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Jake Hershey, Ph.D.

Jake Hershey, Ph.D.

Jacksonville, Oregon, United States
Member since September 6, 2017
Jake is an accomplished marketing statistician, data scientist, and database programmer with 17 years of experience building SQL Server databases, predictive models, machine learning solutions, and custom interactive web-based data visualizations. He is the founder of - a data visualization tool for the market research industry.
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  • California Skin Institute
    Tableau (Desktop and Server), SQL Server, Javascript, D3.js, php, python
  • Refinery29
    Machine learning, statistical modelling, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Python...
    Machine learning, statistical modelling, SQL Server, Oracle, Python, R, D3.js...
  • Machine Learning, 18 years
  • Data Science, 17 years
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), 17 years
  • SQL, 17 years
  • Web Scraping, 7 years
  • JavaScript, 7 years
  • Python, 5 years
  • D3.js, 4 years
Jacksonville, Oregon, United States
Preferred Environment
Windows OS, SQL, python, Javascript, D3.js
The most amazing... I've founded is -- Market research companies use it to post interactive survey results on the web.
  • Director of Information Technology and Business Intelligence
    2017 - PRESENT
    California Skin Institute
    • Led a team of internal IT professionals and an external IT Infrastructure agency. We serviced all of the IT needs for a $55 million annual revenue network of 50+ dermatologists at 30+ locations in California.
    • Built a set of statistical models for patient lifetime value, predicting which demographic groups produce the best ROI for targeting our marketing efforts using Python and SQL Server.
    • Developed a variety of automated reports using SQL Server, Python, and Tableau: patient visit metrics, physician revenue and procedures reports, and accounts receivable reports.
    • Created a website that aggregates and helps fulfill online appointment requests. In addition to listing the current requests, It emails the receptionists at the appropriate locations, prompting them to schedule each appointment.
    • Developed an internal website using JavaScript, d3.js, PHP, and SQL Server for tracking and coordinating the collections for bills and medical "superbills."
    Technologies: Tableau (Desktop and Server), SQL Server, Javascript, D3.js, php, python
  • Director of Business Intelligence
    2016 - 2017
    • Created a natural language processing solution in Python and SQL, that downloads 9 million+ tweets per day from the Twitter API and identifies the trending topics that are relevant to our Google Adwords keywords. Published the trending topics in a D3.js interactive webpage. This helps the writers and editors know what topics to write about.
    • Wrote a script in Python and SQL stored procedures, that downloads all of the Facebook posts and tweets from 800+ celebrities every day, and extracts the language elements and shared entities. Published the common entities (themes, memes, hashtags) in a D3.js interactive website. This lets the editors and writers include celebrity content in their articles.
    • Created a workflow tracking website for video production. It tracks the videos from initial project budget, through production and post-production, rights and clearances, finalization of the video assets, and publication on social platforms, so we can know what is in the video pipeline, make sure it has proper approvals, and then tie video performance back to budget.
    • Architected and managed a SQL Server instance for email analysis. This server collects all of the email data from our email service provider (Sailthru), via their API, and stores it in a data warehouse that I created. I used this data to identify which kind of emailed content each person responds best to, so that we could customize our emails for each person’s best-matching content category.
    • Analyzed (via Python Numpy/Pandas/Scikit-Learn) our email recipient behavior to identify clusters of people who respond best to particular kinds of content. We used this in our re-engagement strategy, emailing the less-engaged people only their best-matching content, to spur re-engagement. Our unsubscribe rate dropped by 12% among the less-engaged group, and 6% overall.
    • Created a custom interactive data visualization website that presents Refinery29’s most engaging topics as a wordcloud, shows their historical trend lines, and presents recent stories that cover each topic.
    Technologies: Machine learning, statistical modelling, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Python, Scikit-learn, NLTK, D3.js
  • Director of Business Intelligence
    2011 - 2016
    • Built a set of logistic regression models (one per product) for email targeting that improved email response rates by 18%, while maintaining email volume, by improving the relevance of email messaging. I used R (GLM) for the analysis, and implemented the solution in SQL Server.
    • Built regression and clustering models that identify likely fraud. This lets us proactively cancel fraudulent orders, and reduced our charge back rate by 30%.
    • Created an automated reporting tool for landing page testing that makes registration flow optimization quick and accurate.
    • Built a set of machine learning classification algorithms (using Python Scikit-Learn) that identify the leads with the highest purchase likelihood for upgrade and cross sell.
    • Developed a web-based data visualization tool, using D3 (JavaScript), that brings together our subscription billing, terminations/refunds, email response, Google Adwords, and Google Analytics data into one reporting application, with a rich set of graphing and filtering features.
    • Built a self-service email list creation and calendaring web application (using D3.js, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL server) that makes it easy for our email team to create email lists, with a drag/drop interface.
    • Created a website (the “Telesales Dispatcher”) that presents the highest quality leads to our telesales agents each day, based on statistical models of purchase likelihood that I developed.
    Technologies: Machine learning, statistical modelling, SQL Server, Oracle, Python, R, D3.js, Numpy/Pandas/Scikit-Learn, Excel VBA
  • Director of Research and Analytics
    2007 - 2011
    eMusic, Inc.
    • Built a suite of automated database reporting applications, using Excel (with VBA) as a client for SQL Server data, providing visibility into all of the marketing data and company key metrics, including signups, web conversion rates, email open and click rates, site usage, churn metrics, and geo-mapping.
    • Built a web scraping tool that retrieves song and album prices from Amazon and iTunes, so that we can strategically price our music catalog to best comparative advantage. This tool improved our overall prices by 15%.
    • Developed customer churn and upsell models of our customers via multivariate logistic regression, used for enhanced targeting of our member communications and offers. Improved upsell rates by 13%, while improving retention by 8%.
    Technologies: Machine learning, statistical modelling, SQL Server, R, Excel VBA,
  • Director of Direct Marketing and Analytics
    2000 - 2007
    EarthLink, Inc
    • Developed, implemented, and analyzed the direct marketing strategy for EarthLink’s dialup products, including both EarthLink’s flagship dialup internet brand and the PeoplePC value brand. Managed a small team of data scientists, and an overall annual marketing budget of $60 million dollars.
    • Optimized marketing spend across direct response TV, solo and shared mail, sponsorships, promotions, and field marketing. Generated more than 850,000 members through my channels in 2007, beating our 2007 plan by 10%.
    • Created the “FrontLine Strategizer”: a SQL Server database application (with Excel / VBA client) that builds aggregated monthly forecasts out of campaign-level inputs. Integrated with my real-time direct marketing response projections, this tool enabled me to react quickly to campaign performance and optimize budget allocation.
    • Managed a team of marketing managers and data analysts distributed across the San Francisco and Atlanta offices, building their direct marketing skills and helping them deliver subscribers on time and under budget. Also managed a stable of marketing and media buying agencies that assisted with all of our direct marketing efforts.
    • Built the “MACalyzer” – a SQL Server database application for direct response TV reporting that reduced the member acquisition costs in the television channel by 18%. This tool ties 400+ dedicated phone numbers to their associated advertising spend, and identifies the resulting orders so that we can track the ROI and member acquisition cost for each airing of our commercial.
    • Developed a direct mail reporting and analysis engine in SQL Server with an Excel user-interface. Wrote all the SQL code that loads mail recipients, matches them to mail respondents, and reports response rates via an OLAP cube with more than 20 demographic and marketing dimensions. This reporting and analysis tool was in use for at least seven years after I built it.
    • Built the “Churn Toaster”: An OLAP-style SQL Server application providing visibility into the churn rates during individual calendar months, allowing users to explore each month’s churn along a variety of dimensions (acquisition channel or partner, offer, customer tenure, payment method, and voluntary vs involuntary churn).
    Technologies: Machine Learning, statistical modelling, SQL Server, SAS, Excel VBA
  • Technical Analysis of Stock Price: The Head and Shoulders Pattern (Development)

