Azure development projects (app services, push notifications, storage services, Azure SQL database, query optimizations, performance issues, email services, and application insights).
    • Managed architectural issues in all parts of the software including the mobile side.
    Technologies: Services, Azure, Swift, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API
  • Freelance Developer

    1998 - 2018
    Freelance Work (Various Projects)
    • Worked as a freelance developer and on hobby projects.
    • Developed projects with various technologies.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Unity, AWS, Google App Engine, OpenGL, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, Twitter API, YouTube API, Java, C, C++, C#, .NET, Android
  • Software Architect | Technical Team Lead | Senior Software Developer

    2012 - 2016
    Turkcell Technology
    • Migrated legacy systems to modern platforms and technologies (PowerBuilder Sybase legacy systems moved to ASP.NET Web API and the front-end of a single page application. The database was migrated to MS SQL from a Sybase database. I also managed a team of 8 developers.
    • Developed a MVVM generator tool that rapidly develops and reduces the overhead of the web front-end development.
    • Worked alone on projects that checked payment and reports return on investment of units in a telecom operator.
    • Developed and created a software product line platform called Mana with a development team to be used in many projects in enterprise systems.
    • Managed a team of five developers on this project.
    Technologies: Windows PowerShell, TypeScript, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, .NET
  • Senior Researcher

    2003 - 2011
    Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
    • Developed multiple projects on defense system software.
    • Worked on all the phases of the software life cycle from requirement analysis to testing in defense system projects.
    • Developed NATO projects for 14 NATO countries on frequency management protocols.
    • Applied my expertise in GUI frameworks and simulation models validators engines.
    • Created GUI generators for Windows Forms and WPF—able to declare GUI and validation rule and expressions easily with a new scripting language defined and integrated to Visual Studio.
    • Managed a small technical team that consisted of a few developers.
    Technologies: Firebird, Oracle, XPath, XSD, XML, Java, Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), C#, .NET


  • SWEATers App (Development)

    SWEATers is a social app that helps people to find sports partners and it was built completely on the Azure platform. I developed the app's Azure related materials and worked on the ASP.NET Web API back-end services for the mobile app and ASP.NET MVC part for the admin panel of the app. I also built the mobile parts (iOS coding with Swift) as needed.

    • Azure App Service
    • Azure Push Notifications
    • Azure Storage Services
    • Azure SQL Database
    • Query Optimization and Performance Issues
    • Azure Email Services
    • Azure Application Insights

  • KM Knowledge Management (Development)

    As a chief software architect, I refactored the code of products.

  • Mobilogy (Development)

    On this project, I worked as a chief software architect, refactoring the product code.

  • GFI Products (Development)

    I refactored the code of the following products: GFI Mail Archiver and GFI Languards.

  • NEMS Plus (Development)

    I led a team of eight developers, on the NEMS Plus Phase I.

    I migrated a legacy system NEMS DB Sybase ASE to Oracle 11g. At the same time the client/server Sybase PowerBuilder application was being replaced by a single page application web application supported by ASP.NET MVC, ASP. NET WEB API, Durandal, and Knockout.

    PROJECT ROLE: Software Architect | Lead Developer | Project Leader

  • SolKurumsal (Development)

    I worked on a business process flow framework and an integration of an application framework which was supposed to solve the company process flow problems.

    PROJECT ROLE: Lead Developer of a Team of Eight

  • MANAS (Development)

    MANAS is a software development product line.

    I integrated a software framework (ASP.NET MVC, AS .NET Web API), and a modern JavaScript single-age application technologies (Durandal, Knockout, TypeScript, and more). I worked on various projects being developed with MANAS.

    PROJECT ROLE: Software Architect | Lead Developer | Project Leader (Five Team Members)

  • ROI 3.0 (Development)

    I developed an application for analyzing the efficiency of base stations in the TURKCELL network. I dealt with Capex and Opex expenses and incomes of base stations which are gathered from various resources. The base stations are removed or deployed according to analysis. I built the dashboard and reporting functionality in the project.

    Technologies: ASP.NET Web API, TypeScript, Knockout.js, Durandal.js

  • TetaPayment (Development)

    I developed an application for the management and reporting of the payment of transmission line rent by Turkcell from the Türk Telekom company.

  • 4.5G LTE Focus (Development)

    I developed a 4.5G LTE Focus application—its purpose was to manage and report the status of tasks for the rollout teams in Turk Cell on the 4.5G LTE project. The task dependencies and authorization were managed by the base stations and the cluster management is processed while managing the rollout graphically.

  • ROI 2.0 (Development)

    I developed a database application for analyzing the efficiency of the base stations in the Turkcell network. The operational expenses and incomes of the base stations are gathered from various resources. The base stations are removed or deployed according to the analysis.

    Technologies: PowerBuilder, PowerScript, Sybase Database

  • NEMS (Development)

    NEMS (Network Enterprise Management Systems) is used in Turkcell's enterprise for various tasks like planning the inventory, reporting, and the management of workflow of the cells, stations, and equipment. NEMS consists of integrated database application modules. I developed various modules using Sybase Database and PowerBuilder.

  • KABAN2 (Development)

    I developed KABAN2 with a colleague.

    KABAN2 is a more advanced form of my KABAN project which is a model-driven framework that mainly consists of its own language and UI generator components.

