Jason Carter, Developer in Chichester, NH, United States
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Jason Carter

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Engineer and Developer

Chichester, NH, United States
Toptal Member Since
March 1, 2022

Jason has been a professional software engineer for 17 years. During that time, he has consistently made his employers happy to have him on board due to his ability to quickly achieve project goals and high-quality results. Jason is very effective in collaboration and incrementally tackling projects to achieve success. He has worked with many languages and technologies over the years, from full-stack web development to mobile and native Windows applications.


EF Education First
C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS CloudFormation...
Kotlin, TypeScript, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python
Java, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Cisco, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)




Preferred Environment

C#, TypeScript, Java, SQL, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services (AWS), C++

The most amazing...

...thing I've had an idea for and implemented is an IVR system similar to AWS Connect's IVR capabilities and interface in four months before AWS Connect existed.

Work Experience

Principal Software Engineer | Tech Lead

2021 - PRESENT
EF Education First
  • Moved the team's infrastructure to a new environment AWS serverless deployment setup complete with full CI/CD capabilities driven through GitHub actions. Lowered instability surrounding releases markedly and introduced zero-downtime releases.
  • Refactored microservices designed to provide flight data to multiple applications to make use of numerous third-party data providers. Implemented end-to-end automated testing in the same service.
  • Headed the team in restructuring our areas of responsibility and daily work habits to enhance stewardship of our software ecosystem.
  • Worked with third-party contractors and internal business owners to refine requirements for API contracts to achieve specific project goals.
  • Added functionality and fixed bugs in the legacy monolith-based software product. Made alterations to that product to extract pieces of functionality into our microservices infrastructure.
Technologies: C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS CloudFormation, GitHub Actions, TypeScript

Self-employed Developer

2020 - 2021
  • Created an Android app that allowed private pilots to use a moving map to see their current location and aviation-based weather data for flight planning purposes.
  • Developed a back-end periodic service to gather the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) aviation weather data, including the meteorological terminal air reports (METARs), and compile that data into databases for later use.
  • Built UI tools and processing software to pre-process Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) geo-referenced images into transformed map tiles that could be rapidly displayed to a user of the moving map software similar to Google Map tiling.
  • Created software to analyze market data and run historical simulations of various programmed strategies that employed techniques, such as machine learning and basic engineered strategies.
Technologies: Kotlin, TypeScript, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python

Principal Software Engineer

2010 - 2018
  • Created new end-to-end site functionality in our microservices environment, allowing the display and manipulation of products and user-selected customizations.
  • Analyzed the working patterns of site content creators, identified methods to improve their productivity, and worked alongside my scrum team to implement said improvements.
  • Led engineering teams to develop strategies for implementation in a variety of customer assistance products, including “Do It for You” and “Do It with Help” services.
  • Installed and extended Jira functionality to rapidly test strategies for managing a large workforce to create graphical assets for customers.
  • Solved production issues and identified strategies to prevent future occurrences. Educated the support team on troubleshooting techniques and system architecture.
  • Created software for predicting call volume at the contact centers. Worked with business partners outside of the software department to assess the expected accuracy of the forecasting model.
  • Acted as a facilitator and designer to bring the reporting needs of the business to the business intelligence group. Designed the technical definitions for metrics and dimensions.
  • Developed and cultivated software for the Cisco IVR system, which connected customers to call center agents. Created the architectural vision for this system and developed plans for improvements to stability and functionality.
  • Created a UI and re-architected the back end of our IVR system to allow non-technical call center personnel to alter call flows and create new prompts without any engineering assistance. Enabled reporting on specific user behavior within the IVR.
  • Headed several projects to improve our customer service software and website presence. Worked with project managers to convert business requirements into actionable tickets. Triaged production incidents.
Technologies: Java, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Cisco, Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Senior Software Engineer

2008 - 2010
The Atom Group
  • Implemented portions of the front end of hiring.monster.com. Collaborated with a global team spread across various timezones to agree on APIs and their usage.
  • Developed an iPhone application and associated back-end services for monitoring home automation.
  • Contributed to the bidding process for various jobs with estimates and technical design.
Technologies: C#, Objective-C, MySQL

Software Engineer

2006 - 2008
Calero Software
  • Performed development and maintenance of the company's main web-based product.
  • Created a WiX, Windows installer for the on-premise server for the main product.
  • Established and created software to interface with Cisco and other phone switches to extract call history data.
  • Assisted the tech support with resolving many customer set-up and software problems.
Technologies: C++, C#

Lead Software Engineer

2003 - 2006
Fujifilm e-Systems
  • Created Windows desktop software for viewing and editing locally stored photographs.
  • Created a homegrown user interface into the online order SQL database to help business owners access sales data.
  • Created a common library of Qt user interface widgets that allowed a small team to develop a new Fuji photo kiosk in a month. Assisted in refactoring the desktop software various components I worked on for this purpose.
Technologies: C++, Microsoft SQL Server, Qt

Vistaprint.com Website

I have implemented various components of the vistaprint.com website. Much of my work was in the customer service department. I oversaw the development of the pages and functionality, including being able to see historical orders, interfacing with the payments system to perform refunds, and providing chat, email, and phone systems for customers to contact support. I had a large part in building or integrating most of those systems by the time I left the company.

As seen in my work history, most of what I do is internal to a company and not suitable for a public portfolio.


C++, Java, C#, TypeScript, Kotlin, Python, Objective-C, SQL


Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL


Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Cisco, GitHub Actions


AWS CloudFormation


Agile, Scrum


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android



1999 - 2004

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY, United States

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