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Ivan Matveev

Ivan Matveev

Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
Member since December 20, 2013
Ivan is an enthusiastic person who loves to work on a team and focuses on solving business problems through quality back-end development. He has worked on a variety of projects from solo app development to database optimization and contributions to the development of a distributed partner sites system.
Ivan is now available for hire
  • MySQL, 8 years
  • Object-oriented Programming (OOP), 8 years
  • PHP, 8 years
  • Symfony 2, 5 years
  • Continuous Integration (CI), 4 years
  • Laravel 5, 4 years
  • Yii 2, 4 years
  • PostgreSQL, 3 years
Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
Preferred Environment
*nix, PHP Storm, CLion, Git, Redmine, Jira
The most amazing...
...thing I've coded was a distributed system of partner shops with a central RPC server processing billing and logistics.
  • Team Lead/Senior PHP and Java Developer
    2016 - 2018
    • Led the development team of 10 engineers.
    • Supported and developed new features for a high-load commenting system with 40k requests per minute. Our widgets were integrated with some of the most popular US news portals (e.g., LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Hearst Media).
    • Successfully went through whole ICO process, including implementation of security measures, development of a billing service with Ethereum wallet binding and a blockchain network listener.
    • Refactored most of the system into SOA, improving maintainability and performance. All communication is done via Kafka event bus (events packed with thrift) and thrift RPC.
    • Greatly improved the speed of the product delivery through implementing the CI deploying process.
    • Created some new products from scratch for the company including promoted headlines, a resource for mass comments and headlines promotions, and moderation.
    • Developed some microservices, including a media service for media content uploading and resizing, stats HTTP capturing service, captcha service, and more.
    • Moved every part of the system from AWS (ECS) to Google Cloud (Kubernetes).
    • Implemented a Java resource calculator for Docker into the current deploy process to utilize the CPU and memory. Resource consumption decreased by around 13%.
    Technologies: Java 8 (Spring, Gradle, Artifactory), PHP 5.6 - 7.1 (Yii2, Symfony Components, Composer), PostgreSQL, Couchbase, Redshift, Kafka, Lua, AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, SOA, Microservices, Thrift, React, Redux, Angular 2
  • Back-end Engineer: Maxwell Argon
    2016 - 2017
    Maxwell Health (via Toptal)
    • Developed an analytics application reading data from the event stream.
    Technologies: PHP, DynamoDB, MySQL, SQS, React, SOA
  • Senior PHP/CTO/Architect
    2015 - 2016
    I Quit Sugar (via Toptal)
    • Designed and developed the backbone/core for fast RESTful API service deployment. Core is built on top of lumen and angularjs. Took part as a contributor to an open source system called Spira.
    • Wrote RBAC system for laravel/lumen. It was inspired by Yii2. 100% covered with tests.
    • Implemented patches and fixes to make most of Docker containers inside the Vagrant environment.
    • Designed and developed an IQS application including meals, meal plans, recipes, ingredients, shopping lists, etc.
    • Integrated Zuora SOAP. Created a billing module on top of Zuora SaaS.
    • Built a complex multilingual tagging system using Elasticsearch for searching capabilities.
    • Contributed to the definition of the business logic process.
    • Wrote some front-end parts using TypeScript as a JS wrapper and AngularJS as the main front-end framework.
    • Achieved near 100% test coverage of all applications.
    • Implemented SQRC and Specification pattern for payment processes.
    Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL, TypeScript, Vagrant, Docker, Apiairy, PhpUnit, RESTful, Lumen, Laravel, Payments, Zuora SOAP, Infusionsoft, Beanstalked, Elasticsearch
  • Architect/Senior Developer
    2015 - 2015
    Unbiased, Ltd. (via Toptal)
    • Built tools to allow non-technical staff to keep the site updated without harming the user experience.
    • Developed client infrastructures using various components of Amazon Web Services.
    • Optimized database performance and helped maintain consistent page load times across an order of magnitude increase in traffic.
    • Created tests for the project.
    Technologies: PHP 5, MySQL, PgSQL, Symfony 2, Doctrine
  • CTO/Lead/Senior Developer
    2015 - 2015
    Polid, Inc. (via Toptal)
    • Built a warehouse management system for a large print service.
    • Developed a platform for affiliated partners.
    • Worked with third-party developers to implement certain services into the platform.
    • Provided customer support and integrated with various client environments (mainly publishers).
    • Reviewed all code contributions from the team for readability, consistency, and performance.
    Technologies: DDD, PHP 5, MySQL 5.7, Yii 2, Symfony 2
  • CTO/Lead/PHP & JS Developer
    2015 - 2015
    Inspired Divine Creative (via Toptal)
    • Brought a business focus to software development as an entrepreneur with a passion for programming.
    • Developed a web application to define and execute business intelligence processes.
    • Tested extensively using PHPUnit and Selenium, along with continuous integration (Jenkins).
    • Architected and coded a large common code library for web applications covering areas such as security, configuration, and especially data management.
    • Contributed to the developer community, including writing documentation for the JomSocial component.
    Technologies: PHP 5, MySQL 5.6, JS, jQuery, Joomla, JomSocial
  • Lead/Senior Developer
    2014 - 2015
    OOO "Novii Techonlogii" (New Technologies)
    • Collaborated with team members to develop server-side application which worked with Mobile clients through APIs.
    • Implemented a JSON-RPC API instead of the RESTful API that wasn't providing enough functionality for the client's needs.
    • Worked with client-side image processing.
    • Refactored Excel Data export and answers output in the admin panel.
    • Fixed numerous bugs and performance issues including server-side profiling and debugging.
    • Implemented Zoho integration.
    Technologies: PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.6, Kohana, Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, JSON-RPC, FileAPI, Twig, Composer
  • CTO/Architect/Lead Programmer
    2013 - 2014
    OOO Bolyshev
    • Helped organize the development process with Scrum-like meetings, testing, and deployment; did some server management routines implemented a version control, and fixed downtime problems and bugs. Due to my work, page generation speed was decreased from 3-7s to 0.16s.
    • Separated CRM and image processing services from the main application.
    • Decreased project maintenance costs.
    • Developed a RESTful billing application.
    • Started three new projects: a furniture catalog, image server, and payment processing.
    Technologies: PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL, Yii 1.1/2, REST, JSON-RPC, Twig, Composer, Npm, Codeception, Selenium
  • Web Developer
    2012 - 2013
    • Collaborated with a team of qualified developers.
    • Developed for a distributed partner shops system.
    • Reworked the Yii Active Record for the sake of smart master-slave interchange.
    • Created a CMS installer using Phing.
    • Developed a product synchronization API.
    • Covered custom services with Unit tests.
    Technologies: PHP 5.4, Yii 1.1, JSON-RPC 2.0, Smarty 3, MySQL 5.5, DB partitioning, DB replication, Phing, PHPUnit
  • Web Developer
    2011 - 2012
    RedCat Studio
    • Created cross-browser PSD to HTML conversion.
    • Developed a Groupon clone.
    • Built several eCommerce applications.
    • Made custom doctrine extensions for the projects.
    • Took part in Studio CMS development.
    • Did some TinyMCE plugins for WYSIWYG in the admin panel.
    Technologies: PHP 5.3, MySQL, Zend Framework, Doctrine, XPath, Xslt, Google API, JavaScript
  • Linux Administrator
    2008 - 2010
    Private Security Company
    • Learned an advanced *nix environment.
    • Made simple bash scripts.
    • Worked with basic encryption mechanisms including OpenSSL.
    • Profiled some performance issues.
    • Managed cron jobs.
    Technologies: Debian
  • Academy of Tourism (Development)

