Jasmin Ibrisimbegovic

Jasmin Ibrisimbegovic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Jasmin Ibrisimbegovic

Jasmin Ibrisimbegovic

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Member since April 2, 2014
As a certified Microsoft Developer, Jasmin has been coding since the 1990s. His areas of expertise are desktop and web applications that are built on the .NET platform. In the last 2 years, he has devoted special attention to the development of mobile applications for Android using Java.
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  • Visual Studio, 15 years
  • JavaScript, 5 years
  • ASP.NET, 5 years
  • Android Studio, 4 years
  • Java, 3 years
  • Twitter Bootstrap, 2 years
  • REST, 2 years
  • MEAN Stack, 1 year
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Preferred Environment
VS (VB, C#), Android Studio (Java), MEAN
The most amazing...
...thing I've accomplished is a full redesign and migration of an ASP.NET website, implementing new features and maintaining the site.
  • Web Developer
    Millionaire Media
    2015 - 2016
    • Redesigned the website.
    • Implemented new feature requests.
    • Transferred the website from one hosting to another.
    • Integrated with REST services.
    Technologies: ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL
  • MADE Food - Android Developer
    Mealku (via Toptal)
    2014 - 2014
    • Created an Android app for a restaurant in New York (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eatmade.madefood).
    • Integrated with a REST API.
    • Implemented user sign-up, food menu, checkout, and credit card processing.
    • Worked within a 4-week development period.
    Technologies: Java for Android, REST APIs.
  • Developer
    2014 - 2014
    • Wrote ReqWriter Pro™, a Windows desktop application written in VB.NET.
    • Developed the app to automatically write business requirement statements for the user based upon the HTML or XML file that they upload into the tool.
    • Built the app from scratch to become a full commercial product.
    • Deployed the app with ClickOnce to allow automatic updates.
    • Designed the app to run on all versions of Windows, from WinXP to Win8.
    Technologies: VB.NET, SQLite, ClickOnce
  • Android Developer
    2013 - 2014
    • Worked with Merchant360, Inc., the global leader in point of engagement development and integration, specializing in mobile NFC and EMV solutions.
    • Reworked an Android application for a POS business.
    • Implemented barcode reader functionality.
    Technologies: Basic4Android, Java
  • L2 General Programming Engineer
    2013 - 2014
    • Worked in a virtual environment on virtual machines.
    • Managed the process of installing, building, developing, and deploying virtual machines.
    Technologies: C#, MS SQL, VDI
  • Senior Architect
    Devlogic d.o.o.
    2012 - 2013
    • Built web and desktop applications based on the .NET platform.
    • Handled Windows Azure deployment.
    • Developed accounting software.
    • Worked with a team.
    • Made use of source control.
    Technologies: C#, WCF, MS SQL, ClickOnce, DevExpress, Windows Azure platform
  • IT Manager
    BH Airlines d.o.o.
    2009 - 2011
    • Worked for the national aviation company as an IT manager.
    • Gained extensive experience in working with both customers and aerospace systems.
    • Served as the network administrator.
    • Implemented airline software products.
    • Created an online booking system.
    Technologies: VB.NET, Windows Server, Online booking systems
  • IT Support Specialist, Developer
    2007 - 2009
    • Worked with Amadeus, providing technology to keep the travel sector moving, from initial searches to making bookings, including pricing, ticketing, managing reservations, managing check-ins, and departure processes.
    • Implemented Amadeus SMS, a solution for travel consultants to communicate booking information or marketing information to their travelers via SMS.
    • Integrated Amadeus SMS fully to the Amadeus selling platform to minimize travel consultant effort and errors. Allowed the travel consultant to send a SMS to anywhere in the world at the same cost.
    Technologies: VB.NET, C#, SOAP, XML
  • IT Support Specialist
    2004 - 2007
    • Provided IT help desk support in a multinational environment.
    • Managed 40 desktop PCs and one server.
    • Managed active directory users, server backup, and more.
    Technologies: Windows Server, Active Directory, Server backup
  • Developer
    Medium Insurance
    2000 - 2004
    • Worked as a developer in the insurance industry.
    • Implemented a car insurance database using MS Access.
    • Implemented a property insurance database using MS Access.
    Technologies: VB.NET, MS Access
  • My Portfolio (Development)

    My blog, featuring all the projects on which I've worked and the experience I've gained over my 15+ year career.

  • Osirius - Accounting Software (C#) (Development)

    The largest project I've worked on is an accounting package made for the Dutch market. It was built using C#, DevExpress controls, WCF, MS SQL, and ClickOnce, and was deployed on the Windows Azure platform. I was an independent developer solely in charge of developing the new 2013 version.

  • Medipoint - ASP.NET Website (Development)

    One of the projects I've worked on lately is a Dutch website, made entirely in ASP.NET and EPiServer CMS.

  • Amadeus SMS (Development)

    Amadeus SMS Client is a multi-language application accessible from the Amadeus selling platform, used for sending itinerary info from PNR to traveller mobile phones. The solution was built using VB6, Web Services, XML, SQL, VB.NET, and SOAP.

  • Bestbonusmoney.com (Design)

    An affiliate marketing site made in Joomla!. Many techniques and tools were used to develop this site, like PHP, MySQL, and SEO marketing. I gained a lot of experience working with affiliate companies around the world (site currently off line).

  • PhoneX - SMS Tracking, Call Logging (Development)

    This app silently monitors all inbound and outbound SMS messages and phone calls for users to keep their teen or pre-teen child safe at all times. This app was created in Android for Java.

    Features include:
    • SMS Tracking – Intercept text messages. Receive notifications of all inbound and outbound text messages. Details include time and date, phone number, and message text.
    • Call Logging – Monitor all inbound, outbound, and missed calls.

    This app can be used:
    • To get a copy of all SMS, phone call, and location history in case of loss/theft of the phone.
    • To monitor the SMS and phone call history of your children.
    • To monitor SMS and phone call records from other people you might know.

  • Eagle Bird (Development)

    Experience the adventure of an eagle flying through the world by dodging obstacles. Gain the best score and collect eagle trophies. Experience rich sounds, the cry of the eagle, and the splash of water. This app was created in Java for Android.

  • Merchant360 (Development)

    Merchant360, Inc., is the global leader in point of engagement development and integration, specializing in mobile NFC and EMV solutions.

  • Languages
    C#, SQL, VB.NET, JavaScript, HTML5, Transact-SQL, Java, CSS3
  • Frameworks
    .NET, Google Protocol Buffer, WebApp, Box2D, WCF, Twitter Bootstrap, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC
  • Libraries/APIs
    Linq, XML ElementTree, Google API, PayPal API
  • Tools
    TFS, Android Studio, Visual Studio, CorelDRAW, SVN, Google Webmaster Tools, Adobe Photoshop, Notepad++, Eclipse
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Test-driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing, Web App Development, Network programming, MVC, Entity-relashionship Diagrams, Functional programming, Virtual Reality, Asynchronous Programming, Agile Software Development, REST, Actor programming
  • Platforms
    XAMMP, Desktop, Android, Parse, Linux, Google Glass, Firefox, NLog, JavaFX, Firebase, Windows 8
  • Storage
    MySQL, MongoDB, Firebird
  • Misc
    JSON, SOAP, IIS 7, MEAN Stack
  • Bachelor's (unfinished) degree in Computer Science
    University of Mostar Faculty of Information Technology - Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    2005 - 2014
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