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Jack Rudenko

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Bluetooth Developer

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Toptal Member Since
July 3, 2014

Jack is a passionate software developer with over twenty-five years of experience, developing mobile applications for the last fifteen. As a certified AWS developer, he has created dozens of cloud-native solutions in the Go language. Throughout his career, he has managed remote teams, candidate screening, and architecture mastering. Medicine and biotech are his passion, and Neurolink or Strava are the types of projects he is more excited about.


Objective-C, iOS, Cocoa Touch
Go, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache Kafka, Kubernetes...
Go, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MongoDB, Kubernetes, Internet of Things (IoT)...




Preferred Environment

Git, Vim Text Editor, Terminal, Xcode, MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Android Studio

The most amazing...

...HTML layout engine I've made in Qt and C++ works well with HTML4 on IPTV STB with 32 MB of storage, 16 MB of RAM, and 200 MHz of the old PowerPC 405 CPU.

Work Experience

iOS Developer

2011 - PRESENT
  • Created an amazing magazine app for iPad, with functionality for the F5 media group.
  • Created a neat layout engine for the gazeta.ru iPad application. Featured layout text in 3 columns with variable font size and functionality for inserting pictures and links to other articles in special placeholders. Made great optimizations allowing it to run cleanly even on iPad 1.
  • Created an iPhone application for the WebMoney service (Russian version of PayPal). Implemented a strong secure communication with the server that successfully passed all penetration tests made by security analysts. Built secure, on-device data storage.
  • Developed the FoTask service, a great photo-based application with rich UI and complicated structure.
  • Created the application MSN Chart for Microsoft, with integrated UI automation tests to simulate all possible user interactions.
  • Created a cached data manager stack for data persistence on the device.
Technologies: Objective-C, iOS, Cocoa Touch

Architect Go AWS

2019 - 2022
  • Created high-load scalable architectures and decreased the infrastructure costs significantly.
  • Reduced IoT data processing from three minutes to two seconds.
  • Implemented best engineering and cybersecurity practices to pass ISO certifications.
Technologies: Go, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache Kafka, Kubernetes, Internet of Things (IoT), Architecture

Lead Go Developer

2018 - 2019
  • Created a scalable infrastructure for the app, website, and mobile apps.
  • Implemented real-time training tracking with near-real-time feedback.
  • Include AWS Comprehend for data processing and inside detections.
Technologies: Go, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MongoDB, Kubernetes, Internet of Things (IoT), Architecture

Stuff Go Engineer

2015 - 2016
Solar Panel Australia
  • Implemented back the end and architecture for a new installer management system.
  • Integrated testing and CI/CD using go and AWS cloud.
  • Affected the final platform that reduced the solar panel installation from four months to two weeks for the end customer.
Technologies: Go, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, MongoDB, AWS Lambda, Internet of Things (IoT), Architecture

Senior iOS/Swift Developer

2015 - 2015
NorApps AS (via Toptal)
  • Created an iOS native app using Swift for bets, based on an existent Android app.
Technologies: iPhone, iOS, Swift

Senior iOS Developer

2010 - 2011
  • Created a custom media player using FFmpeg to display media.
  • Created the AR core system to recognize 2D markers and draw 3D objects on top of them.
  • Built a plane discovery application using special bleeding layers to make a fast interface with scrolling and transparent layers.
  • Implemented an ANTGK algorithm for Mirax Group for guessing personal information using an image of a person's face.
  • Implemented a sniffer for the RTSP stream to adopt for network bandwidth changes.
Technologies: Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, iOS

Team Lead of R&D Team

2007 - 2010
Smartlabs LLC
  • Implemented and supported a HTML layout engine to work on embedded devices.
  • Ported Qt to the PowerPC and Motorola platforms.
  • Implemented a multi-platform and multi-architecture framework using Qt to easily port an application on any embedded device.
  • Implemented a HAL layer for a framework, enabling hardware accelerated features for the application for every platform.
  • Took part in the creation of a custom UI framework for embedded systems.
Technologies: C++, Objective-C

Source Code for ToDo Application

This is a simple todo app involving MAGCoreData framework, custom segues, unit testing with Expecta and OCMock, and integration tests.

