Jake Noble, Software Developer in Derby, United Kingdom
Jake Noble

Software Developer in Derby, United Kingdom

Member since June 23, 2015
Jake is an enthusiastic and highly skilled PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript developer from Derby, UK. He has been working with websites and web applications for over a decade and has proven his ability to create excellent web solutions for any client.
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Derby, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

Symfony, MySQL, MacOS, PhpStorm

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was a spider for a website analytics tool.


  • Director, Web Developer

    2012 - PRESENT
    Yolk Creative
    • Wrote website proposals to win client work based on requirements from small/medium businesses and councils.
    • Set up hosting infrastructure using PHP5, MySQL, and Varnish cache to get the most from a single VPS without overloading Apache.
    • Set up backup routines for each VPS to take off site back ups of data and files and place them on Amazon S3.
    • Configured Amazon CloudFront for all websites as well as 'minifcation' of all JavaScript and CSS to improve page load speed.
    • Wrote a bespoke golfing application that allows players to save their golf round on a course. This then produces a variety of graphs and other graphics so that coaches can review a player's performance.
    • Implemented image processing using EC2 instances on AWS, to offload the heavy lifting of image processing away from a VPS and onto its own dedicated (faster and cheaper) resource.
    Technologies: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, XPath, XML, MySQL
  • Web App Developer

    2020 - 2020
    Toptal Clients
    • Picked up a half-finished REST API built in Laravel from another developer and completed the API for use with a Vue.js back end built by another developer.
    • Communicated with the client on requirements and issues via video and Slack.
    • Finalized the deployment process via Laravel Forge and Digital Ocean.
    Technologies: REST APIs, Vue 2, MySQL, Laravel, PHP 7
  • Director, Web Developer

    2010 - 2012
    • Served as finance director for a small web agency of 5 staff members.
    • Wrote bespoke software to integrate with Xero accounting software and Gecko Dashboard to more easily showcase the business' performance.
    • Wrote numerous plugins and add-ons for the open source CMS Concrete5 including social media extensions, user login, and user management.
    • Wrote proposals and technical specifications.
    • Produced a RSS extension in Concrete5 that allowed any RSS feed to be consumed and converted into a page within a council's web site allowing them to re-use news from their sister sites.
    • Wrote a Zend Framework application for a housing portal that used Rightmove's BLM file format (as well as others) to import thousands of properties each day into their web directory.
    • Wrote a Zend Framework application for a client to manage and list thousands of nightclubs across the world.
    Technologies: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, XPath, XML, MySQL
  • PHP Developer

    2008 - 2010
    • Wrote a PHP spider to crawl sites for all pages and parse out specific data, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.
    • Wrote extensions to an in-house CMS written in PHP4.
    • Used XPath extensively to find elements within HTML pages in order to run tests on a site such as missing alt attributes, broken images, broken links, external links, video, and Flash usage.
    • Liaised with clients regarding their technical requirements.
    • Defined and wrote a framework to store website test results in XML format. This format was used throughout the application to render a website's results.
    • Wrote a recruitment website for the building industry that allows candidates to register and apply for jobs. Employers could register and list jobs. There was also a messaging system so candidates and employers could speak in a safe and monitored environment.
    Technologies: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, XPath, XML, MySQL


  • Test Easily

    A bespoke web app used for click tracking using Symfony 3, Postgres, Redis, Memcached, and much more.

    The web app's focus was on speed of reporting for 1 million clicks and fast redirect speeds of less than 50ms.

  • Blended Learning Universe

    Bespoke Symfony 2 project used for searching and managing hundreds of schools and their associated programs.

    Main Symfony 2 application: http://www.blendedlearning.org/directory

    Features include:
    • User login
    • User registration
    • Profile updates (all via Ajax)
    • Directory search, filters, and Google Map (all via Ajax)
    • Export directory searches to CSV
    • Auto-generation of a timeline of changes for a school to maintain a record of their updates
    • Admin features for searching and maintaining schools, users, programs, etc.

    The site root is in WordPress done by a previous developer (http://www.blendedlearning.org/).

  • Web App Questionnaire

    A Laravel web application that I took over from another developer. The site has several forms that store data and then send it to the client's CRM via an API using a custom XML format.

    The project was not in a good state when I took it over. Working with the client and the CRM provider, we were able to fix the bugs and add several new features to streamline the capturing of their driver applications.

  • BBC Cbeebies Prototype

    A local agency won the opportunity to tender for a large BBC project—features for the existing Cbeebies website. This involved two days of working on-site at the BBC's Media Centre in Salford alongside other companies also developing their own ideas over the two days.

    The agency I was working for was shortlisted to the last three and invited to take their idea (developed in those two days) through to a full prototype, which would take several months.

    I wrote the entirety of this project's back-end in Symfony 2 which enabled a child to watch a video or play a game on an iPad while a parent could observe them and "push" new content to the child on the iPad. This meant the parent was indirectly feeding the child content from their own device without directly interfering with the child's experience.

  • The Battle Directory

    A bespoke Symfony 2 application that allows users to create tabletop battle reports.

    This site uses an offsite EC2 instance to process the many images needed for each report. This leaves the user to continue on their editing experience while the images are resized elsewhere.

    Used: Symfony 2, PHP 5, MySQL, jQuery, CSS, HTML


  • Languages

    PHP, HTML, XPath, CSS, XML, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML4, PHP 7
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, jQuery, Vue 2, Facebook API, Google Maps
  • Platforms

    MacOS, Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Other

    Web App Deployment, MVC Frameworks, APIs, Full-stack
  • Frameworks

    Symfony, Laravel, Symfony 4, Symfony 3, Symfony 2, Knockout (Knockout.js), PHPUnit
  • Tools

    Apache, Varnish, PhpStorm, Amazon CloudFront CDN
  • Storage

    MySQL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Science and Computer Science
    2004 - 2007
    Lancaster University - Lancaster, UK

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