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Ivan Starcevic

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Back-end Developer

Belgrade, Serbia
Toptal Member Since
September 6, 2016

Ivan is a software architect and engineer with over a decade of experience delivering high-performance, resilient, and scalable distributed systems handling large amounts of data. He has done outstanding work for enterprise-level customers, driving proof of concepts, pilots, and technology evaluations to accelerate new technologies and solutions onboarding. Ivan fosters an environment of ownership, innovation, and technical excellence.


Genius Ventures
Node.js, APIs, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon EC2, PostgreSQL, REST...
Python, TypeScript, Node.js, AWS Lambda, Apache Kafka, Apache Airflow, React...
Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Redis, MongoDB, React, GraphQL...




Preferred Environment

Git, Linux

The most amazing...

...thing I've accomplished is a supreme track record with many high-profile clients worldwide while promoting a distributed and value-driven team culture.

Work Experience

Lead Software Architect

2022 - 2022
Genius Ventures
  • Designed an architecture for a distributed system that managed the lifecycle and state of game instances.
  • Developed a multi-region game instance provisioning system to provide a low-latency experience for a pixel-streaming game platform.
  • Introduced several techniques to increase system scalability and avoid performance bottlenecks.
  • Implemented common dependency with several abstractions to increase the system's portability among cloud providers.
  • Integrated several tools within a system to provide telemetry-based observability dashboards to trace and monitor user experience across the system.
Technologies: Node.js, APIs, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Amazon EC2, PostgreSQL, REST, REST APIs, Pub/Sub, Redis, WebSockets, Knex.js, Express.js, JSON, Amazon Route 53, OpenTelemetry, Unreal Engine, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Web Services, SQL, Architecture, Python, Python 3, Databases, API Gateways, Software Architecture

Senior Software Architect & Engineer

2021 - 2022
  • Contributed to a system design for highly scalable enterprise infrastructure supporting massive data throughput.
  • Implemented several API integrations to support complex event-based distributed backends.
  • Designed web service infrastructure to automate machine learning pipelines and serve results to be processed further.
  • Contributed to a collection of APIs that performed geospatial file conversion and rasterization using serverless technologies.
  • Participated in performance tuning and caching implementation to support highly scalable requirements.
  • Developed graphical data inspection and validation tools, including region selection and real-time monitoring.
Technologies: Python, TypeScript, Node.js, AWS Lambda, Apache Kafka, Apache Airflow, React, JavaScript, Redis, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), CI/CD Pipelines, GraphQL, REST APIs, API Design, Docker, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Linux, Microservices, Back-end, NumPy, WebSockets, GIS, Geospatial Data, NestJS, Web Services, Architecture, Python 3, Serverless, Databases, API Gateways, Software Architecture, Enterprise Application Architecture, Amazon API Gateway

Senior Software Architect & Engineer

2019 - 2021
  • Worked on technical design and architecture for services that handle the core functionalities.
  • Implemented multiple data ingestion and performance-critical microservices, processing extreme volumes of real-estate property and geographical boundary data.
  • Contributed to defining and designing API endpoints consumed by the main client application.
  • Designed data structures and indexing techniques to provide efficient text-based search algorithms.
  • Owned performance-critical algorithms related to regions and real estate property listing searches performed on millions of data records.
  • Introduced an observability platform to provide real-time insights and alerts for a complex microservice architecture in a cloud-native environment.
Technologies: Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Redis, MongoDB, React, GraphQL, Express.js, Node.js, Back-end, GIS, Docker, Geospatial Data, Git, Linux, Microservices, API Design, Web Services, Elasticsearch, Architecture, REST APIs, NoSQL, Google Cloud, Databases, API Gateways, Software Architecture, Enterprise Application Architecture

Senior Software Engineer

2016 - 2019
Trinity Mobile Networks
  • Contributed to a design of a network architecture that improves the performance of mesh networks using various software-defined networking methodologies.
  • Designed multiple nodes within the distributed system, aggregating data and communicating in real-time.
  • Led development efforts for an analytics web portal to provide real-time metrics and diagnostics for devices connected to the network.
  • Developed an API endpoint to provide data for the analytics dashboard and graphs.
  • Implemented multiple dependencies used for various network abstractions and data abstractions.
Technologies: Python, RabbitMQ, Socket.IO, Cassandra, Node.js, Full-stack, Back-end, Hapi.js, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Linux, API Design, WebSockets, Chart.js, Analytics, Web Services, REST, REST APIs, JSON, Architecture, Python 3, Databases, API Gateways, Software Architecture, Full-stack Development

Senior Software Engineer

2014 - 2016
  • Led the efforts of defining the architecture of the core system from the ground.
  • Established the initial codebase and infrastructure for the web client and distributed the back-end.
  • Implemented multiple core features, including authentication, access control, and profile management.
  • Participated in an iterative process of transforming customer feedback into improvements and new functionalities.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL, Spring, Java, REST, REST APIs, API Design, Hibernate, Git, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Linux, SQL, Back-end, OAuth 2, Spring Boot, Web Services, JSON, Databases, Software Architecture, Web Application Architecture, Full-stack Development

Software Engineer

2012 - 2014
  • Contributed to the development of a distributed back end for an application recommender used by the operating system of a major phone brand.
  • Introduced data collection and caching improvements to increase back-end scalability and system performance.
  • Participated in developing a platform for real-time data streaming of wearable devices.
  • Developed several functionalities for remote batch device analytics and configuration management.
  • Implemented a proof of concept solution for resource monitoring and alerting in cloud-native distributed architectures.
Technologies: PostgreSQL, Mahout, Java, Node.js, Amazon EC2, JDBC, JAX-RS, REST APIs, REST, JSON, API Design, Analytics, Apache Tomcat, Apache Maven, Git, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Linux, SQL, Back-end, Databases, Full-stack Development

Keller Williams

A real estate search platform intended to connect buyers and sellers and modernize the real estate trading process.
My contributions were related to owning business-critical features and architecture that impacted many product-related aspects.


A web platform that provides a global marketplace for software companies and hiring managers to communicate with potential employees and engage in business interactions. I also developed the system architecture and its many core features.

Agoro Carbon Alliance

A platform backed by Yara International developed to enable farmers to buy carbon credits and reduce a global carbon footprint. My responsibilities included the architecture and implementation of many back-end services within a highly scalable ecosystem.
2008 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering - Belgrade, Serbia


REST APIs, Node.js, React, Mahout, NumPy, Socket.IO, JDBC, JAX-RS, Chart.js


Git, Terraform, GIS, RabbitMQ, Apache Airflow, Apache Tomcat, Apache Maven, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR), Knex.js


Express.js, Hapi.js, Spring, Hibernate, OAuth 2, NestJS, Spring Boot, Unreal Engine


REST, Web Application Architecture, Enterprise Application Architecture, Microservices, Design Patterns, DevOps, Test-driven Development (TDD)


JavaScript, Python 3, TypeScript, HTML, Java, SQL, GraphQL, Python, CSS, Rust


JSON, MongoDB, Databases, MySQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Redis, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, NoSQL, Google Cloud


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, Docker, AWS Lambda, Apache Kafka


Back-end, Architecture, Distributed Systems, API Gateways, Software Architecture, Full-stack, Analytics, Full-stack Development, WebSockets, Amazon Route 53, API Design, Web Services, CI/CD Pipelines, Geospatial Data, APIs, Pub/Sub, OpenTelemetry, Serverless, Amazon API Gateway

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