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Jakub Kaczanowski, Software Developer in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Jakub Kaczanowski

Software Developer in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Member since June 6, 2017
Jakub started taming data 13+ years ago building Access databases in the oil and gas sector. He is now Head of Technology at a financial analytics startup and has been everything in between. An expert at BI and data warehouse architecture and development, Jakub is much more than a technical resource; he has a sound understanding of the role of insightful dat at the senior/board level.
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  • VXM
    Microsoft SQL Server, RedShift, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Tableau, AWS, Azure, .NET
  • Chamonix
    Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, PowerBI, Excel (PowerPivot), VBA...
  • Business Intelligence Contractor
    Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Excel, VBA, .NET, Oracle DB...


  • T-SQL, 11 years
  • Microsoft SQL Server, 11 years
  • ETL, 11 years
  • SSAS, 7 years
  • Business Intelligence (BI), 7 years
  • Tableau, 3 years
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia



Preferred Environment

Windows, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Tableau

The most amazing...

...thing I built was an O&G accrual model for a utilities wholesaler. It took numerous data points as inputs to generate data for cashflow forecasts and budgets.


  • Head of Technology

    2015 - PRESENT
    • Spearheaded the development of BIG POPPA, our profit analytics suite that uses price-volume-mix analysis to quantify strategic and management decisions.
    • Led a BI team for more traditional consulting services to implement tactical business solutions utilizing my rapid dev data mart design methodology. Current clients are across manufacturing, logistics, and finance.
    • Developed a complex financial analysis tool utilizing OLAP cube as a calculation engine and Tableau as the visualization layer.
    • Rapid architecture, design, and development of a number of tactical data marts for large clients in logistics, manufacturing, and finance.
    • Collaborated with clients’ senior management and heads of business to provide solutions that deliver insights in rapid time.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, RedShift, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Tableau, AWS, Azure, .NET
  • Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

    2011 - 2015
    • Designed and developed enterprise data warehouse solutions that spanned the full Microsoft BI stack (data store, integration, data models, visualisations) for numerous clients across government, health, education and utilities.
    • Designed and developed numerous complex OLAP solutions utilising multidimensional and tabular (including PowerPivot).
    • Designed and developed SSIS based modular ETL framework that integrated data from various RDBMS (Oracle/SQL Server), flat file and web based data sources. The Framework was successfully deployed at numerous clients across Government and private sector companies.
    • Designed and developed data warehouse for a financial reporting and forecasting tool for a major utilities provider in Australia.
    • Designed and developed data warehouse featuring a real-time, shift and historical reporting dashboard solution for ambulance emergency response. Current events were trickle fed into the data warehouse in near-real time and visualised for the commanders at the incident response centre.
    • Developed suite of 30+ complex KPI, Financial and Operational reports within Maximo 7 based CMS for a public utilities company. Completed in under a month at the back end of the project that allowed it to go live on schedule after the main supplier had de-scoped the vital reporting assets.
    • Provided presales and proof of concept/prototyping support to the sales team to win new business.
    • Working closely with business stakeholders to analyse requirements and provide sound solutions.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, PowerBI, Excel (PowerPivot), VBA, Maximo (BIRT), AWS, Azure, .NET
  • Business Intelligence Contractor

    2006 - 2011
    Business Intelligence Contractor
    • Designed and developed enterprise data warehouse solutions that spanned the full Microsoft BI stack (data store, integration, data models, visualizations) for numerous clients across government, education, telecommunications, and finance.
    • Provided ongoing support and enhancement to existing BI solutions across the full stack.
    • Optimized existing solutions that were being overwhelmed with data including optimizing OLAP cubes and integration. Improvements by factors of x10-100 for common and complex queries.
    • Developed ETL framework and financial reporting as part of integration project at a large financial administrative services provider. It was the third attempt at the project by the organization (the previous two being aborted failures), and the framework played a pivotal part in the successful implementation.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Excel, VBA, .NET, Oracle DB, DataStage, Visual FoxPro
  • Programmer

    2004 - 2006
    Steadfast Australia
    • Developed and implemented a middleware solution that integrated orders on the web portal with the in-house tracking system and external transport companies to generate pack orders and print shipping labels once picked.
    • Created and supported web based portal for customer orders.
    • Built financial and operational reporting solutions within TransLogix, the warehouse stock management system.
    Technologies: PHP, MySQL, SQL
  • Database Developer

    2004 - 2004
    Origin Energy
    • Developed a MS Access based application to create a searchable index of technical drawing of all assets at a number of power plants.
    Technologies: Microsoft Access


  • Gross Profit Analytics (Development)

    As Head of Technology at VXM, I have built a margin analytics application that utilises econometrics principles such as price-volume-mix analysis to quantify strategic and management decisions.

    I personally built the relational backend and multidimensional calculation engine that sits at the core of the solution and allows us to compare and contrast a portfolio/hierarchy against:
    * prior performance (prior year/half/quarter/month adjusted for seasonality and year to date)
    * industry benchmarks
    * forecasts
    * budgets
    * any other object in the portfolio (e.g. compare business units and regions to each other)
    * performance management (e.g. individual performance vs actual average performance by all staff for the period)
    * impact of fx

    The first version of the tool is built on a Microsoft and Tableau stack for rapid development. The tool has great performance and customizability despite the complexity of calculations resulted in hitting some challenges and shortcomings of the chosen stack.

    The feedback from demos and client trials has been resoundly positive.

  • Simplify Spatial (Development)

    I developed a set of custom libraries for relational databases that speed up geospatial computations and queries.

    The performance improvements are in the region of x10-1000 times faster and are cross platform. I have seen great results in SQL Server, Oracle, and Postgres.

    I was very disappointed by the processing speed of geospatial tagging queries by relational database engines on a particular project. After researching the general approaches of the main database engines, and leveraging my deep understanding of database principles, I saw a novel approach to the problem.

    That was in 2013 (and for SQL Server 2008R2), and my libraries are still many times faster than using the default functionality in 2017 on the latest version of SQL server 2016.

  • National Accruals Platform (Development)

    I built an accrual model and visualization for a national utilities wholesaler as part of large scale project.

    The modeling tool allowed the wholesaler to bill retailers at more regular intervals than actual usage was available and allowed for long term forecasting and cashflow management. It maximized the cash on hand by accurately predicting customer consumption and growth.

    The tool was built on a Microsoft stack, with Analysis Services as the modeling tool.

    The wholesaler invoices retailers monthly.

    The reads of customer meters are staggered and performed monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly depending on the region.
    At the end of the month there are only 3-10% of customers that have the actual usage available for billing.
    The remaining 90-97% must be accrued.

    The model performs complex calculations and takes prior usage, seasonality, actual, and forecast weather conditions (sunshine hours, wind speed, temperatures) as inputs to accrue the predicted income for the missing days of usage. The income normalizes to actuals over time as actual data becomes available.


  • Languages

    T-SQL, SQL, MDX, C#
  • Tools

    SSRS, SSAS, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visual Studio, PowerPivot
  • Paradigms

    Dimensional Modeling, OLAP, ETL, Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Platforms

    Windows, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server, Data Integration, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SSAS Tabular, Redshift, Azure SQL
  • Other

    Business Intelligence Architecture, Data Warehousing, Data Warehouse Design, SSRS Reports, Embedded Business Intelligence, Multidimensional Expressions (MDX), Real-time Business Intelligence, SSIS Custom Components
  • Frameworks



  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    1999 - 2005
    Flinders University - South Australia
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