My WebMoney

WebMoney is an online payment system, like PayPal.
The application allows users to:

• Control the balance of their purses and cash flow
• Issue invoices and send and receive WebMoney
• Top up their card or bank accounts with their purse and vice versa
• Conveniently pay for telephone, internet, utilities, and other services
• Buy games, books, and other digital products with just one click
• Chat with friends in a secure chat
• Share their photos, audio, and other files

E-NUM for iOS

E-NUM is an up-to-date system of authentication providing high-level security. Security is based on both cryptographic tools and the architectural level. A secret access key is stored on users' phones, rather than on their computers. Thus, users can use it to work on different computers. Moreover, keys cannot be damaged or modified by Trojan viruses or other harmful programs.

Gazeta.RU HD for iPad

Gazeta.RU is an application for a big media company in Russia to deliver content for offline reading on iPad. The main concept was inspired by the New York Times application.

Moyo TV for iPad

IPTV client with integrated DRM engines:

• Smart DRM via HLS
• Google WideVine via RTSP and HLS Application supports
• Time-shifted TV
• Adaptive bit rate
• Picture in picture
• Live channels preview
• Fast user interface

Sosedi iPhone App

An application for a startup. It's a social network for neighbors. It supports many social features, including wall, posts, photos, friends, social graphs, chat, comments, and likes.


Upcast JetBook is the best modern alternative to paper business aircraft guides and online comparison tools. It is made specifically for the Apple iPad and recognized with a Flightglobal Webbies Award as "a visually stunning app with high quality photos and video that allows the user to compare the specifications of 55 different business jets side by side."
It includes:

• A feature to compare and evaluate business jets with just a few taps
• 88 business jet models (in production, approaching certification, and popular out-of-production types)
• Quick and simple comparisons for up to six aircrafts on one screen
• Empty and fully loaded aircraft ranges on a range map with 300+ cities
• Hourly and annual costs, flight ranges, and max payload data provided by Aircraft Cost Calculator
• Cross-sections drawn to scale and detailed in-house floorplans
• Beautiful hi-res photos of exterior, interior, and cockpit
• Frequent updates with new models, specs, and additional features


The AxxonNext app lets users view live and archived video from cameras on video surveillance systems based on AxxonNext VMS or Axxon Intellect PSIM software, both developed by AxxonSoft.

AxxonNext is a next-generation open video management system (VMS) with unique features that ensure unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability, performance, effectiveness, and ease of use. It includes an interactive 3D map, a time compressor, innovative MomentQuest2 forensic search technology, and more.

Axxon Intellect is an integrated open PSIM platform for creating security systems of all scales and levels of complexity. Previously separate systems at client sites (for access control, fire and security alarms, video surveillance, and more) can be integrated into a seamless smart architecture.


I planned this app, developed it through several iterations, and tested it. I handled back-end development using Node.js due to Parse.com limitations. The app was pushed to the App Store after eight weeks of development.



Geolocation-based chat, with nice UI, cool animation, and hidden features.



Mobile client for Balter VMS

The app allows the user to watch up to 8 RTSP streams in real time: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dzrxxh689rvktap/bunny.mp4?dl=0

Timely Mac

Handles scheduling and time tracking simultaneously. The time tracking app to end time tracking.



TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival mobile app provides instant access to event lineups, venues, and festival maps with geo-locating ability. You can bookmark favorite artists, add events to your calendar, and upload photos of the festival to share with other festival-goers.

Meander Project

Tinder clone that connects people based on their interests. The project is made from scratch, using Swift 2.3. The work was based on weekly Scrum sprints and weekly releases.


Stop the tedious search for home products online or in-store. Kabuni is a platform for interior designers to find and connect with inspiration-starved homes across the globe, instantly. Kabuni’s technology provides designers with all of the tools they need to help clients find the perfect pieces.

The project was implemented using Swift 2. The project was made from scratch, using top technologies. The work was made in collaboration with two teams: back-end (team of five), and design company SkyRocket (team of three). I was team lead of the four-developer iOS team.

The app was developed using two-week Scrum sprints and sprint releases.


With over ten million downloads for FotMob, we are proud to show our new app, BetMob! It is a virtual betting game where you can bet on actual football matches and see how you stack up against your friends. The app was refactored from an old version, completely rewriting all the main modules and UI. Over fifty new features were introduced in the new version as well. The app was migrated from Swift 1 to Swift 2. The development was based on two-week Scrum sprints.


"What I really wanted was to know what my friends were up for without having to call them or send them messages. I also wanted a way to let them know what I was interested in doing. Little did I know, I was thinking of a status update app, which quickly turned into a group chatting app based on friends coming together when they have a similar interest. Soon after, it became an event discovery app so that we could find something interesting to do. Finally, it was only logical to dream about booking and getting there."

