James Terry, Software Developer in Somersworth, NH, United States
James Terry

Software Developer in Somersworth, NH, United States

Member since June 17, 2020
James is a software developer with over 20 years of experience creating software in a wide variety of environments. Past clients have included large companies (Amazon, Sony, Nike, and Walmart) and many more that are more modest in size. While much of James' previous work was in the public access space like museums, his recent work has focused on mobile development.
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Somersworth, NH, United States



Preferred Environment

Docker, Visual Studio Code, Balsamiq, Xcode, iOS

The most amazing...

...was a full-featured iOS form library for Walmart that allowed the quick rollout of a concierge app. It was created and deployed in a week due to COVID-19.


  • Software Development and Project Management

    2010 - PRESENT
    Independent Consultant
    • Developed various apps: Potty Training iPhone App for Huggies, Gold’s Gym Spotter, the Perfect Crime App for an off-Broadway play, Beesell virtual property market, Battle of the Bulge game, Friendly Deals, Avatar Maker, and Android Data collection.
    • Developed an MMO-like web application: GraffitiWall. The website allowed thousands of Breaking Bad fans to share content while watching the show.
    • Designed and created software for museums: Exhibit software and CMS for North Carolina Nature Research Center, Exhibit software, and CMS for Edgewater Hotel. Also managed the graphics and audio subcontractors.
    Technologies: .NET, MySQL, C#, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, Python, C++, AWS, JavaScript, Java, Objective-C, Swift, Android, iOS
  • Senior iOS Developer (Consultant)

    2015 - 2020
    Walmart | Sam's Club App
    • Merged the disparate Sam’s Club Scan and Go and eCommerce apps into a single cohesive App; served as the primary eCommerce developer on the team. This successful merge resulted in growing eCommerce sales by many millions of dollars.
    • Implemented and evangelized the use of Reactive libraries to help improve code quality. This initiative correctly anticipated Apple moving to this technology years early and positioned Sam's Club to take advantage of Combine and SwiftUI.
    • Developed tools for mobile developers to interrogate back end services at layers above the orchestration layer to help troubleshoot production issues from errant back-end services.
    • Developed a comprehensive forms library that was integral in allowing the quick rollout of a custom version of the app that Sam’s Club used for a Covid-related concierge service.
    • Helped review code and document best practices for the team.
    Technologies: Functional Reactive Programming, RxSwift, Xcode, Objective-C, Swift
  • Senior iOS Developer (Consultant)

    2014 - 2015
    Amazon | Audible App
    • Developed a prototype to enable Audible's expansion beyond just audiobooks. The app included presenting short stories, podcasts, and original content. The code and design were then used to add those features to the primary Audible app.
    • Developed code to support sophisticated animations when an Audible user chose content to begin playing. The code was generalized and documented to be used for additional purposes in the primary Audible app.
    • Helped lead codes review and mentored junior developers on the project.
    Technologies: Xcode, Objective-C


  • Sam's Club iOS App

    For five years I worked on every aspect of the Sam’s Club app. I worked closely with other developers (both on the mobile and back end sides), team management, designers, and QA to align the technical and business goals of Walmart. Among many technical initiatives, I was the primary eCommerce developer tasked with merging the Sam’s Scan-and-Go and eCommerce apps into a single app. This successful merge resulted in growing eCommerce sales by many millions of dollars.

    I was part of the group that implemented and evangelized the use of Reactive libraries (like RxSwift) to help improve code quality. This initiative correctly anticipated Apple moving to this technology years early and positioned Walmart to take advantage of Combine and SwiftUI. I created a comprehensive forms library that is used extensively in the app. I led the development of cross-platform features using JavaScript that are shared with the native Android app.

    I also integrated and maintained snapshot tests used to verify the UI layout and rendering code, alleviating the need to run lengthy UI tests.

  • Audible iOS App

    I consulted at Amazon and helped the Audible team add features to the iOS Audible app. His work was focused on supporting their initiative to expand beyond just audiobooks. It included presenting short stories, podcasts, and original content. I worked closely with product designers as we iterated new designs, including animations and transition effects. The project was originally developed as a standalone prototype and the code was then later incorporated into the primary Audible app.

  • Vibe iOS App

    Vibe is an anonymous neighborhood message board. I was the sole developer of the initial version and created all the features in the app based on a design specification provided by the client. The code in Vibe dynamically adapted to the message and population density of the area surrounding the user. Vibe was coded in Objective-C.

  • GraffitiWall Web-based Second Screen Experience

    I was the architect and lead developer of GraffitiWall. GraffitiWall was used as a second-screen experience for AMC/Sundance Channel Global’s most popular show, Breaking Bad. GrafiftiWall was built on Google’s Application Engine, using Python on the server-side and JavaScript on the client-side. Similar to an MMO game, GraffitiWall dynamically created shards to handle the large number of users that accessed the site during peak times (when an episode was aired). I led a team of three developers and designers for this project.

  • The Edgewater | Interactive Environment

    I developed the software that drove this unique interactive environment. A mobile web site, developed in Python, allowed visitors to the hotel to upload images while at the venue. A CMS, implemented using Django, allowed The Edgewater staff to approve uploads and also create custom displays on the two multi-touch tables and a 90 foot media wall. I also developed custom C++ software for the multi-touch tables. The software not only displayed the photos and videos from visitors, but it embedded multiple Chromium browser instances to allow visitors to peruse a curated list of web sites. I worked with well-known museum designers Batwin+Robin on this project.

  • Nature Research Center | Interactive Environment

    I developed software that powers over 20 interactive exhibits at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Nature Research Center. The software was developed using a wide variety of tools, including C++, Adobe Air, Python, and C running on embedded systems. In addition to the interactive exhibits, I developed a CMS using Django that allowed museum staff to customize a number of the exhibits, helping them keep current as of the world and science changes. I worked with well-known museum designers Batwin+Robin on this project.


  • Languages

    Swift, Objective-C, SQL, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python, Kotlin, C++
  • Paradigms

    Functional Reactive Programming
  • Platforms

    iOS, Android, Visual Studio Code, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

  • Frameworks

    .NET, React Native, SwiftUI
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, RxSwift
  • Tools

    Nginx, Xcode, Balsamiq
  • Other


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