Ivan Neto, Developer in Serrinha - Bahia, Brazil

Ivan Neto

Software Developer

Serrinha - Bahia, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
June 26, 2014

Ivan is an engineer with eight years of experience in software and web development. Primarily focused on the web, he has solved code optimization problems arising from growing systems, as well as the migrated production apps and services on the fly with zero downtime. While a major part of his experience has been on the back end, he can also work with the front end, databases, networking, and infrastructure.

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Celery, Redis, MySQL, Django REST Framework, Django, Python
Anchor Loans
MongoDB, Pyramid, Python, Data Scraping, Web Scraping
UFBA - Federal University of Bahia
MySQL, Django, Python, Lua


Serrinha - Bahia, Brazil



Preferred Environment

Git, Python, Vim Text Editor, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is a bot to keep track of variations of cryptocurrency markets and make some profit from them.

Work Experience

2014 - PRESENT

Senior Django Developer

  • Worked on the tiering subproject, making the platform able to have different plans for its clients and increase revenue.
  • Changed the entire system architecture, separating one big system into six different microservices, allowing them to communicate with each other and making it easier to handle by allowing a single part to be updated and restarted, without risk to the others.
  • Migrated all systems, including the web apps, the database server, the cache server, the task queue server, the files sync system, the mail log, and the event log to a whole new infrastructure without downtime.
  • Worked on an end-to-end marketing attribution solution.
  • Worked on content system modularization and scalability of partner content publication.
Technologies: Celery, Redis, MySQL, Django REST Framework, Django, Python
2011 - 2014

Web Developer

Anchor Loans
  • Developed and maintained systems controlling the flow of buying and selling processes of properties owned by the company.
  • Developed a subsystem for neighbor property comparison.
  • Developed a system for property construction process management.
Technologies: MongoDB, Pyramid, Python, Data Scraping, Web Scraping
2011 - 2011


UFBA - Federal University of Bahia
  • Researched and developed applications for Digital TV, focusing on applications running in live programs and using web services to give extra information and interaction to users.
Technologies: MySQL, Django, Python, Lua
2010 - 2011

Web Developer

  • Created an event platform for the National Congress of Project Management and the International Seminar on Cinema and Audiovisuals.
  • Developed a subject pre-registration system for the Mathematics Institute of the Federal University of Bahia.
  • Coordinated a team of seven people to develop a promotional website in two days for Salvador's Carnival (the biggest in the world).
Technologies: MySQL, Drupal, PHP


Service Areas

A small sample project allowing company owners to set up service areas by using polygons in a Maps API, built using Python/Django, jQuery, and MySQL.


A sample project for user expense management that I created using Python/Django, Django REST Framework, AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, and SQLite.


Pymox - An open-source mock object framework for Python.

Blog Post for Career Advice

Titled "What I'd [have liked] to hear from an experienced developer when I was a beginner."
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Python, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, HTML5, C, Lua, XML, CSS, HTML


Django, Pyramid, Django REST Framework, AngularJS, Selenium, Scrapy, Bootstrap


REST APIs, Django ORM, jQuery, Google Maps, Facebook SDK, Beautiful Soup, Fabric


Git, Celery, Bitbucket, Subversion (SVN), Vagrant, Sublime Text 2, MacVim, Vim Text Editor, Mercurial, GitHub, Jenkins, NGINX


Microservices, Continuous Integration (CI), Agile, Agile Software Development, Test Automation, Unit Testing, Continuous Deployment, Test-driven Development (TDD), Extreme Programming, REST, Scrum, Kanban


MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis, Oracle SQL, JSON


Drupal, MacOS, Docker, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


User Experience (UX), Web App Development, Data Scraping, Web Scraping


2017 - 2018

MBA in Information Technology Management

FMU - Faculdade Metropolitanas Unidas - Serrinha, Bahia, Brazil

2006 - 2011

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

UFBA - Federal University of Bahia - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil