Islam Taha Mohamed, Developer in Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
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Islam Taha Mohamed

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Full-stack Developer

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Toptal Member Since
April 23, 2019

Islam is a full-stack developer who has deployed and optimized large and small-scale applications using many technologies. He has created and maintained several applications from small to large (enterprise) and is experienced with building applications using REST APIs. Islam's expertise is with Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, React, and Elixir.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Team Mentoring, Communication, Architecture...
Lineup, LLC
Ruby on Rails (RoR), React, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS)...
Spin (Tier Mobility) - Main
Ruby on Rails (RoR), SQL, GraphQL, REST APIs, NoSQL, Stripe API, Payment APIs...




Preferred Environment

Git, Tmux, Vim Text Editor, Linux, MacOS

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is real-time feedback on live websites, using Elixir reverse proxy to bypass browser security and embedded vanilla JS script.

Work Experience

Technical Team lead

2022 - PRESENT
  • Set challenging but achievable team targets to match business metrics and performance standards and manage individual and team performance.
  • Adopted the Agile methodology to evaluate and continuously enhance the team's performance based on the weekly/monthly operating reports.
  • Analyzed support metrics and worked with product and engineering teams to address critical issues and customer/partner requirements and to continuously enhance the product.
  • Managed the hiring, development, and retention of technical support engineers and enhanced their technical, communication, and business skills to deliver quality service to partners and customers.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Team Mentoring, Communication, Architecture, Technical Leadership, Team Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Node.js, Metaprogramming, APIs

Full-stack Engineer

2023 - 2024
Lineup, LLC
  • Integrated with a 3rd-party analytics tool to build a Lineup insights dashboard using only large and complex SQL queries.
  • Fixed a Kubernetes project to build a QA environment per a GitHub pull request, making it more stable.
  • Resolved various bugs and contributed to features throughout the platform—on the back end, front end, and Infrastructure side.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), React, PostgreSQL, TypeScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CSS, HTML, Ruby, React Native, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)

Ruby on Rails Back-end Engineer

2022 - 2022
Spin (Tier Mobility) - Main
  • Worked on various bugs and features, enhancing the overall experience/performance of the spin app, which led to an increase in the user base and scooter success rentals.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Jira as a reporting tool.
  • Delivered quality software through comprehensive code reviews and automated testing.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), SQL, GraphQL, REST APIs, NoSQL, Stripe API, Payment APIs, Ruby, Metaprogramming

Senior Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2022
  • Redesigned an analytics service into multiple Ruby lambda functions while moving storage into Hyperscale (Citus) using AWS EC2 instances. Provisioned and automated using Terraform and Ansible.
  • Optimized slow endpoints and queries to more than three times faster response times.
  • Provided mentorship to both senior newcomers and junior developers.
  • Contributed to every system area, like the back end, front end, DevOps, and several microservices.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), AngularJS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, Citus, PostgreSQL, Git, Node.js, Terraform, Ansible, Architecture, System Design, APIs

Expert Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL Developer

2021 - 2021
Corsair Gaming - Main
  • Fixed existing bugs that caused serious issues for the user experience overall.
  • Added new features that helped speed up reserving a Sensei slot for a current gamer while maintaining the best performance we could have.
  • Worked on adding new features and fixing bugs for both the front and back end.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), PostgreSQL, AngularJS, HTML, Sass, Scrum

Senior Full-stack Developer

2019 - 2020
  • Worked on upgrading a very large legacy codebase from Rails 4 to Rails 5.
  • Worked on fixing serious security issues on both the back end and front end.
  • Contributed to various features across the front and back end.
  • Worked on upgrading Ruby version to 2.5.x almost without any issues.
Technologies: Elasticsearch, Docker, Redis, MySQL, Capistrano, React, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby

Technical Team Lead

2019 - 2019
  • Helped the company enhance the workflow process by utilizing Agile techniques.
  • Mentored more than five junior- to senior-level developers.
  • Fixed a lot of serious bugs and security vulnerabilities that were used as threats from hackers in the country.
  • Worked on the firmware (Node.js), where I implemented new features and fixed many bugs that caused severe downtime for the already live clients.
Technologies: React, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Node.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Team Leadership, Communication, Agile, Leadership, Technical Leadership