The app was buggy, unstable, slow, and unfinished. The client hired me and one more developer. So my goal was to find and fix all issues.

In three weeks, the most important parts of the app were fixed. The client was able to submit the app to the app store. All crashes were fixed, UI responsiveness was improved by ten to fifteen times, and over 100 bugs were fixed. Over fifty classes were refactored.

Sosedi Android Application

Social network for neighbors. Was bought by the Moscow council.

Android Corporate Education Platform

Education platform with multimedia and PDF materials for a large Canadian company.


An Android app for streaming television, similar to Netflix, with an IPTV video client, where highly secured content DRM is integrated.


Joined to Procore team to deliver new functionality and help to refactor the iOS app. I dove in to a complicated tech product, refactored and delivered new features, and integrated with team communications.

Procore Technologies, Inc., is a leading provider of cloud-based applications for construction. Procore Construction OS connects people, applications, and devices through a unified platform to help construction firms manage risk and build quality projects, safely, on time, and within budget. Procore has a diversified business model with products for construction project management, construction financials, and quality and safety. It has more than two million users managing billions of dollars in annual construction volume. Headquartered in Carpinteria, California, Procore has over 700 employees in offices across the globe.

Elk iOS App

I led the team for iOS app development. Elk is corporate encrypted chat like Slack. The project overall was built by four iOS developers, using Swift 3 and React programming techniques.

Elk Android App

I led the team for Android app development. Elk is a corporate encrypted chat like Slack. The project was made by three Android developers, using Java and Kotlin and React programming techniques.


SecureMyHealth iOS app to help a doctor to monitor how the patients follow prescriptions. The iOS app was created using VIPER architecture and Swift 2.

Atlas Golang Back-end

Atlas is Android project to help truck drivers to find a better path and new orders. During project development, I created a Golang super fast clusterization library based on Leaflet JS implementation. All infrastructure was built using Docker containers on DigitalOcean.



Lead iOS developer. Created the app using Swift3 from scratch.

Meet fascinating people nearby. Connect over similar interests, passions, hobbies or obsessions. No profile pictures, no dating, no ‘relationship status’ - Heyo is for meaningful conversations with the people you are most likely to vibe with. Meet potential new friends, travel buddies, collaborators, teammates, business partners, playmates, mentors, band members, and more.


Organize simple or complex trips with Mystro: Save notes, bookmark places, or create an itinerary, if it's that type of trip. Traveling with others? Invite them to your trip and organize it together. When you're ready to go, take your plans with you!

I used complex Google maps integration, the Apple Combine framework, and the latest Swift language to develop this project.


Identifo is a secure OpenID Connect framework for mobile and web apps. It is cloud-native, written in Go, and could be run as a lambda function.

This framework allows the integration with one line of code and incorporates deep native login experience like password autofill, keychain, and face ID.


Evergen is a renewable energy software business. Our vision is to enable smarter energy and support the transition to the future's decentralized and renewable energy system. We optimize and monitor system performance for our customers, enabling people to take control of their energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment.

This project is an iOS and Android app that I created with Swift and Kotlin.


Go, Swift, C, Objective-C, JavaScript, Java, C++, Kotlin


Core Data, Cocoa Touch, Cocoa, SwiftUI, Android SDK, Core Text, Combine, OAuth 2


Core Animation, React, Social APIs, Google Maps SDK


Android Studio, GitHub, Xcode, MongoDB Shell, MongoDB Atlas, Git, Terminal, Vim Text Editor, Auth0


Kanban, Scrum, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming


Apple Watch, Apple TV, iOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Visual Studio Code (VS Code), MacOS, Android, Android TV, AWS Lambda, Docker, Apache Kafka, Kubernetes


JSON, SQLite, MongoDB, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB


iPhone, iPad, Freelancing, Bluetooth, Internet of Things (IoT), Architecture, Android Wearables, OpenID Connect (OIDC), BoltDB, Digital Rights Management (DRM)

2001 - 2004

Master's Degree in Computer Engineering

University of Telecommunications and New Technologies - Kremenchug, Ukraine

1999 - 2001

Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering

Poltava Military Institute of Telecommunication - Poltava, Ukraine


MongoDB Developer


AUGUST 2018 - AUGUST 2020

AWS Certified Solution Architect


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