    KABAN2 is based on the WPF MVVM architecture and can be used in Microsoft Visual Studio for rapid application development. We created a validation definition language (close to the C language syntax) and editor integrated to Visual Studio. The rule scripts can be compiled using a native Visual Studio environment. It has also its own UI designer. With KABAN2, a developer can build a very complex graphical user interface (GUI) where the developers declare the model and validation rules. They can also view, build a view model, and create code to validate the model that's been generated and integrated to the GUI.

  • NATO ARCADE (Development)

    I worked as a developer in a team of four developers. The NATO ARCADE application is used by NATO countries for frequency management. The SMADEF-XML data exchange format is used in the application for sharing and managing frequency information between countries.

    This application is used by 14 countries in NATO. The .NET Windows Forms technology is used with a Firebird database in this project.

  • KABAN (Development)

    I developed, with a colleague, KABAN which is an XML-based automatic data validation and UI generation framework. KABAN supports automatic and just-in-time imposition of sophisticated validation rules. It also allows for declarative specification of complex validation rules in an XML document which are applied to a UI data entry form where rule violations are dynamically presented to the user through an intuitive visual mapping onto the set of invalid data items.

    This framework is used in many big-scale military projects. KABAN is based on .NET Window Forms and reflection technology.

  • MARSsys (Development)

    On MARSsys (Management and Analysis of Radio Spectrum System), I worked on a team of four developers.

    Technologies: .NET Windows Forms, Oracle Database

  • SMAX SMADEF Message Manager (Development)

    I developed a message management application for frequency management in different countries. SMADEF is a protocol and format defined by NATO, particularly for military purposes. I worked in a team of two developers.

    Technologies: .NET Windows Forms

  • Super Block Break 2D Game (Development)

    I developed an arcade-like game where the user breaks bricks.

    Technologies: Unity Game Engine

  • Puzzle Find Words 2D Game (Development)

    I developed word puzzle game with 93 levels. I implemented it with my Android Basic Game Framework.

  • Block Tap 2D Game (Development)

    I developed a simple game like Flappy Bird. I implemented it with my Android Basic Game Framework.

  • Android Basic Game Framework (Development)

    This is a basic framework that I developed for 2D games for Android mobile devices. The main components of the framework are image pool cache management, audio playing, preference management, basis physic calculations, a game loop, and basic animations.

  • eCommerce Website on Shopify (Development)

    I created an eCommerce website for a dried fruit foods startup on the Shopify eCommerce platform.

  • YouTube Popular (Development)

    I developed an application that uses the YouTube API that lists video clips that are popular by some specific filters.

    Technologies: Java, Google Application Engine, HTML, JavaScript.

  • Eye-tracking Data Analysis (Development)

    I developed a tool to analyze eye-tracking video data for neurolinguistics academical experiments (.NET C#).

  • Online Exam Application (Development)

    I developed client-server software for lecturers to simplify their tests/exams. Multiple-choice exams can be easily created with the application, and students on client machine take the tests online with the results and report being generated immediately at the end of the test (.NET C#, .NET Remoting).

  • Motion Capture from a Single Video Sequence (Development)

    I developed a tool to capture human motion data from a single video sequence and animates the 3D human character in OpenGL.

    TECH STACK: Visual C++, OpenGL, C#

  • Secure Email Client (Development)

    I developed a secure email client with PGP and Java.

  • Military Tactical Analysis (Development)

    I developed a military tactical analysis tool.

    TECH STACK: Visual C++, MFC, OpenGL 3D

  • Garage Management (Development)

    I developed a website for managing a garage (vehicles and drivers) of enterprises (using ASP).

  • Online Course Registration System (Development)

    I developed, with a team, an online course registration system for WAP telephones and browsers (C#, ASP.NET).

  • FTP Client and Server (Development)

    I developed for UNIX a multiple connected FTP client and server (C).

  • JavaFig (Development)

    I developed JavaFig—a figure application that's similar to Windows Paint (Java).

  • Email Client Application (Development)

    I developed an email client application that filters spam—an artificial application made with Java.


  • Languages

    C#, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, CSS3, CSS, XML, XSD, C#.NET, XPath, C++, C--, TypeScript, Java, C, Swift, Swift 2, PowerBuilder
  • Frameworks

    ASP.NET, Unity, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core 2, Bootstrap 3, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, .NET 4, ASP.NET Identity, .NET Core, Unity2D, NUnit, Swagger, Entity Framework Core, Unity3D, Angular, Knockout.js, Durandal, AngularJS, React Native, Windows PowerShell, Photon Unity Networking (PUN), Photon, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Bootstrap
  • Libraries/APIs

    LINQ, Vue.js, jQuery, Entity Framework, Windows Forms, Web API, OpenGL, Twilio API, Moq, Twitter API, Facebook API, YouTube API, React, SignalR
  • Tools

    Visual Studio, C#.NET WinForms, Bitbucket, Microsoft Fakes, Git, TFS, Jira, Xcode, Travis CI, GitHub, Expo.io
  • Paradigms

    Desktop App Development, Azure DevOps, Services, Microservices
  • Platforms

    Web, Windows Desktop, Oracle, Windows, Azure, Twilio, Android, Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Docker, iOS
  • Storage

    Azure SQL, SQL Azure, Azure SQL Databases, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2016, JSON, Databases, Database Modeling, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure Cloud Services, Sybase, Firebird, Oracle 11g, MongoDB
  • Other

    APIs, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Microsoft Azure, Full-stack, Cloud, Web Development, Back-end, Code Architecture, Architecture, AWS


  • Master's degree in Computer Engineering
    2003 - 2006
    Bilkent University - Ankara, Turkey
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering
    1998 - 2003
    Bilkent University - Ankara, Turkey

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