Senior Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2019
  • Developed and maintained PageInbox, an embeddable chat box-like intercom, the admin panel, and the back-end APIs.
  • Worked on Talkcircle, a therapy sessions-based service where I added features, fixed bugs, and deployed the project.
  • Helped the company build the OTP Hungarian bank events system.
  • Fixed, maintained, and created a lot of serious features/bugs in, a large and heavy social media platform that makes communication between advertisers and influencers easier.
  • Built a static website for a German agency using Hugo.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL, ECS, Amazon EC2, Docker, Capistrano, React, Phoenix, Elixir, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Senior Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2019
  • Maintained and developed all areas of the projects, such as back end, front end, mobile, and DevOps.
  • Mentored junior- to mid-level developers and helped them achieve the best while maintaining quality and best practices.
  • Implemented the in-app real-time chat between nurseries and parents and a real-time notification system.
Technologies: Google Cloud, Capistrano, AngularJS, Ionic, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Angular, TypeScript, Leadership, Team Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Communication, Agile

Full-stack Developer

2015 - 2017
Appenza Studio
  • Helped the company build an LMS to improve the learning process.
  • Added new features, fixed bugs, and enhanced a real-time web system.
  • Developed, designed, deployed, and maintained 14 distributed microservices with five databases and services, along with writing unit/E2E test cases.
Technologies: MongoDB, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Neo4j, Java, Capistrano, AngularJS, Ionic, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Senior Full-stack Developer

2016 - 2016
Marketing OverIP
  • Worked on a flight agency web application, starting from the back end, front end, and ending with the deployment process.
  • Fixed old bugs that existed on the platform and were causing a drop in the user base.
  • Added a third-party integration for flight tickets reservation.
Technologies: MySQL, AngularJS, Hibernate, Spring, Java


Real-time feedback collaboration. This is my project, where I worked on both the back end and front end. The back end consisted of the API part and a reverse proxy in Elixir and Phoenix, enabling us to open other websites in an IFrame embedded inside our front end. The front end consisted of three different areas: the customer-facing part in React, embeddable Vanilla JS to be embedded inside proxied websites, and a Chrome extension to allow us open more complex websites inside iframes.

AWS JavaScript SDK
Contributed to the AWS JavaScript SDK, where I fixed uploading to the S3 progress bar identifier for multiple files simultaneously. When you tried to upload multiple files at once using AWS SDK, it was not working before because there were no keys (IDs) for each file, causing a problem, and only one file could be uploaded.

This PR was a suggested fix by adding a key for each file, making it handier for FE developers to track the upload of each file.


Worked on both the back-end and front-end layers of the project, where we adapted the microservices architecture in the back-end design of the project. We also developed, designed, deployed, and maintained 14 distributed microservices with five databases and services and wrote test cases.

One of the large codebase projects on which I worked. I fixed, maintained, and created some features in the application on both the front and back end. I also wrote over 40% of the test cases inside the app.

Peekaboo Family

Nursery management and real-time communication application to manage kids' status, photos, issues, and daily life at the nursery with parents.

I contributed to mentoring mid-level developers, reviewing pull requests, and building the codebase in the mobile, back end, and front end.
2011 - 2017

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering

Benha University - Cairo, Egypt


Honorable Mention in the ACM ICPC Arab Regional Contest 2015



Honorable Mention in the ACM ICPC Egyptian National Contest 2015



Honorable Mention in the ACM ICPC Arab Regional Contest 2014



Honorable Mention in the ACM ICPC Egyptian National Contest 2014



React, REST APIs, jQuery, Node.js, Stripe, Stripe API


Vim Text Editor, Emacs, Tmux, Git, NPM, rbenv, Citus, AWS SDK, Capistrano, Terraform, Ansible


Ruby on Rails (RoR), Redux, AngularJS, Ionic, Phoenix, Bootstrap, Spring, Hibernate, Vanilla JS, Next.js, Angular, React Native


SQL, Ruby, JavaScript, Elixir, HTML, CSS, Haml, Python, Java, Emacs Lisp, GraphQL, TypeScript, Sass


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Design Patterns, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Agile, Microservices, Scrum, Metaprogramming


Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, Linux, MacOS, Amazon EC2, Android, iOS, Docker, AWS Elastic Beanstalk


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Neo4j, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Google Cloud, NoSQL, JSON, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, SQLite


Cordova, Team Leadership, ECS, Chrome Extensions, Team Mentoring, Communication, Payment APIs, Architecture, Technical Leadership, Remote Team Leadership, Leadership, ACM Problem Solving, Complex Problem Solving, Web Scraping, API Gateways, Registries, Open Source, Software Engineering, System Design, APIs

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