Jamal Gourinda, Software Developer in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Jamal Gourinda

Software Developer in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Member since May 14, 2019
Less than two years after graduation, Jamal was overseeing the back-end development of GitGuardian, one of the newest startups in the cybersecurity space. His two master's degrees in applied mathematics from top French institutions significantly shaped Jamal's approach to code around rigor and demonstration by proof. He has experience with React and Redux front ends powered by Python and Flask back ends.
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  • GitGuardian
    Compose.io, Docker, Redux, React, JavaScript, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Python
  • Ooreka
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS DynamoDB, AWS, Ansible, Terraform, Vagrant...



Sharjah, United Arab Emirates



Preferred Environment

Mattermost, Slack, GitLab, GitHub, VS Code, MacOS

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is a reinforcement learning implementation of Google DeepMind's DQN algorithm applied to the snake game.


  • Web Developer

    2018 - 2019
    • Built the back end for the first GitGuardian public app.
    • Managed migration of data from the old database to a new one using a multithreaded approach.
    • Conducted do-ability studies of different technical scenarios depending on third-party services.
    • Wrote post-mortem reviews at some critical milestones of the project with team presentation and personal recommendations.
    Technologies: Compose.io, Docker, Redux, React, JavaScript, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Python
  • Web Developer

    2017 - 2018
    • Contributed to building the new Flask API responsible for content storage and connection with internal CMS.
    • Worked on a DynamoDB powered microservice responsible for key/value like storage and fast retrieval of denormalized contents.
    • Developed a complex caching invalidation mechanism to efficiently propagate changes between services duplicating data.
    • Built the base working environment used for consistent development across the team.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS DynamoDB, AWS, Ansible, Terraform, Vagrant, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Python


  • Monftth SaaS app for FTTH (Fibre to the Home) Consultancies

    France committed itself to a nationwide program for high-speed internet access by 2025. The process requires millions of ground studies to be conducted before performing the actual groundwork.

    Monftth is a new SaaS tool dedicated to FTTH consultancies that allows them to automate a great part of the production of these studies. Monftth also redefines the way they work by providing them with general management features.

    The app features:
    • Classic user management flow: sign up, invitation email, activation flow, password reset, transactional emails, changing personal data
    • Role-based and subscription-based access to the app
    • Dashboard that monitors things like average time to produce a study or staffing rate
    • Storage of user files on the app
    • Generation of complex Excel files
    • Automatic parsing and saving of business data in the app
    • Real-time data refresh and notifications

    Tech stack:
    • Back end: Python3, Flask, Celery (asynchronous tasks), Websockets
    • Front end: React, Bootstrap
    • Monitoring & Observability: Grafana, Loki
    • Infrastructure: Docker, AWS, ECS, RDS, Elasticache, S3, IAM
    • DevOps: Terraform for provisioning

    *Note that the videos in the link are in French

  • Note Sharing App

    Notes is a Flask/React app that stores Markdown notes and renders them client side.

    The app implements many of the best practices recommended for efficient React apps. Head to the GitHub homepage above for a detailed discussion of the technical choices that were made.

    You can see it live on my personal website: http://notes.jgourinda.com.


  • Languages

    Python 3, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Frameworks

    Flask, Redux, Alembic, Bootstrap
  • Libraries/APIs

    SQLAlchemy, React, GitHub API, Immutable.js, React Redux, React Router
  • Tools

    VS Code, GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Mattermost, Vagrant, Terraform, Ansible, Docker Compose, Pytest, AWS ElastiCache, AWS ECS, Grafana, AWS IAM
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Docker, Linux, MacOS, Amazon EC2
  • Storage

    Compose.io, AWS DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, AWS S3
  • Other

    AWS, Poetry


  • Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics, Machine Learning
    2012 - 2017
    Ecole Centrale Paris - Paris
  • Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics, Machine Learning
    2015 - 2016
    Ecole Normale Supérieure - Paris

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