    The landing page for a business organization with a pretty rich UI for its time.

  • Aidigo shop (Development)

    A spice merchant eCommerce application with cart, online payments, discounts, personal accounts, and product synchronization.

  • Cupolis (Development)

    A Groupon clone with online payments.

  • Sdaminfo (Development)

    A short-term apartment rental service application.

  • Wikimebel (Development)

    A furniture advertisement aggregator application.

  • Languages
    SQL, PHP, Java 8, XSLT, XPath, Bash, JavaScript, Java, C++, C
  • Frameworks
    PHPUnit, Yii 2, Lumen, Yii, Symfony 2, Laravel, Laravel 5, Spring, Kohana, Bootstrap 3, Codeception, AngularJS, Ext JS
  • Tools
    PhpStorm, Adobe Photoshop, BitBucket, NPM, GitHub, Nginx, Beanstalk, Eclipse IDE, JIRA, Redmine, Composer, Git, Visual Studio, Adobe Illustrator, Jenkins, Confluence, MySQL Workbench
  • Paradigms
    Clean Code, DRY, SOLID Principles, KISS, Model View Controller (MVC), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST, Agile Software Development, Continuous Integration (CI), Test-driven Development (TDD), Behavior-driven Development (BDD)
  • Storage
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, JSON, Elasticsearch, MySQLi, Sphinx Search Engine, Memcached
  • Other
    RPC, PHPDoc, Payment Gateways, Data Structures, Algorithms, AJAX, Agile Software Testing, Math, StateMachine, Regular Expressions, HTTP, BrainTree, HTML5 WebSockets
  • Libraries/APIs
    Swift Mailer, Yandex Maps API, Braintree API, VK API, jQuery, Facebook API, Yandex API, Google API, Twitter API
  • Platforms
    NetBeans, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian Linux, Amazon
  • Master's degree in Linguistics and Cross-cultural Communication
    2003 - 2008
    South Ural State University - Chelyabinsk, Russia
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