    Created a Python program that finds the "Head and Shoulders" stock price pattern in stock price trends. Created a website that lets you adjust the parameters of the "Head and Shoulders" pattern (ratio of Head to Shoulders, Trend Angle, # of Days in the pattern, etc), and shows the gain or loss to your portfolio over the next 30 days, as though you had bought the matching stocks on the day after the end of the pattern.

  • Topic Extraction from Tweets (Development)

    Programmed a script to collect tweets matching 1600 keywords every hour, and identify the "trending" topics on Twitter for those keywords. Created a website to display the top trending topics, using JavaScript and D3.js.

  • Automated WordCloud and Data Visualization for Topic Themes (Development)

    Wrote a script that extracts the keywords and themes from articles published on the Refinery29 website, and presents them as a word cloud. Users can select the month, and the themes with the most user engagement for that month are presented. The larger the font, the more engagement the keyword received. And, a line graph at the bottom of the screen shows the seasonal engagement pattern for words when you click on them.

  • Trending Celebrity Topics (Development)

    Wrote a script that "follows" 800+ celebrities, and stores their tweets and Facebook posts in a SQL server table. Then it uses NLP tools to extract the topics that are common across multiple celebrities. Finally, I created a website using javascript and D3.js to publish the trending celebrity topics, so it's easy to see what celebrities are talking about.

  • (Development)

    I founded the company SurveyGraphics LLC and built the website in 2014. This is a service that lets market research companies upload raw survey data, and the site automatically converts the data into interactive graphs.

  • Tableau Revenue Dashboard (Screenshot) (Development)

    I created a wide variety of reports in Tableau, to help us track physician productivity, billing, and revenue. I've linked to a screenshot of a Tableau Revenue Dashboard I created.

  • Languages
    Python, SQL, JavaScript, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), R, SAS, T-SQL, PHP 7, Google Apps Script
  • Frameworks
    Machine Learning
  • Libraries/APIs
    Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, D3.js, Facebook API, Twitter API, Google Analytics API, Facebook Ads API, Instagram API, Pinterest API, Tumblr API, LinkedIn API, Google Drive API, JW Player API, Sailthru API
  • Paradigms
    Data Science
  • Other
    Web Scraping, SAS Macros, Multivariate Statistical Modeling, Business Intelligence (BI), SAS Stats, Base SAS
  • Tools
    cURL Command Line Tool, Tableau
  • Storage
    PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Platforms
    Apache Pig
  • Ph.D. in Psychology, Quantitative Psychology
    1994 - 1999
    Univ of California, Riverside - Riverside, California
  • Bachelor's degree in Psychology
    1988 - 1993
    Univ. of California, Berkeley - Berkeley, California
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