James Curran, Software Developer in Bloomfield, NJ, United States
James Curran

Software Developer in Bloomfield, NJ, United States

Member since March 28, 2017
With a career that spans over 30 years, you can safely say that James is an expert and seasoned software developer. For the past 13 years or so, he’s been focusing on C#/.NET development mostly on websites in the retail field, but he’s also built desktop apps, back-end web services, and SQL databases.
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  • SQL, 20 years
  • ASP.NET, 15 years
  • .NET, 15 years
  • C#, 15 years
  • T-SQL, 15 years
  • C#.NET, 15 years
  • LINQ, 12 years
  • ASP.NET MVC, 7 years


Bloomfield, NJ, United States



Preferred Environment

C#/.NET, WIndows 10

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was an early eReader that downloaded stories from various sources and formatted them into a digest for our proprietary hardware device.


  • .NET Consultant | Associate Vice President

    2017 - PRESENT
    MUFG | Bank of Tokyo
    • Created and maintained a C# console app for general regulatory reports.
    • Designed a framework to allow the codebase to be shared among different foreign branches.
    • Built a framework to programmatically create formatted Excel spreadsheets for reports.
    • Coordinated the effort to maintain a shared library among multiple departments.
    • Developed a C# app to read and validate data in Excel spreadsheets.
    • Architected a counterparty risk manager for interest rate derivatives, interest rate swaps, basis swaps, caps/floors, swaptions, cross-currency swaps, FX spot, forwards, and options.
    • Implemented an ETL framework for importing text files into a database.
    • Generated Volcker compliance reports in Microsoft Excel, including designing extensible table-driven framework for producing fully formatted reports from raw data.
    • Built data and business validation plug-in framework using C# expression trees and the managed extensibility framework. (MEF).
    Technologies: C#, .NET, PowerShell
  • .NET Consultant

    2016 - 2016
    Quidsi, Inc.
    • Maintained a shared codebase for the company’s six online retail sites, using a proprietary MVC framework.
    • Integrated Quidsi’s proprietary authentication system into Amazon’s membership system.
    Technologies: C#, .NET, Jenkins, MVC, AWS
  • .NET Consultant

    2014 - 2015
    Solix, Inc.
    • Designed and implemented several web-based applications for a lifeline telephone assistance program. While each application did essentially the same thing, due to conflicting client requirements (sometimes telephone companies, sometimes state governments), implementations were done in VB.NET Web Forms, C# ASP.NET MVC, and JavaScript, AngularJS, and Bootstrap.
    • Wrote both the customer-facing front end and back end web services.
    • Developed a utility for sending mass text messages.
    • Designed and implemented a web API for a lifeline telephone assistance program using WCF/SOAP.
    • Designed and implemented an administrator console (customer service module) for the lifeline system in AngularJS.
    Technologies: C#, VisualBasic, AngularJS, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms
  • Mobile Developer

    2013 - 2014
    AFS Technologies
    • Maintained and added new features to AFS’s line of handheld direct store delivery Windows CE devices.
    • Led a project converting an existing VisualBasic.NET codebase into C#.
    • Designed a JavaScript/AngularJS sales management app for iPad.
    • Maintained a web app management tool.
    • Mentored a remote team on the creation of an ASP.NET MVC tool.
    Technologies: eVB, C#, .NET, Windows CE
  • .NET Consultant

    2011 - 2012
    Tallan, LLC
    • Designed and build modules for client and server sides of a Silverlight-based web application for the global management consulting firm, integrating Silverlight/XAML, a star-schema database, and the firm’s internal framework, bringing the firm's industry knowledge to a retail product. (Client: McKinsey Solutions).
    • Worked remotely in a team that designed and built a BizTalk application interacting with a REST web service to handle membership management for a national health club chain. (I was added to a team that was behind schedule and given one day to learn sufficient BizTalk skills. The project met the deadline.) (Client: New York Sports Club).
    • Started a two-day assignment to implement the finishing touches to the HTML and CSS of a Classic ASP website for an upcoming conference. It grew into a four-week project to rewrite most of it. (Client Vi-Tech).
    Technologies: C#, SilverLight, XAML, nHibernate, Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, BizTalk, XML, HTML, CSS
  • .NET Developer

    2010 - 2011
    Relationship Science (then called Connectivity Data Systems)
    • Designed and implemented an enterprise-wide data access layer.
    • Was directly involved in the development with WinForms, web services, console application, and MS SQL.
    • Refactored existing code libraries for performance optimization.
    Technologies: :ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, LINQ, XLINQ, XML, Multithreading, Custom Serialization, WCF, C# Generics, C# Extension Methods, Visual Studio, Subversion
  • .NET Consultant

    2009 - 2010
    • Built a multiplatform bond-trading application to bring together real-time bond information from many different sources to provide the best-informed trading environment.
    • Refactored existing code libraries for performance optimization.
    Technologies: WinForms, WebForms/ASP.NET, LINQ, XLINQ, XML, HTML, Multithreading, Custom Threadpool, Named Pipes, Custom Serialization, WCF, C# Generics, C# Extension Methods, Visual Studio, Visual SourceSafe, Subversion


  • NJTheater.com (Development)

    This is a website about theater in New Jersey that I've created and maintained for the past 20+ years. It was built originally in Classic ASP but has since been rewritten (the first time in Castle Monorail MVC). I'm currently rewriting it again in ASP.NET Core MVC.


  • Languages

    C#, C#.NET, T-SQL, SQL, ASP.NET Razor, VisualBasic, JavaScript, XML, Regex, TypeScript, HTML, XPath, CSS, XAML
  • Frameworks

    .NET, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, Entity Framework Core, AngularJS, Windows PowerShell
  • Libraries/APIs

    LINQ, Linq2SQL, WinForms, jQuery, Web API, Vue.js, Entity Framework, Async
  • Other

    C# Operators, Xamarin Forms, WCF Web Services, Async/Await, Multithreading
  • Tools

    C#.NET WinForms, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel Interop, Castle Windsor, Subversion (SVN), Visual SourceSafe
  • Paradigms

  • Platforms

    Windows CE, Xamarin
  • Storage

    SQL Server 2012


  • Master's degree in Computer Science
    1986 - 1993
    Montclair State University - Upper Montclair, NJ, USA
  • B.S. in Computer Science
    1980 - 1984
    Montclair State College - Upper Montclair, NJ
  • Massage and Bodywork Therapist
    DECEMBER 2018 - NOVEMBER 2020
    NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

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